Top 15 Best Logo Designing Companies in India 2023

Top 15 Best Logo Designing Companies in India 2023

The following blog precisely speaks about the 15 Best Logo Designing Companies in India in 2023.

A logo is a representative of the business, be it online or offline. Can we even imagine a brand without a logo? Absolutely not. The logo is the primary and essential aspect, without which a business cannot do. Moreover, designing a perfect business logo requires a lot of effort and brainstorming, and is not a one-day job. This is why businesses look for the best Logo Designing Company India that specializes in this job and gives you extraordinary results.

Hence, to help you choose the top logo design company in India, we have made a list in the following section.

15 Best Logo Designing Company in India

After going through the below list, we hope you’d be able to choose the best Indian logo-designing company for your business logo requirements. So, let’s quickly explore them.

1. Vowels Branding LLC


Vowels Branding LLC was founded in 2016 as an advertising and logo-designing company in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With a team of 25 professionals, this company has served with marketing services to many eminent clients and industries.

Headquarters- Jaipur

Locations- Jaipur and Dubai

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- ECommerce, education, consumer products/services, business products, government, hospitality & leisure, real estate, medical, IT, and retail.

Clients- Taj Hotels, Britannia, Virgin mobile KSA, Marriott, Devmark, Sparkle Towers

Services offered- Branding, Logo design, Packaging design, and web design.

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2. Verve Branding LLC


Vervebranding LLC, founded in 2011, is the most sought web and logo designing company in India. It also provides top-notch digital marketing, mobile development, packaging, and software development services.  In the last accomplished years, the company’s team of 52 employees has earned a huge global clientele from various sectors.

Headquarters- Jaipur

Locations- India and USA

Min. Project Size- $5,000+

Industries served- ECommerce, Real estate, automobile, medical, hospitality & leisure.

Clients- J.P. Morgan, American Security Council Foundation, Gulf Shade, ICFAI University Jaipur, JECRC University,, etc.

Services offered-  Web design & development, logo design, mobile app design, eCommerce solutions, software development

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3. First Launch

First Launch

Established in 2017, First Launch is an emerging digital marketing agency, consisting of a team of 13 professionals. Besides marketing, it is also excelling as a branding and custom logo design company in India. Within no time, this company has gained a huge clientele pertaining to small and medium scale.

Headquarters- Bengaluru

Min. Project Size- $5,000+

Industries served- Education, medical, financial services, and IT.

Clients- Unacademy, DAMRO, Explara, Orion Suzuki(Suzuki Motorcycles), Qualitrix, Methods automotive, etc.

Services offered- Digital auditing, SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, email marketing, content writing, branding, logo design, website design & development, stationery design

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4. Liquid Designs

Liquid Designs

Liquid Designs was founded in 2004 as a small team of not more than 7 employees. Besides being a top logo design company in India, it also specializes in web design and app development. Since its inception, the company has developed an established clientele consisting of the top companies and industries of India.

Headquarters- Gurugram

Locations- India and Sweden

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- Media, eCommerce, IT, education, and financial services.

Clients- Wipro, Paytm, Kokaihop,, CNN IBM, JK Paper, Sony, etc.

Services offered- Logo design and branding, visual identity development, and app design.

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5. Coruscate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Coruscate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Set up in 2013, Coruscate Solutions is a leading digital marketing and Indian logo-designing company. Its team of 51 professionals specializes in UX/UI design, mobile app development, and IT consultancy.

Headquarters- Surat

Locations- Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, USA, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Africa

Min. Project Size- $10,000+

Clients- Large global enterprises such as diamond companies, acoustic insulation companies in Australia, travel companies in the Middle East, associations of entrepreneurs, and food manufacturing companies.

Services offered- Development of Taxi booking app, E-Scooter App, Uber-Like App, On-demand food delivery app, Fintech App, and iOS apps.

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6. Roar Studios

Roar Studios

Founded in 2009, Roar Studios is yet another best logo-designing companies in India. Besides mastering logo design, it specializes in branding and social media marketing agency. Currently, it is manifesting numerous clients of good repute from varied sectors across the world.

Headquarters- Surat

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- ECommerce, medical, hospitality & leisure, consumer products/services, and entertainment & music.

Clients- Kafe Red, Acoustic Arts, The Dough Company, Whole, Seewans, Prizma Eyecare, etc.

Services offered- Logo design, Branding and re-branding, packaging design, marketing publication design, and digital marketing.

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7. Matebiz Pvt. Ltd.

Matebiz Pvt. Ltd.

Matebiz was founded in 2016 by a small group of entrepreneurs. It has now known to provide exceptional web and logo designing services to clientele across the globe. Besides, it also specializes in digital marketing and UX/UI design.

Headquarters- New Delhi

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- Education, automobile, dental, eCommerce, IT, medical, business services, consumer products/services, retail, and hospitality & leisure.

Clients- Dec Master Cleaning, Plan3Media, AirFinder, NaukriGuru, Laxmi Dairy, Kalyan, etc.

Services offered- Logo design, graphic design, website design & development, eCommerce development, and digital marketing.

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8. Prismic Reflections

Prismic Reflections

Prismic Reflections, founded in 2004, is another Indian logo-designing company. It specializes in UX/UI design, print design, visual branding, mobile app development, web design, and user experience design. Its team of 25 qualified professionals is serving numerous small and big global entrepreneurs.

Headquarters- Nashik

Locations- Nashik and Mumbai

Min. Project Size- $10,000+

Industries served- Automobile, eCommerce, financial services, and education.

Clients- Angel Broking, The Art of Living, CitizenNet, DataMatics, IndiaMart, Mahindra

Services offered- User Experience Design, Brand Strategy & Identity design, UI engineering.

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9. Applied Wonder

Applied Wonder

Applied Wonder is working in the design and branding industry since 2016. Started as a small group of 5 branding professionals, it is now a leading brand, campaign, and logo designing company in India.

Headquarters- Bengaluru

Min. Project Size– $5,000+

Clients- Tata Trusts, Amnesty International, Finsafe, White Swan Foundation, TamRas, Indian Institute of Science, Magninsta LLP, etc.

Services offered- Brand design, campaign design, behavior change, and short films.

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10. Webbleu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Webbleu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Webbleu Technologies was founded in 2014 as a mobile app and web development company. With the efforts of its 29 professionals, the company leads in custom logo design, mobile app, web design/development, and eCommerce development. The client group is huge, ranging from small, medium to large-scale businesses.

Headquarters- Ahmedabad

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- Media, financial services, IT, and business services.

Clients- Crick 2, Ideal Surface, Peach Club Kindergarten, Angel Cleaning, Global English School, etc.

Services offered- Web design & development, mobile app development, digital marketing, eCommerce development, CMS, iBeacon App development, and ERP Solutions.

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11. Bay20 Software Consultancy Service PL

Bay20 Software Consultancy Service PL

Set up in 2013, Bay20 is a software consultancy provider, consisting of a team of 50 professionals. The team specializes in eCommerce development, web design, and mobile app development. Moreover, it is also the best logo-designing company in India, providing top-notch solutions to clients worldwide.

Headquarters- Noida

Locations- Noida and Ghaziabad

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Clients- Tokyo Toys, Applause AS, Dog Days Tips and Training, Dalgado, GT World, Poppets, etc.

Services offered- Web design & development, eCommerce, SEO, and Mobile app development.

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12. Forebear Productions

Forebear Productions

A small team of 5 professionals from Forebear Productions. Founded in 2011, the company specializes in logo design, mobile app development, web design/development, and eCommerce solutions.

Headquarters- Indore

Locations- India and Virginia

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Clients- EFlash Apps, Stone and Tile Pro, IGS Diamond, Waist Buster, K9 to K9, etc.

Services offered- Custom web development, CMS, eCommerce, and mobile app development.

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13. Appic Softwares

Appic Softwares

Appic software, as the name suggests is a software development company, established in 2017. A team of 11 highly qualified professionals excels in providing web, mobile app, logo designing, and custom software development to small to large-scale clients from various sectors.

Headquarters- Jaipur

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- Legal, education, real estate, eCommerce, IT, entertainment & music.

Clients- Traxi, Oyraa, VibesR, Daalo Hotel, Aavas Financiers Ltd., MediPocket, Roccabox, Maximo, etc.

Services offered- Mobile app development, website development, wearable app, and IoT development.

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14. DIT Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

DIT Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

DIT Interactive is an old web development and logo designing company in India. A team of around 30 professionals has also been excelling in providing the most competitive eCommerce, web, and UX/UI design services.

Headquarters- Ahmedabad

Locations- India, USA, and the UK

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- Automobile, eCommerce, and business services.

Clients- Fullers, Mach, People, Airtickets India, Fix App, Covidex Desktop App, MooShoes, Bee Fashion, etc.

Services offered- Digital marketing, eCommerce development, mobile app development, web design & development, logo design, and branding.

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Elogicsoft is a web development company founded in 2011. The team also specializes in services like content writing, branding, logo designing, and social media marketing. In the last many years, it has gained a number of global clients including both small and medium-scale businesses.

Headquarters- Kolkata

Min. Project Size- $1,000+

Industries served- ECommerce, business service, advertising, education, and energy & natural resources.

Clients- Posiflex, Neutrinos, Serviceberry, Quinta, iLeap, Aomi, Censor, etc.

Services offered- Website development, content writing, social media marketing, SEO, marketing automation, and video production.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring the Best Logo Designing Company in India

The following questions are provided to solve the most common initial queries among businesses.

Q1. What is the logo design process?

The logo design process broadly involves 7 steps:

  • Creating brand identity.
  • Searching for design inspiration.
  • Choosing the right colors
  • Choosing the right font.
  • Draft multiple samples/versions.
  • Getting feedback.
  • Polishing the final design.

Q2. What makes a good logo?

A good logo is one that provides the following attributes:

  • Simplicity
  • Relevance
  • Timelessness
  • Versatility
  • Scalability

Q3. How much does a logo design cost?

Check out How Much Does a Logo Design Cost to learn the cost of a quality logo that can add value to your business.

Q4. How to find the best logo design company in India?

To choose the best logo design company, follow these tips:

  • Know about the previous projects.
  • Get reviews and recommendations from other businesses.
  • Check if they have a branding team.
  • Ask how they conceptualize ideas
  • Know if they provide good client support.

Q5. What are the benefits of hiring a professional logo-designing company in India?

Hiring an expert logo-designing company gives you the following advantages:

  • It gives you a great logo to set your brand’s first impression.
  • The logo is designed with the proper conceptualization and strategy of a professional.
  • It helps build a strong and unique brand identity.

Best Logo Designing Company India: Wrapping Up

Every business needs a professional logo to create a brand identity and convey its message. And to design that perfect business logo, hiring a professional logo designing company is the key requirement. The above list will guide you in finding suitable logo designers in India.

To get in-depth knowledge about logo designing and more, we recommend you visit the Verve Branding blog page.

When you have the right service to design a logo for your company. This will be the easiest way to have an effective image of your business in the market. Experience and expertise will ways help you to have the best services you need to have for your company. We the team of VerveBranding believe that we can deliver you the services that you deserve to have for your company.

VerveBranding can be your one-stop solution for branding and designing because we have decades of market experience and a team of experts who, over the years, have worked on many major and minor projects for all types of industries. We provide designing and branding services at the most affordable price. For services related to mobile app development or web development and online marketing services, check out our subsidiaries, VerveLogic and VerveOnlineMarketing.

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