6 Mistakes Which You Should Avoid While Selecting Logo Designer For Your Startup

6 Mistakes Which You Should Avoid While Selecting Logo Designer For Your Startup

A logo for a business is a mark of authenticity and genuineness of products which the company offers in the form of product and service. A nicely designed logo serves as the symbol of your business recognition. The best example of this phenomenon is the large yellow coloured M from McDonalds. Wherever the logo of McDonald is seen, people quickly relates it with the brand.

When it comes to startups, logo is very important. It is capable to make your business swim or sink in the market. So, if you are planning to launch your startup business, consider avoiding some common yet dreadful mistakes while you begin choosing the right logo designer for your business.

  1. Hiring a friend

If you are looking for a logo design maker who can create the most professional looking logo for your business, then you will have to restrain yourself from your friends or relatives.

It is sometimes tempting to use your friend, niece, cousin for designing the logo for your startup in minimum or no price but that may cost you a big deal in long run.

  1. Overdoing it

It is important to understand when you overdo something. There are at time when you need to let go the logo designing process and let the logo work. It takes several months in designing various aspects of the logo  but this process should be done with utmost care and dedication. However, when you over do it you end the streamlining process which can ruin your design.

  1. Not understanding about what you want

Graphic designers for designing a logo is the ultimate person who works to translate brand image into flexible piece of design. But that does not take away the need of the marketers to give ample amount of details. It is important to tell the designer about what kind of brand value you want to portray within your logo design. If you have any idea in your mind, you should consider discussing it with your designer

  1. Don’t choose your own typeface

There are hundreds of typeface which are available on internet. Each typeface has its own set ambience and image which it helps to create, hence, the choice of typeface should be done by the designer only. While you select a font for your logo, always make sure that it should be consistent with the font used in your website and brochures.

  1. Not getting details

According to the view of designers from best logo design India agency, whenever marketers review the designers portfolio, it is important not to take everything on face value. Make sure to ask designer about the role they play with an agency or project. You should consider at looking over the portfolio very carefully to avoid any kind of problem and pitfalls further.

  1. Everything looking the same

The biggest drawback in a portfolio is similarity or over consistency. This factor is very evident and easy to pick. If you get a portfolio with several circles or rectangles, or usage of similar kind of typeface or colour palette then consider moving to other option.

These are some of the mistakes which you should consider avoiding while choosing the right designer for your logo design.

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