How brilliantly negative space can be used in brand logos?

How brilliantly negative space can be used in brand logos?

Logo designing is a very experimental method that helps in building brand identity. Every business has a different brand presence and delivers different brand experiences to its customers. The Logo design helps brands easily communicate their message clearly about their identity it.

Let’s understand via this blog, how to use a brand’s logo clearly by taking care of its elements. Negative space, a new term comes where the logo designing presentation and understanding goes to the next level. The negative space takes out the proper usage of logo space to make it more sensible and uniquely defined.

So let’s get started with understanding the negative space and how to use it in a better way.

What is Negative Space? Why Use Negative Space in Logo Design?

Negative Space brands have used to implement logo designing in a great way. Many famous brands have used the negative space, to distinguish their brand logo in a precise manner without extra clutter. When the brands have an ideal logo presence then it would directly hit the clear message to the audiences. The idea behind the negative space is such that it allows proper clarity in a subject using different elements like illusions, text, and logo marks.

  • Allow playing with creativity 

When you start playing with logos, you find more ways to make it interesting. The negative space creates a lot of drama and fun for your branding. Your brand can think differently with the logo. For example, the FedEx logo picturizes the arrow between E and X which defines its faster and speedy delivery services. Similarly, the NBC company shows its diversity with its brand’s logo.

  • Remember for long

When you create a different presence than the rest of the brands; it is vital for you to make it alarming. The innovative and generic brand logo makes you stand out from the rest. This can be possible by utilizing the proper usage of negative space.

  • Provide engagement 

The customer comes on your platform with the ideal time of 3-4 seconds to find out what your brand wants to tell. The strong logo image evaluates the great virtual presence with the playful hidden message and negative spaces. Customers recognize the hidden art behind the logo, it’s completely a hidden surprise for them. Although the negative element is not compulsory to be used for logo making. But with the negative spacing, you can innovatively create your brand logo for the audience.

What’s the idea behind the use of negative space for logos?

The negative space in a logo has a hidden meaning inside. The brand uses the intuitive feature of negative space to give a vision of the brand in the real world. How surprising the process is when the brands share their message in a surprising meaning to their audiences. For example; Fox Chase and Fish. Both of the logos display their meaning without any blunder or unnecessary details.

Reasons to use negative space in logo creation

The minimalist logo design which gives a clear message of the brand and signifies its impact is turning the existence of playful branding. The reason behind the negative space illusion in the professional logo design is due to the overall unmatchable presence it gives to the logo.

With the negative spaces, brands have the opportunity to create a twist with a hidden message, which when the audience finds out; is surprised by the technique. Such a technique helps brands to convince their audiences in a great way. For example; Movers brand used to talk about the transit of goods from one place to another. The logo design of Movers introduces a home in the form of negative space. Whole Foods is another brand logo that uses one ‘O’ letter and makes it an apple image.

The negative space works strongly in building the presence of a brand through a message. Brands who want to design their brand identity can wisely use the negative space. Use the contrast color and design of the logo which can provide great recognizable logos in a completely different way.

A few examples of negative space logos

  1. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo represents a panda with colors black and white are endangered species. The Yoga Australia logo uses negative space with the legs and arms of a woman. 
  2. The role of color is significant in adding negative space to the brand logo. The contrast colors, not too many, add a deep motive inside the logo. For example, mobile fix brands use green and white colors to define mobile every day repairs.

How to create negative space inside your logo?

The negative elements define the spectrum of illusion behind the logo with a clear message. It makes your logo more experimental and avoids your logo in any clutter.

  • Deeply embrace negative space

The beauty of negative space comes around the border of positive space. Make use of borders and the left-out space beautifully and cleverly. Then you can find out the experimental use of such space. First, you should focus on the unique elements you must address about your Mumbai logo designing company. Always prefer to add minimum elements both positive and negative in a logo design.

  • Eliminates negative space

Always follow this principle, once you make the first copy of your logo, revise it again. Most of the logo designers avoid revisions, and hence can’t draft a better picture of the logo. They can’t eliminate the redundant or unnecessary space that is inconvincible. So you should always try to subtract such negative spaces which have no clear meaning.

  • Create something different than the rest

When you decide to introduce negative space inside your brand logo, then you should try to add that creative part to it. Eliminate such logo designs that do not have something new element within it. With the unique elements, you can benchmark your logo design next to perfect.

  • Think your niche

It is always particular for different brands to have different branding thinking and vision. When you have an ideal understanding of your brand vision, you can pour that vision into reality with the brand logo. The brand logos are ideal and clear.


Negative spaces are meant to define the creative identity of your brand logo. It can help your brand to build a unique presence in the market. Allow your brand to speak clearly with its logo. You can connect with a logo design company in India that can help you create ideal logo designs for your brand. 

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