5 Golden Rules for Logo Designing in 2022

5 Golden Rules for Logo Designing in 2022

The logo keeps sheer importance in the complete lifetime of any business. Nowadays, a number of Logo designing companies are working towards creating a unique & catchy brand identity for the businesses so as to make them gain visibility and popularity among the market. The logo works as the face of the brand or we can say it puts the first impression while reaching everyone who has any contact with the brand. Due to its potential impact, your brand’s logo must leave a favorable impression on your audience and every logo design company in India is working dedicatedly for it.

Knowing the individuality of your business could lie with a few pixels, we have compiled master rules of logo designing in 2022, no matter whether you are a pro or a starter, everyone working in this field is required to follow these rules:

Make it Simple

Every day people come across hundreds of brands and, of course, their logos, then what will make you stand out? The answer is “simple”. Yeah, try to keep your logo as simple as you can, since complicated logos confuse the audience. Apply all your design experience and compressed it to the basics. We have a perfect example of a simple logo that is none other than the brand – Nike.

The simple logo and its simplified characteristics leave a strong impression on Nike’s customers. While looking at its Logo, you might wonder that there is nothing so impressive in it but knowing its significance would definitely make you rethink. It is actually a wing of the far-famed statue of the Greek Goddess of victory. It’s is not a tick but a wing. Now, you know that the designer must have brainstormed so much to generate such a simple logo yet give it a beautiful significance.

Go for Everlasting

Remember women wearing the black dress, that trend of the black dress is everlasting. Following the popular fonts and designs might become a little complicated when popularity fades off. Your logo along with your brand presence should be able to stand the test of time. Coming over the example of an everlasting logo, Coca-Cola hits the mind first. It was created a long time ago, and it’s still appealing and presenting their business. The red color in the logo of Coca-cola does not have any significance but has a history behind it.

About 130 years ago, when coca-cola hit the stores, it used to be sold in barrels in American drug stores. At that time, alcohol was also conveyed in similar barrels so Coca-cola painted the barrels red so as to help tax officials & customs distinguish between the two. Since then, the red color is stuck.

Should be Unforgettable

We have already mentioned that the logo leaves the first impression, but it’s in your hands that it should leave a lasting impression too. Sharp colors and extraordinary graphics can make you stand different from the millions of companies out there.

Volkswagen can be the best example of an unforgettable logo design. Once you have a stance on the mixed form of alphabets V and W, you know that it belongs to the brand’s name. Here, V and W mix beautifully, and the blue color symbolizes excellence and readability. This logo has been worldwide credited as one of the most memorable logos.

Must be Appropriate

Where does the brand stand without a story? The story helps your company to establish a strong connection with your customers if you elaborate your story through your logo. You must research deep and analyze your audience, and after that, you can apply fonts, colors, and graphics to create an appropriate logo.

Arlington Pediatric Centre stands as the best example for appropriate logo design since the story of this firm is clear through its logo.

Versatile is Best

The powerful asset of your logo can be versatility if you design in the same manner. While designing a logo, you should consider its usage. Since this logo will be embedded in different places such as banners, business cards, etc. so it should be effective on any size. The same versatility goes with the logo’s shade.

The versatility factor makes your logo flexible that can be used anywhere or on any occasion.

Compiling your entire business into a few pixels is not an easy task. Your brand should have a logo that showcases the core principles. Connect with the experts in logo designing or web design company in India and understand their working procedures along with the basics of logo designing, and you will definitely represent your company effectively.

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