Journey To The Center of Film Production Logos

Journey To The Center of Film Production Logos

Just like money plays with human psychology, logos also impact the perception of the audience. That’s why every possible company uses well-designed logos to get substantial benefits to their brands. Like that the film production companies use the power of logos. You may not know but MGM’s Leo Lion’s logo is still impacting us into watching movies and shows produced and inspired by MGM.

However, along with the lion, this logo also includes the moon and the castle and that’s been the winner for the production company. Throughout the years we have seen many animated and different types of logos before the movies start. Sometimes we love them, hate them, find them interesting, funny or scary or make something out of these images, symbols and words. But all these different logos have power on the audience like you and me and that’s why they have been remembered for decades.

That’s why unique logo designs from the logo design company can work tremendously in the favour of the enterprises. And if you are a film production startup then we are sure you also want a corporate logo to shine among the other stars of this industry. Let us understand how logos work in the film industry.

Common Traits in Film Production Logos

According to some expert logo designers, the logos used by production houses are not catchy and attractive because they are created memorable or repeatedly marketed. Rather they are attractive because they use symbols and design styles that are commonly understood by the audience. However, every logo design looks unique.

Design Style

Earlier when the usage of television was not so much, the production logos were used to be simple as their print counterparts. However, with the addition of new technologies, the big production houses adopted animation methods with the help of logo design company. It helped them offer something new to the audience and as it was able to create an illusion of movement and the audience loved that. That’s what you need to figure out ways to add something unique to your logos in this modern world.

Coming back to the story, in the late 1990s, most of the production companies computerized their logos using 2D and 3D graphics. It was an amazing time for the audience but also for the production houses as they were capturing the audience’s mind.

Fun Fact – Walt Disney, one of the most successful production houses of all time, was the last to upgrade its logo in 2006.

Design Style

These new styles of logos were created by keeping the brand image that the production company wants to portray in mind. But it was also the rise of the graphic and logo designers as it brings new possibilities for them to try with the logos. Usually, the companies were using a combination, wordmark or a lettermark logo.

Image Source: Yash Raj Films

Color Palette

The psychology of color is also taken into considerativervebon while creating the logos.  The usage of color schemes for on-screen logos was different for different movies and different screens. For instance, for thriller movies they used to have darker shades rather than having soft and sweet tints in their logos.

Image Source: Wikipedia/Dark Castle Entertainment

However, this is not the only element that is taken into consideration to determine the colors in production house logos. Universal pictures were known to create action, comedy and romantic movies but they have used similar logos and were consistent throughout.

However, golden and silver color palettes are quite common in the logo as they were used to offer extra shine to the text and the symbols in the logo design. The logo design company used to use gradients or mesh to make the logos stand out or give it 3D realistic objects.

Typography Style

Apart from color, typography has an amazing ability to make a production logo from amazing to outstanding. If you are a startup or a small production house then we suggest you not to jeopardize your image by selecting a typeface which is not distinct, eye-catching or befitting.

Image Source: Wikipedia/Lucasfilm

Well, many enterprises use usual typography styles like Helvetica, Comic Sans or the basic Arial. But there are a few production houses like Marvel, Strada, Miramax Films that use a simplistic typeface. That’s why production houses focus on colors and symbols rather than texts. It also helps them create something striking to make their on-screen versions better. If you want a typeface that’s identifiable to you, we suggest you add some striking and uniqueness.

Use Shapes

In order to use shapes you can make it 3D, add a new texture and use stark colors. And most importantly you can do what all other film production houses do. That is to hire a top logo design company.

Image Source: Wikimedia/Touchstone Pictures

Another point to consider while adding uniqueness to your logo is extra customization. But for that you need to have a selling point not only for your products but also for your production. You can also convey your creative edge via your logo.


One of the most intriguing factors is that production company logos are symbols. For instance, Columbia Pictures looks more impactful with the statue of liberty. The visual metaphors that contain expressions, meanings and at times illusions. If you’re starting your company, you should include some or one of these symbols in your logo.

Film Strips/Reel

Image Source: Logopedia/New Line Cinema

Another important aspect that you need to consider is adding a strip and reel in your logo. In production logos, we have seen many logos that use film strips and reels in their logos. It helps them convey the name of the company and allows them to share their brand story.

Video Camera

Another important aspect while designing the film logo is to consider some common film elements like lights, camera and action. It not only helps them capture moments but also share the idea that you are a film production house. If you want to use a camera in your logo, you can make it realistic or abstract.


Image Source: Wikipedia/20th Century Fox

As you can see, there are different ways to add the movie elements in the logo. However you can add sparks, sparkles glare, spot lights to add a new look to your logo. A logo design company can give you good lighting effects to your logo.

Mountain Peaks

Mountains are a great way to add new impressions to the logo. The movie production companies like Summit Entertainment, and Paramount are doing so. Now you have understood that logos are an essential part of your film.

Many famous logos for production houses use the sky, moon and clouds to represent a deeper meaning. Although they appear transparent and soft, clouds can be powerful when gathered together. They are also symbolic of freedom and purity.

You can alter the appearance of the clouds to fit your production niche. They can be puffy and cartoony, or thin and scattered.


Every animal has its strengths, and every company is different. Kaylie Moore, Berlin Startup Girl, suggests that you “choose an animal people will relate to” and one that represents your company culture or products. Are you in agreement with her?

Image Source: Wikipedia/TriStar

Production logos that feature animals are also appealing because they convey movement and life. They can create excitement, as Anthony Goldschmidt intended for the Tristar logo. It shows a white horse with Pegasus wings emerging from clouds and stark sunlight.


The imagery of the earth or globe is used by film production companies all over the world to symbolize life and universality. It can be used with the right special effects to create a stunning image of grandeur and beauty.

Image Source: Universal Pictures

When I look at a logo with a globe, words such as ‘united, ‘we are all one’, and ‘home” pop up. What do you think?

This article explains how some logos of entertainment businesses and production companies have changed over time. Make sure your logo looks great in a movie. That’s what makes it special.

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