9 Logo Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

9 Logo Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Designing a logo is like hiring a representative that can speak on the behalf of your business and set the first impression. It introduces your brand to the customer and tells them what it does. For this reason, it becomes an inseparable part of the brand and something that should not be taken for granted.

We are sure, you may be aware of logo requisites that can make your first impression a good one but do you know what things you can avoid?

Being the leading logo design company in the USA, we understand what it means to get a perfect brand logo once and for all. Therefore, our team at VerveBranding has come up with 9 logo design mistakes that you can avoid and give a hike to your business from the very start. Let’s have a look.

9 Logo Design mistakes & How to Avoid Them

1. Ignoring the competitors

If you won’t keep knowledge of what your competitors are doing, you will be unaware of the industry norms and will run out of potential ideas for your designs. To avoid this, look at what others are doing, explore about top businesses of your industry or simply search through the lists of best logos until you get an idea for yourself.

2. Thinking exclusively about the trends

If you’ll only look for trends and try to apply all of them to your logo, you will end up a mess. This doesn’t mean that you don’t consider trends at all but consider only those that don’t tend to fade away quickly. Aim for a timeless logo design that is meaningful and defines your business’s relevance.

3. Getting attached to elements

Your logo should only feature the name or initials of your brand, an icon, one or two fonts, and a maximum of three colors. Any unwanted or unrelated element such as multiple color palettes or font families, will confuse your audience and turn them away.

4. Forgetting your audience

Never fail to keep your audience in mind while designing a logo, as it is ultimately meant to narrate your enticing story before them and draw them towards your brand.

5. Choosing random fonts

In the absence of an icon in your logo, the next element viewers see is the text. Usually, people choose font meaninglessly, but fonts do carry meaning and that meaning should not be vague, instead reach your audience in a righteous manner. It is fine to choose a different font in your Logo’s tagline, but before doing that make sure to study the fonts that belong together.

6. Choosing random colors

Just like fonts, colors are also brand messengers to your audience. They do have their own psychology and thus should be chosen carefully. Too many colors will create a messy logo. Therefore, limit your color combinations to three at most with black, white, and a third color.

7. Incorrect Logo file

Since you will need to resize the logo for different contexts, you will need its vector file, so that its quality is preserved every time. Do not use pixelated images or JPEGs as their deteriorated quality will render your logo useless.

8. Poor Placement

Before you start branding with your logo on the website or printed merchandise, picture it at every possible area. Try different sizes, positions, and layouts, and then place the logo, thus avoiding post-design mistakes.

9. Tempting to make changes

Once you have started branding with your logo, your audience with associate it with your business and will look out for it afterward. So don’t be tempted to change the way it looks, instead be consistent with the design. Your audience will appreciate this consistency in the long run.


Now that you know what to avoid, you should be able to differentiate between your existing and future logo very well. If you are still facing problems read more about logo design ideas or get in touch with us. We are VerveBranding, a leading logo design company in the USA. Our team of competent logo designers is striving hard each day to provide you with the best logo designing services and take your business to greater heights. Request a Quote or call us to discuss your requirements.

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