What is the best logo size? For print, social media & websites

What is the best logo size? For print, social media & websites

Do you want to design a logo for your company? What is the best site for social media? Do you have to design a different logo for your website favicon? Here you will find a complete guide to designing a logo for your company. Even though you are looking at social media designing profiles such as LinkedIn profile designing or profile designing for Twitter. We will help you with the best guide. What should be the best logo side for different medius you use to approach your business customers? If you think the logo design for all your social media and website is similar. You are wrong.

There is not one size for your company logo. Whether you are using a logo for your Twitter profile or a logo for your website. The best logo size will be different for all the channels to approach your customers. Do not worry, we have explained everything about designing a logo for your company. However, you can also hire a logo design company to have branding. Which covers everything to design a logo for your company. Let us see how a logo design company can help you with your company logo.


The Best Logo Size for All Channels of Your Business

There are different channels businesses use to approach their potential customers. Which include your official website and your business social media pages. All the channels have different sizes to fit your company logo. If you have asked the logo design company to design a logo for your company website- and you are using the same logo from your website. Your website logo will not fit your social media pages.

Therefore, you need to have different sizes for all your channels. We have mentioned all the sizes for all the social media channels and a website also. Which will help you to have the best guide to the best logo size.

The Best Logo Size for Social Media Platforms

Whether you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media platforms. You would need a different size for all the platform’s social media. Even though the size of the images you post on your social media platform.

Instagram is one of the channels that give you options before posting an image. Suppose you have a group photo of your company staff. If the size of your photo does not match it will crop the photo. The people on both sides of a photo left and right will be cropped. However, by clicking the photo it will show the full size. In case, you want to show a full side of a photo to those people that just scan and scroll while using social media. Cropped photos may affect the reactions from your customers on social media channels. Thus, we have mentioned a comprehensive guide that will help you to make your logo and posts attractive.

The Best Logo Size for LinkedIn and the Posts

  • Profile logo size will be 300 × 300 pixels.
  • Cover image 1536 × 768 pixels.
  • For the image post, you can select 1200 × 1200 pixels.
  • For the link posts select 1200 × 628 pixels.

Facebook Logo and Image Size

  • If you are posting a link post on Facebook that will need a post with the size of 1200 × 628 pixels. And for the profile and others. 
  • You have to select a different size for the image. You will need 1200 × 230 pixels. 
  • You can take 820 × 312 pixels and for the last one the profile picture (logo) you have to select the size 170 × 170 P.

Twitter Logo Size, Cover, and Profile

  • Profile logo size you can take 400 × 400 P.
  • If you want to add a photo also. For that, you can take 1500 × 500 pixels. 
  • To post an image you can select a size of 1024 × 675 pixels.

Instagram Logo Size, Image, and Post

  • The best logo size for the profile will be 110 × 110 pixels.
  • For image posts, you have to take 1080 × 1080 pixels.

One of the best things you will love about Instagram is its stories. Which comes with a vertical format to post a story. However, nowadays almost all social media channels have added a space for stories. 

  • If you are using Instagram stories for your business page. You can select the size for your stories 1080 × 1920 pixels.

The Best Logo Size for YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Which is being used to create various types of content. You can use YouTube to give solutions for your services or products. This platform has a profile, thumbnail image, and cover image also.

  • You can select a logo size for the profile 800 × 800 pixels.
  • For the cover image of your channel select 2560 × 1440 pixels.
  • Thumbnail will be your video image and select the size 1280 × 720 pixels.

For Pinterest Logo Size

  • Profile logo image 165 × 165 pixels.
  • For pin 236 pixels width.
  • Image posts 1000 × 1500 pixels.

So, these are the best sizes that you must know for the social media logo and its posts also. When you hire a logo design company to design a logo for you. They deliver you all the things that you would need for all these things.

What Should be the Best Logo Size for Your Website?

Here is the best logo size for your website that you can use for your website’s logo also. Once your company logo is finalized by a logo design company or by your designer. You need to have a PNG logo. PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphic”. This format does not contain a background behind the object (logo).

You need to ensure that you have a PNG format logo with you. The size we have added below that you can select for your website logo also.

250px width and 1000px height are the optimal logo dimensions for a website page. If you get stuck here you can get our team to help. The Verve Branding team knows how to do it for your website.

There are two things that you need to keep in mind when you are uploading a logo on your website. Layout and Size. 

Vertical Layouts

Select size 160 × 160 pixels.

Horizon Layouts

250 × 150 pixels.

350 × 70 pixels.

400 × 100 pixels.

Favicon Logo Size for Your Website

The favicon logo size is not the one you select for your other logo. The favicon logo size will be the smallest size for the website. Favicon appears on the left side of the tag. When opening a browser while surfing your website. Most of the time people do not find what is their favicon on their website. If you want to know what a favicon is on a website. Open a website, look up on the left side of a tap open in your browser. The logo you are seeing on the left side of the corner of a tag is a favicon.

Size for Favicon Logo

16 × 16 pixels.

32 × 32 pixels.

48 × 48 pixels.

So, these are the sizes that you can select for your website favicon. These sizes will be the best fit for your website favicon.

What Should be the Best Logo Size for Printing?

The best logo size for print does not matter. What matters is the file format you use while printing your logo on a particular thing. This can include logo printing on a t-shirt or a banner. To have the best printing of your logo you need to have formats of your logo file PDF, SVG, or EPS. 

Suppose you are using a logo on a banner or standing banner of your company. You can select the size while designing a graphic for your company. This is on you what size you require to have it on your company’s graphic.

Here is a sample for a printing that is recommended. You can select what size you need to have your logo on the printed material.

For a small print of your logo, you can select a size of 500 pixels.

If you are in a large size of your logo select 1024 pixels. Both sizes are for the format of the raster image not for the vector image. So, use these tips to have the best quality logo for your company.

What if You Use Any Size of the Logo?

Using any size of your company logo will reduce the visibility of your company logo. There are not one or two reasons that you will face your company logo. Read below to know what the disadvantages of using any size of logo are.

  • Your logo will be stretched.
  • Viewers can not read and see the design of your logo for recognition.
  • Using a bad logo will reduce the value of your business. This shows that you do not care for things even for yourself and the customers.
  • Your logo will not communicate clearly with your business’s targeted customers because it is not visible.
  • The trademarking logo department will not accept your company logo. If it is not clear enough.

How Does a Logo Design Company Help You?

You get so many professional advantages to having a professional logo design company. A logo design company helps you with your company branding. However, branding for a company means having all the things by a professional logo designer for the company.

  • They will help you with all the things like the favicon logo for your website.
  • Logo for your company’s letterhead.
  • Your company’s website header logo.
  • A logo designing company gives you a logo for your company’s staff t-shirt.

You get so many advantages to having a logo design company to design a logo for your company. Which will be more beneficial for your company to have the best thing for you?


Designing a logo for your company is to design your brand image. If you have done branding for your company through a logo design company. You need to scale your logo to whether the logo fits your social media and website recommended size. You can not use the same logo for all your social media channels, printing, and website favicon logo. Thus, look for the perfect size for your company logo. You can also hire a logo-designing company for your logo.

Which will help you to have professional assistance for your business. We know the best logo size and all the required things that you need for your business identity. Contact Verve Branding to have the best service for your company branding. We will help you with all the required things you need to have for your company logo. Request a quote to have the branding service for your business.

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