What is Brand Identity? Quick points to understand its importance.

What is Brand Identity? Quick points to understand its importance.

Identity is a matter of human life, it shows us our stand in society. Not only humans but also even commercial people maintain their identity in the market to see where they stand in the competition. We have seen people with identity become brands for the future, as simple as role models for example Sachin Tendulkar is a brand of cricket because he has taken cricket to the next level with his unbelievable runs record.

Not only people the books or products a company makes the brand like Nike and Adidas companies they made a brand that reflects the company standards.

So identity reflects in the form of a brand, and we can call it a brand value that shows the complete product overview to the customer. Brand identity is a valuable personality of the company in 2023, that reflects the customer about transparency in the business and the promise to deliver the best.

Is Brand Identity Important?

Recently I was buying a new phone and while searching my friends suggested so many branded things among them also there occurred priority regarding their feature and market value. Then I realized this brand is the identity of the model which creates the transparency of the product to the customers.

What makes brand identity important?

1. Look at the product – it gives the overview of the product along with the company’s growth in the market. The intense value of the company’s purpose.

2. Impression – it acts as a template to build trust in customers about the company with its design.

3. Consistent – authorize the company in the marketplace and build the last longing relationship. This in turn is nothing but a trust-building matter.

4. Company goal – it shows the purpose of the company and the service of the company.

 Development Process of Brand Identity 

Brand identity is the face of the company, a recognized object which makes the story behind the journey of the company well-known to the market.

Finding difficult or confused with the what steps to take in for development let’s have a glance over things

1. Know more about a company-

From base to advance like from past to present work. This lets you understand the company’s objectives.

-> Proposition – this asserts the judgemental opinion of the customer so far and also provides information about the plan of action.

-> Competitors – to grow in the market competitors are very important knowing about competitors in the same field also important to enhance brand quality.

-> Goal – knowing about the company helps you to deal with the goals of the company.

-> Personalization – to enhance the features of the company, personnel need to be known. Personalization adds points to the brand’s quality.

2. SWOT Analysis –

It’s a compilation of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT analysis helps in exploring the actions and strategies of the company to take the initiative for better execution.

-> Strength – show the rewards and internal factors of the company and enhancement towards work towards competitors.

-> Weakness – these help in finding the fault in business and correcting and working on them.

-> Opportunity – utilizing external factors to build the company brand identity.

-> Threats –  Elements in the environment or industry that may cause problems for your business.

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3. Ask questions on brand –

Since childhood, we always ask questions and always find a better answer deep thoughts help in exploring here also ask a question yourself to find out more to understand like

-> Does the brand support the business strategy? – strategy is the creation of work that emphasizes the core strategy and cultivates the brand identity.

-> Consistency in the brand identity – check the visual consistency, message in the brand, behavior consistency

-> Resonating brand identity with the audience – overall personalization of product with customer expectation and customizing it impresses the customer. Get feedback from customers and the latest experience to implement in the company.

4. Designing your Brand Identity –

It’s a medium of communication to the customer with the look and feel of the company. So branding is a process of building an identity with key creativity.

-> Interesting Form – creating the brand is showing the identification and reflection of services through the visuals. This creates consistency and helps in creating familiarity with customers.

The forms like a circle, sphere, and eclipse and their types may vary according to the information you want to add and the design you planning to implement, and each form boosts the design with certain priorities and consider them better.

-> Color and type – this adds attraction to the customer towards the brand. Each color and color pallet has its meaning and identification so choose wisely while implementing them in the design.

And when it comes to typing some words to convey the message to the customer using the font in contrast with color would be a great idea. Nowadays we almost see mismatched fonts which have set a unique trend in designing being so creative would add a plus point to design.

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-> Template – these are mainly useful if you design emails or small business cards to boost the business potential with quiet information. This also provides the commercial look and feel of the company.

Once the basic availability of the logo or brand identities is designed it’s time to unite them together to put in the form to come up with the design that impacts the user to increase the business in the market. This brand identity should have certain qualities like

—> Consistency

—> Flexibility

—> Brand guide

—> Language

—> Connection & Emotional

Check out the important guidelines for brands for logo design. 

What are the Key elements to enhance Brand Quality?

Brand identity can be expressed in any way through a list of words, a bunch of paragraphs, slides of images, and single images. Such few are;

1. Logo

Logos are customized ways of recognizing the company.  It is a piece of artwork that represents the company or business, it is also called an avatar. It is important in a brand’s identity. At its core, a logo design must:

i. Embody your brand.

ii- Be instantly recognizable.

iii- Be versatile.

iv- Be timeless.

logo must-haves, like simplicity and memorability, naturally follow.

2. Website

This gives a brief visuality of the brand and insight into the company details. 75% of people go through the website nowadays to know about the brand which builds their trust in the brand and also that helps to judge the brand solely.

Building a website with few images and written copywriting isn’t enough if you want to build a strong brand it should be impactful for the customer to real and have better look and feel. So following some good web designing techniques based on modern technology would help much.

3. Business Cards

A physical reminder that you met someone. That can become a trigger for reflection and often leads to more business or a renewed connection. A cheap and affordable way to ensure people have effective contact information.

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4. Packaging graphics

This is helpful when the product has a physical appearance and helps as a tag for the brand on the product where it reaches out to various customers. The detailed description and information on the product help it easy to know the product customer which in turn gives brand identity in the market.

The product packaging should speak, loud and clear, for the product in absence of the physical appearance of humans.

5. Email Designing

Too many emails in the inbox and cluttered out from seeking the particular email here is the best idea to have an email design that properly segregates the emails. This can be done with the help of the images or color pallets or using the difference this may be quite hectic. Also can go through some brand guide styles to know more about the different styles to implement them.

Let’s check out a quick style guide for How to Create a Brand Style Guide in 2023?


Creating the design is a playful thing just like a baby drawing but with little creativity and acknowledgment of the brand would bring a better illustration of the brand identity. But logo design avoids mixing messages, copying from other businesses, and lastly, never losing consistency over the content. These some of them would help to enhance the brand identity to improve the brand quality.

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