10 Unique Logo Designs of Government of India Setups

10 Unique Logo Designs of Government of India Setups

Do you want to have a logo for a government body or a new scheme? What are some of the famous government body logos? How should be a government body logo? A logo should be simple, attractive, and professional and must depict the functional areas of an organization. Every popular logo has a story, and every famous logo conveys a message. It is alright to get inspiration from nature, brands, stories, and situations, but just creating some colorful shapes cannot be considered a logo. Professional logo designers know that logo design is full of fun, creativity, and exploration. If you are designing a logo for an Indian government organization, you should be very careful and know certain things.

The logo of a government organization should look trustworthy so that it can be recognized by people for all good reasons. By taking care of certain things, one can design a logo for government organizations with ease.

In this blog, we will discuss some factors a logo designer should consider while designing a logo for a government organization.

Special Elements In Unique Logo Designs of Government of India Setups

Designing a logo is fun, but one must understand the seriousness of it. Especially, if one has to design a logo for a government body, it is very necessary to think from the perspective of a government body, the public, and obviously as a logo designer. Consulting a professional & experienced logo design company with an impressive logo design portfolio like Verve Branding can be helpful for an organization in getting a perfect logo for itself. Experienced designers know and understand certain factors that help design a logo for a government organization.

Certain factors to look for while designing a logo for government organizations are as follows:

  • Theme & Culture for Unique Logo Designs

First of all, if you are designing a logo for an Indian government body, it should look like a logo for an Indian government body. In other words, use symbols, colors, themes, patterns, and motifs that represent Indian culture so that it can be easily recognized by the Indian masses.

  • Original & Unique

It is alright to get inspired by a piece of art, a popular trend, or a logo itself, but it should not be copied. There must be some visible difference even if you are taking inspiration from a less-known or well-known logo. It should not be already in use by an organization or an individual.

  • Easy to Recognize

India has a very diverse culture, so the logo should be easy to recognize by the people of India. It should not happen that North people are understanding the logo well, but south people have no idea of it. A logo designer must understand the seriousness of the logo, and what it is going to represent. Only a professional logo designer can provide a logo that can be easily recognized by the masses. Having a simple logo has several advantages!

  • Precisely for Government Body

No other entity except the government of India and the organization itself can use the logo. Therefore, it is necessary to make the logo unique and based on an Indian theme.

  • Specified Details

The logo you are creating for a government body should have some specific details. In other words, it should be easy to document the details of a logo. These details could include dimensions, color codes, themes, fonts, and other important details.

  • Understandable

A logo should convey a message that is easy to understand by the masses. For example, if a government body deals with agricultural matters, its logo should represent it.

  • Easy to Print & Use

The reason most government bodies are simple is that they needed to be printed in color and B&W formats. A light error or complexion can lead to printing mistakes. Being a popular logo designing company in India, Verve Branding understands these minor factors and therefore can provide a perfect logo that is easy to recognize, understand, and print.

  • Should Depict Sense of Security & Confidence

The purpose of establishing a government body is to make people trust it. The logo should do the same job. In short, the logo of a government body should look trustworthy.

  • Proper Translation Must be Placed

The logo of an Indian government organization can be in Hindi, but Hindi is not spoken in every part of India, and therefore, a proper translation of the text written on the logo should be provided.

  • Use National Symbols

Using national symbols on the logo makes it more appealing and easy to understand by the masses. It is advised to use at least one popular national symbol in the logo of a government organization. Popular national symbols that can be used in a logo are the Tiger, Peacock, Lotus, Ashok Chakra, National Emblem, and the flag of India itself.

Some Popular Unique Logo Designs of the Government of India Setups

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A logo is the identity of an organization and therefore, it is important to make it properly. The logo of a government entity is even more significant as it will represent the whole of India. By consulting a professional and experienced logo design company like Verve Branding, an organization can get a perfect logo for itself that will represent all of its aspects, values, and functions.

VerveBranding can be your one-stop solution for branding and designing because we have market experience and a team of experts who, over the years, have worked on many major and minor projects for all types of industries.

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