Top Logo Design Trends To Follow in 2018 that can Bring Results

Top Logo Design Trends To Follow in 2018 that can Bring Results

Every year some designs fade away while some other logo designs burst the trend and rule the Internet. The same is going to happen in 2018. A Logo is not just a symbol that shows the business identity or reflects the style. Rather, it shows the era in which it was created and tells the brand story.

In a digital world, it is essential to recognize the logo design trends that make your brand identity and reveals a fresh and relevant brand story to the audience. Let’s track down the latest logo design trend before the dawn of the year 2018 and rule it like a king:

Popular Logo Design Trends of 2018

The market is going to be more competitive in 2018, and you would need the guidance of experts to make a big mark in your industry. By following the logo design trends that are going to rule in 2018, you can provide yourself with a head start. A professional logo design is what you would need to stand out among your competitors. Some of the best logo design trends that will rule the year 2018 are as follows:

Trend #1. Responsive Logos

We are living in a digital world, where logos are designed not just to please the eyes but also to be used at different places and mark an individual identity of the brand. Logo design trends aren’t just limited to the website only. Instead, it has been used in various other places, such as posters, business cards, stationary, advertising, packaging and much more. No matter which style you choose, whether it is the best abstract logo design or letter-based logos, make sure your logo adapts itself to every unique style and looks the same as ever.

Trend #2. Architectural Inspiration

Though developing a foundation to get the best architectural logo design is not a new concept, it is just rushed into more creative ways. Physical space has always been considered an important factor to build a unique brand identity. Since every business and website owners strive to set themselves apart from others, designers nowadays are focusing not just to create an architectural landscape. They are also learning new ways to embody the logo design behind the physical space to reflect the creative brand story.

Trend #3. Play With Typography

From old typography to serif text, typography has evolved by making more and more experiments. Whether it is about creating a new typography to redesign the existing one, it calls for implementing various innovative techniques. And that has not ended here. The coming year will bring a lot of innovation, a result of tons of experiments, and bring typography to a new level. Logo design trends revolve a lot around Fonts, and they should never be underestimated.

Trend #4. Grid-Based Logo Designs

Ever since the logo designs have evolved, the grid has played the role of backbone. Grid-based designs are a perfect choice, if you are looking to get the best automotive vehicle logo designs for your new business, nothing could suit you better. The grid holds perfect power and maintains an equal balance between logic, theory, and perfection. This logo design trend is never going to end. In fact, it will flourish even more with time.

Trend #5. The Geometric Shape of Logos

Logo designs have been not restricted to typography only. In fact, geometric designs are also creating magic that makes the brand stand out. The important thing about implementing the geometric logo to reflect your style and services is it serves as the most versatile option and leaves an instant impact on the reader.


A  trend is something which keeps on changing with every passing year. When some logo design trends fade away, many new designs burst the trend with their attractive and informative look. Choose the logo design after analyzing your industry and researching your competitors. Verve Branding can provide you with all the solutions related to logo designing and visual entities of an organization. Get in touch to get started.

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