Triangle Logo Designs – Shape That Adds Value To Branding

Triangle Logo Designs – Shape That Adds Value To Branding

The logo is a strategic combination of shapes and words. While squares, rectangles and circles are extremely common in logo designing, some companies stood out of the crowd and chose triangles to adorn their log designs. And they nailed it…!! Strategic placement of triangles can prove to be the best business logo design for your brand.

Significance Of Triangle In Business Logo Designs 

On one hand, where several companies play safe, brands like CAT, Delta and Chevron use triangles to symbolize growth, momentum, innovation and direction. Depending on the nature of your brand, triangles can represent a lot of thoughts.

Elevating from the base, the triangle represents strong elements like strength, power and purpose. If tilted on the sides it shows movement, directions, drive and innovation. And if balanced on the edge it gives the whole new meaning of daring, precision, and bold. But pre-dominantly, a triangle is used as the replacement of the letters A and V in the acronym of the brand name. Expert logo designers are known to put a lot of thought into simple triangles, developing logos that creates a stronger impact.

Let’s get by some of the top brands that sophisticatedly used triangular brand logos that now are recognized even before their brand names.

Top Brands With Triangular Brand Logos 

With their insights and the expertise of the best logo design companies, top brands like Adidas, Google Playstore, VisaCard, AirBnB, HSBC, Mitsubishi and many more managed to implement triangles and nailed their logo designs. Several companies love triangles in their business logos as the shape successfully delivers the perception of masculinity, sophistication, strength, power, height and finance.

As you can notice, these brands belong to a totally different niche from each other. So, it is safe to assume that triangle conveys a wealth of meaning that contributes to its versatile applications.


Triangle Logo 6


Triangle Logo 1

Google Play Store

Triangle Logo 2


Triangle Logo 5


Triangle Logo 4

Inspirational Triangle Logo Design Ideas

  • Elevating Triangle 

Very much like the shape of the mountain, the triangle elevated from the base appears in many logo designs as a symbolism of strength and stability. If strategically drawn by the logo designers, the triangle subconsciously conveys the sense of protectiveness, reliability and grandeur. Just like for tech industries, the triangle is the go-to shape to persuade stability and reliability, on the other hand, the triangle goes well for church logos as they resemble the shape of the trinity.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Mettle Leap Logo Design

  • Inverted Triangle 

The triangle resting on any of its edges symbolizes control and its ability to be precise. Brands that want to persuade themselves as innovative and professional use inverted triangles. While some brands that want to put a fun element or a sense of adventure into their business logo use triangles resting on different edges.

Logo Design

Vforce Logo Design

Logo Design

Bulwark cyberx Logo Design

Secure Engine Logo Design

Filter Logo Design

  • Left-Sided Triangle

Left-Sided Triangle is a classic symbolism of movement or plays a song or video. In brand logo designs movement showing triangles conveys speed, momentum, direction or forward actions. This is one of the motives of Plystore using the left-sided triangle.

Logo Design

Younix Logo Design

Dermatologie Logo Design

Xpova Logo Design

  • Triangles Embedded in Shapes

Sometimes brands use triangles within shapes to signify the powerful meanings the shape holds. Although it rarely happens, still whenever a brand puts thought into this type, the logo becomes the brand’s storyteller.

Logo Design

Spazios Design Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Smarten Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Designers Say About Triangles – Conclusion 

Triangle is the trickiest shape to work with, but all your insights prove worth it when the logo design comes to life. Because of the triangle’s various applications and meanings, it is a versatile choice for any industry logo. So far you might have thought of hundreds of brands using triangles in their core.

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