Logo Designing Process: What Is The Process Involved In Making Good Logo Design For Brands!

Logo Designing Process: What Is The Process Involved In Making Good Logo Design For Brands!

Anything which is creative, vibrant tends to easily attract the eye balls. This is the power of visual signs that creates such huge impact on customers. In fact, if the success mantra of any business is analysed, it is the visual representation in the form of logo that creates a huge difference in branding strategy.

Branding is not limited to just verbal message or visual perception. It actually deals with the complete image of the brand that people form on hearing its name or looking at the brand sign. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have professional logo design that completely replicate the brand’s message and get a much needed attraction from the users.

This post is dedicated to help you in logo designing by explaining various aspect of logo, its usability and the process involved in creating or designing a logo

Defining logo

In the words of the expert designers from best graphic design services providers across the globe, logo is a visual representation of a company or brand and its products. It established the first visual connection with the users as soon as the name of the company is discussed.

Like any other visual element, logos are capable to deliver the nature of the brand, its purpose, voice and the way company interact with its users. A well built powerful logo design can help people identify the app easily and connect with it. This connection in return would produce better engagement, sales hike and better awareness among potential customers.

However, creating a logo is not a matter of fun. It requires assistance of expert logo designers who make does thorough research before they begin with logo designing.

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There are various kinds of logos that are made in the present market scenario such as:

  • Iconic or symbol logo
  • Typography based logo
  • Word based logo
  • Blend of typography and word
  • Emblem

Depending upon the need of the brand and its services offered the one among these types are selected by designers.

Process For Designing Logo

Among many attributes for defining good logo design, simplicity is in the top. It is always a deadly combination for designers to bring simplicity and identity at the same time within a logo. Clients believe that logo making is an easier process, however it isn’t! It requires research, technique and skill to develop a logo that represent the brand.

According to custom icon design service company, the process of logo designing goes through five stages which is setting the goal, user research, market research, creative research,type of colour pallette and many more:

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Let us discuss each phase:

1. Setting the goal

This stage marks the base of the whole designing process. This is the stage when the designer should gather as much information as they can regarding the targeted users. The targets for the brand should be very specific in order to make a fruitful logo. A designer at this stage should visualize what the client needs. For making a beautiful logo, designer should not blindly follow the client but should also find logic behinds his needs. Once you get into the logic behind the need, you can produce the logo design which your client wants.

You also need to get a questionnaire filled from the client containing the questions like ‘What would be the placement of the Logo?,’Is there any specific imagery in his/her mind?’or any color combination that he/she would like to have in the Logo. These answers would help you developing a clear understanding of his requirements. It will also avoid the risk of getting all your concepts rejected after you work a lot upon the Logo. It is necessary to gather the requirements of your client and his team before initiating the work as the rework would lead to loss of time and efforts.

2. Research

This is the phase in logo designing when designers have to dig deep inside the environment to access the need of the branding sign. Top logo designers india, recognize this stage crucial and divide this stage of research into two- user research and market research. By user research means studying all the aspect of targeted audience, their choice, psychology, impact of colour, basic information, powerful performances etc.

Market research deals with studying the market segment to analyse the competitors strategy. Logo design should always be highly unique. This stage of research provides designers with a specific direction of thought process to deal and bring out the best design.

3. Creative research

This is the stage when designer have all the relevant informations which indicate towards some specific direction. At this stage it is important to remember that branding needs to be highly unique. There are at times when marketers are clear about their branding process, hence the clarity of information itself help in making a logo design.

Contrast to this there are marketers who are confused and don’t hold vision towards any particular direction. In this case, various directions are to rearched to come up with an idea that matches with the expectation of the marketers.

You can search for most creative Logos in the market and take inspiration from them. Some of the designers worldwide have done really commendable job in terms of creativity. If we talk about Fedex, it is just a word written but if you dive deep into its creativity, you will find a forward facing arrow inside it which signifies precision and speed. On the other, if we talk about Famous sports brand Nike, it has a next level creativity inside itself. We think that Logo is just a tick but its a wing of Greek Goddess of victory which makes its significance really beautiful.

4. The final vision

By this stage, logo has been made and it’s time to refine it in detail. There will be a series of rigorous designing process that would yield a brand’s identity and stage for ages as the identity of it. At this stage designers plays with colour and hues, tiny forms and lines within the style guideline. The result of these changes will give a logo for the brand.

It might include multiple revisions on the basis if client’s choice and the placement of the Logo. Some clients might ask you to try a number of color combinations so as to suit the placement and marketing collateral. Some might also ask for the 3 D version or the animated version.

5. Testing

The work of designer never ends with creating a logo. The testing part is equally important to see its affectivity and analyse. In logo, testing is essential to analyse the productivity that it can gain within the market. It essential to test the logo at multiple devices, settings, size, resolution etc. Analyse the connection of people with the logo that can show its real worth.

6. Style guide

The end of the logo design process is a style guide for the approved logo. The guide should be easily understandable and should also point out the correct and incorrect use of the logo. This will help users to develop the logo anytime while sticking to the balanced representation of the logo.


Logo is the core of any branding strategy. It determines the way users communicate with the brand and recognize it. For creating a good logo design, you definitely need an experienced logo designer and also the set of information from the factors stated above in order to get creative and attractive logo for your brand.

More Info: https://www.vervebranding.com/logo-design.html

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