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An average customer spends fewer than 15 seconds on a website. It is within this duration, brands should hit the mark! At Verve Branding, we ensure to maximize our accustomed design services, so that your audience stays with you forever. We bring the latest innovation and technical expertise together to give credible solutions to clients. Our logo design roots every brand’s success that speak about their distinct personalities. So if you need a professional logo design, we have got you covered.
Our highly interactive designs would transform your ideas into creative ones suiting your budget and needs. Take home a handmade logo design crafted by our finest logo designer team. We would be happy to articulate your vision into reality. A memorable logo with great branding increases a company's value. So, it is time to make your first impression long-lasting! At Verve Branding, a custom logo design company in India, we offer a wide variety of logo designing services for custom logo design, corporate logo design, E-business logo designs, Banner logo designs, Postcard Design, Templates Design, Magazine Covers designs, and many more.
A custom logo from our experienced logo designer is sure shot going to represent your business and its ethics. We prepare well-founded designs that not only drive your business spirit but also entice your audience with their uniqueness.
Transform your brand through our designs! Your Thoughts, Our Designs!
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Do you know that you can have a design that lasts for life? Yes, it is possible with us. We are a renowned copyright logo design company in India that believes in innovative ideas. We are committed to tailoring perfect design solutions for your brand. Our professional logo design team has developed some incredible logo designs that manifest business thoughts into reality.
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A Quick Glance At Our Logo Designing Process!

Logo Design Process
Design Brief

At Verve Branding, we believe in creating a logo that’s professional and evokes emotions, so that the onlookers could feel a connection when they encounter your logo. We first understand your logo design needs and requirements with one objective- to create a logo that perfectly represents your needs.

A logo design forms the foundation of your corporate identity. And to build this, a logo designer like Verve Branding first comprehends your mission and vision and effectively communicates it to your audience.

Logo Design Process

Verve Branding, a custom logo design company in India, believes in a common saying "No Research without action, no action without research". In this step, we thoroughly research your business industry and competitors to come up with the best logo design possible.

Research helps understand what everybody else has already done and think to attract customers to their niche. After thorough research, we find out the latest trends in the industry and how we can make a timeless piece to achieve results effectively and efficiently.

Logo Design Process

When developing a business logo that truly represents your business, you need to consider creativity. And it's the creativity level of our team that sets us apart and makes us a popular logo designer in India.

Our ingenious designers find the most suitable graphic style and image to convey the exact message you want to deliver to your target audience. Being the best logo design company in India, we not only offer a unique identity to your business but also enticing aesthetics and the best user experience.

Logo Design Process
Sketching & Coloring

Our professional logo designers make sure that you not only stand out but get noticed by your target audience. We offer custom logo design services, which comprise bringing in ideas and inspiration and creating an eye-catching, professional, and memorable business logo.

When our logo designer is completely satisfied with the sketching, he moves to the next step, i.e., filling in the right colors and color combinations to give it the desired persona.

Logo Design Process
Client Approval

Client satisfaction and client approval are our end goals with every logo we design. As a professional logo design company, we find a way to work closely with your ideas and take your valuable feedback at each step. This way we make sure that we deliver exactly to your expectations and exceed them.

Get a Perfect Logo for Your Brand

Here is the roadmap to obtaining your very own business logo.
Verve Branding Perfect Logo Plan
Connect with us

To start the process, first select one plan from Basic, Plus, or Premium. These plans vary with price, no. of concepts, and more.

Verve Branding Perfect Logo Plan
Discuss your requirements

Once you have finalized the plan, we will ask you to fill up a quick questionnaire form. Your input will help us understand your custom logo design requirements and kick things up.

Verve Branding Perfect Logo Plan
Finalize the concept

In the last step, you will finalize the logo design(s) among the ones we have conceptualized. We will then custom-develop it as per the plan you have opted for.

Client Recognition

Verve Branding – Best Logo Design Company In India

Verve Branding has been a self-inspired leader since 2011, building great impressions for effective logo designs. We offer professional logo creation services to multiple industries like Travel, Fashion, Medical, Technical, Clothing, Gaming, Dental, Real Estate, Food, and other industries, which is among the many reasons we are the best logo design company in India.

We have a team of experienced and skilled logo designers who serve customized logo designs at affordable prices. So the businesses could leverage their influential identity with the highest satisfaction in the market. We are a dedicated branding service firm, bringing the best ideas to grab the right customers for your brand.

If you want to introduce captivating corporate graphical elements to your design and make a unique online presence, let the right logo be by your side. At Verve Branding, we take care of everything from branding to designing. Every logo designer, here, has expertise in making letterheads, business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, Facebook cover pictures, banners, ads, wallpaper design, magazines, books, visiting cards, envelopes, product packaging, and many other things.

Verve Branding offers a comprehensive engagement model in the logo designing process, which begins with a detailed understanding of the client's business propositions. What we design is beyond just a piece of art. It is a meaningful representation of the brand’s identity.

Our logo design solutions:

  • Custom logo designs
  • Hand drawn designs
  • Unlimited design ideas
  • Multilanguage logo designs
Visit our portfolio to explore more about Verve Branding!

Logo Design FAQ

We understand that a customer encounters a lot of frequent queries when it comes to choosing a logo designing company. So, we have made a list of the possible queries that a customer bumps into at first. These FAQs will help him get a clear initial idea about our way of working as logo design professionals.

As soon as we receive the complete details from your end, our logo designers begin to brainstorm the ideas to crop up a unique & innovative logo design, keeping in mind your requirements. After making all the tweaks and changes suggested by you, the final logo gets ready within 2-3 weeks.

The scope of our logo design services revolves around a series of brainstorming. Once you update your requirements to us, our logo designers begin to work on the possible logo designs to come up with samples within 2-3 days.

Yes, why not. In fact, the success of a logo would highly depend on the communication of the client’s ideas, views, and vision. Following a transparent process so that you can directly connect with the designer and express your views, is what makes us the top logo design company.

Our diligent logo designers strive their best to design a logo that not only represents your business but enhances your entire brand image. We can gladly make changes until you resort to your desired logo.

We begin working on the copyright as soon as you finalize the logo and make all the payments. Copyright protection gives you the authority to have exclusive rights for the print, display & distribution of the logo, so you can do anything with it.

We discuss your ideas & vision behind the logo in the very first meeting. Don’t worry, understanding your likes, dislikes, and target audience is also a significant part of our logo designing services. In this way, we come up with a design concept that matches your needs. We then develop and show you the samples. And after making all the necessary changes and revisions, we give you the final logo.

We offer three different plans to the businesses, irrespective of their size and industry. These are Basic, Plus, Premium plans. Each plan has its own benefits, from which you can choose based on your requirements and budget.

The Basic plan offers you 3 color & font revisions. On the other hand, the Plus & Premium plans offer unlimited color & font revisions, giving you the freedom for as many revisions are you want.

As a leading logo design company, we strongly consider our clients as our assets. Hence we won't hesitate to provide you with support even after the logo design process gets completed. Instead, we’d appreciate our long association.

Absolutely, your ideas, search & vision will be the primary basis of your company logo. If you do not have any clarity on how your logo should be, then don’t worry, our logo designers will guide you through it. So that we can together give your brand a unique identity in the most creative manner.

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