Pros And Cons: Is It Good Or Bad To Use Online Logo Generator For Creating Business Logo?

Pros And Cons: Is It Good Or Bad To Use Online Logo Generator For Creating Business Logo?

Some marketers believe that getting a logo for a business depends upon the size and capacity of the business. This means small business is not liable to have a logo.

Well, the truth is entirely different!

A logo is always crucial for every business be it small or big and across every industry. It helps to build a perceptive for the business in the mind of the customer. If your logo is unique and attractive, it can become the identification for your brand or business and help in easy brand exposure as well.

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While a good logo design has immense potential for the company to attract new customers, a bad logo design can harm the brand even more. A not-so-creative and unique logo design tends to make customers believe that the brand has no standard. It may project that your brand is only concerned and pushing sales without leveraging quality. Customers may lose respect for your brand and may detach them from building any relationship.

A well-designed logo can bring a better spark to your business and attract the attention of the people. Even if you provide a top facility, without having a convincing logo design, it is difficult to make a mark.

Now, the biggest question is how to get a feasible logo.

This post is dedicated to showing options in online logo design and their related positive and negative outcomes.

Let us begin!

Is It Good Or Bad To Use Online Logo Generator For Creating Business Logo?

There are mainly two ways to create a logo. The first one is hiring professional logo designers and customizing your logo based on the need of the brand or business. Such logos are long-lasting and cost-effective in terms of future perspective. One can find designers from the top category to the initial category of logo designing for the brand.

The second option is an online logo creator. This is a rather simple procedure, owners can find the best online logo generator and DIY the logo easily. Many websites provide easy-to-use engines to generate automatic logo designs. This method can be understood as a shortcut for logo generation, however, they are far away from uniqueness and creativity.

You must be thinking is it ok to use an online logo generator or not?

Let us discuss some pros and cons of using an online logo generator to make it clear about its usability.

Pros of using online logo generators

  1. Easy to use
    Online logo generators are extremely easy to use in creating a logo even if you don’t possess much experience in designing. The tools provided are extremely friendly and helpful in providing a seamless experience while designing the logo online.
  2. They are quick to work
    If you want your logo made within a half day, then online logo generators are simply ideal. Logo designs online can be produced in several designs within a short period. These logo generators are ideal for creating logos if you lack time to meet the launch deadline.
  3. Customization as per your need
    Online logo generation takes into several factors in its account and generates a logo. Some of these are:
  • Font
  • Style
  • Graphic and vectors
  • Colors
  • effect

Here are the common errors and how to avoid common errors In Logo Design. You can find it out.

  1. Unlimited iteration
    When designers create logos there can be limited iteration. Using an online generator gives you ample iteration depending upon the patient level of the maker. You can make changes and adjust the design anytime you wish
  1. Cheap
    These online logo makers are free or charge a very minimum. In the case of a free logo, the watermark is present in the logo made. In case of a low budget, this software is just ideal.
  2. Fun 

With the logo editor software, you can get quirky hands to edit vibrant logo designs. Quickly edit the fonts, colors, layout, shape, and custom-like logo that can be easily generated for your brand. it would be a fun method to create the logo.

7. Complete Kit 

The logo design software has a complete kit with all the essentials, custom in a short time. The files support different formats like SVG and EPS for billboards and other printing. You can get a black and white colored or transparent background logo.

Cons for using an online logo generator

  1. Unprofessional look
    Professional designers from multimedia design service providers share the view that using online logo generators provides logos that may lack a professional look and badly project the identity of the brand in front of the customers.
  2. Lacks in originality
    These logo-making tools do provide multiple options, however, still, these multiple options are limited to an extent. This means that somewhere the logo may look repeated or copied. While logos designed by designers reflect unique concepts and ideas as they are free to harness the potential of creativity.

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  1. It can be copied
    Online logo generator has the major threat of getting the logo copied. Someone can use the tool and make a logo that looks like your logo. A duplicated or copied logo is a major threat to your business and brand recognition. Customers may get confused and get divided between you and other businesses.

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4. Personal touch
A logo designed by a professional designer will produce a logo that resonates with the expectation of the targeted customers. Designers emphasize to customers to create a logo design, while this kind of customization is not possible in online logo generators

5. Copyright issue

Using an online logo generator can make you land in a copyright dispute. A competitor may register his logo and sue you for copying the logo.


Everything has its good and bad sides. What you want to prefer will depend only on your need. If you want a quick logo, go for online logo makers. But there are many advertisers using the logo generator tool. So we cant prefer it for you.

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So, if you intend to get a unique and attractive logo design for your brand, consider hiring a professional logo designer.

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