6 Best Logo Design Apps To Make Your Brand Presence Right From Your Smartphone

6 Best Logo Design Apps To Make Your Brand Presence Right From Your Smartphone

Are you looking for the best logo design apps? What do you need to understand about logo designing? Should you download logo design apps? Which are some of the best logo designs? All these are common questions. We have given you the answers you are looking for. So, this guide is going to be the best thing for you to have the logo designed for your company.

Creating a logo design for your business is important after all it represents the face of your brand. There are many options which are available in the market for getting a good logo but the problem is, it can be expensive too. You have to invest a good amount in your Logo design to gently a unique and good brand identity. You cannot just open Photoshop to try your hand and if you come up with a design that is good to satisfy yourself or your family, you use it as your brand logo. No, this cannot be your way for sure. Although, seeking a good branding company in 2019 might also be an expensive walk for you.

For designing a logo, several options can be considered. Ranking from the most expensive to the most affordable one, let us discuss what options can be taken:

a. Working with a design agency: Professional logo design agencies are one of the best options to look for when deciding about creating a logo. These agencies deliver high-quality results but can be a costly affair as well. These agencies may prove to be out of range for at least startups.

b. Working with a design freelancing design website have have many competent freelancers to help you out with your logo design process. The result obtained from these freelancers can vary depending upon the designer’s skills and expertise. The prices charged by this designer may vary depending upon the work but it would generally be in three digits.

c. Using an online logo maker: The most cost-effective option is creating a logo in a web or mobile application. The design options or the idea of customization may be limited, therefore your results cannot be well differentiated. But in case you choose the right app for making your logo, your design can be very unique. The design coming from these apps is affordable even with a low budget.

Which way do you consider the cheapest and most convenient for yourself?

Let us choose:

Getting a logo design created by agencies can be really expensive. In case you have low or no money for designing a professional logo, logo apps can be a great help. See how these applications have revolutionized the world of designing through which you can design a good logo if you can conceptualize it. Some applications also bestow you with the help of experts so that if you are missing anything, they can make up for the same.

What is a logo design app?

A logo design mobile app is a program that allows you to design a logo directly on your mobile or tablet device. These apps are similar to web logo makers but they don’t function on a desktop.

The process of logo-making includes:

1. The first important thing is picking the right icon or template among the options

2. You can prefer to customize the color, fonts, backgrounds, and other element

3. The last and final is downloading the result as a picture on your phone. different apps have different modes of options to download, file formats, and resolutions.

Now, the bigger and more important question is why choose apps instead of desktop versions?

Logo apps advantage:

A. On-the-go convenience: The first and foremost advantage of apps are they can be used anytime and anywhere. They may look superfluous at first stance but it does create a huge difference when considered from an entrepreneur’s point of view. Since their lives are most of the time on an ongoing basis, therefore using apps be much easier to come up with iterations of a logo on their phone itself in contrast to sitting at a desktop and working.

B. Easy and user-friendly interface: The professional from landing page designing services consider mobile apps to be high users friendly than any other counterparts. The landing pages of mobile apps are designed keeping in mind the need of the users as these apps can also be used on the go for any desired action. The apps are generally designed in a very organized manner, moving from one step of creation to the other. Customers can easily use their fingers to resize, rotate or move things around which is a fun activity in itself.

C. Modern design:  The quality of style and design obtained from mobile apps are incredible. The design and the quality range with different apps. In general mobile apps provide more offers in modern design than many web-based logo makers.

D. Incredibly useful for B2C or event-based logos: Mobile app logos are a good match for business-to-consumer brands as the designs are much more fun and fresh in contrast to more traditional options available. The logo design apps offer many options for a temporary, event-based logo such as any campaign, wedding, or pop-ups, etc.

How To Decide Which Logo App Is The Best?

A. Easy to use: Nothing can replace the usability quotient. Analyze your app based on user-friendliness and how quickly it can create a logo from easy to complex.

B. Customizability: analyze and measure how much the logo can be customized such as color, layout, size, etc from low to high.

C. Cost: This is the most important factor, measure the cost to download the logo you have created on the app right from the free version to the paid one.

D. result: Measure the result that you obtained in the form of a logo. You can rate the logo that you made on the app from 1 star to 4 stars.

Some of the best logo design apps available:

1. Logo Maker Shop by lime press

This app offers 1000+ logo templates, to begin with, the designing process. Once you have chosen your favorite app, you can also customize your text with 200+ fonts and you can choose to add different symbols and backgrounds to personalize the template for your brand.

The quality logo designs are modern and well-designed even the free ones. There are many options in wordmark style or simple icons. Some of the templates are free but templates are marked as “ pro” and can be accessed by paying $10. The app is easy to use, cost-effective, and highly useful for bold and modern brands.

2. Mark by Happy Media


You can begin by choosing templates categorized under business, weddings, monograms, campus, charity, etc. You can also choose to begin with a blank canvas and upload your pictures and shapes. You can then go ahead with customizing the templates by changing icons, text, color, styling, etc. After the process is over you can download the PNG file.

The design offered by Mark is certainly modern. Your logo may not be much differentiated as the icons are basic but in terms of font and shapes, they are well balanced. Therefore, this app is ideal for retail businesses. The cost of designing the logo is free and once you created a logo, you can pay $6.99 per logo to download.

3. Logo Maker– Logo Creator by Chue Dave


The templates offered are many, some of them accessible and many others are free apps. Thereafter you can edit your icon on the canvas display which allows adjusting fonts, and colors, and also add stickers

The quality the y of apps app is limited but the options can be immense when the paid option is usThe paidPaid option is loaded with backgrounds, icoand ns, and overlays to create a version of your logo. The editor for the app is easy and fun. The cost for the free app is a limited range or pay $4 to unlock all logos. It is best suited for casual brands and is highly customizable.

4. Watercolour Logo Maker by Tap Flat Apps


The first thing is the chwatercolorrcolour style shape that can help in constitute the background for your logo. Then you can move ahead with the ith editor, you can adjcolorloand ur, font, add text and make further customization. As the name of the app suggest it watercolor color style logo. This app is a perfect choice for running a B2B company.

5. ICONA– logo designer by roadblocks


The press creases see iconiccona canvas with three options in the footer which are shapes, text, and drawing. You can click on shapes and types to get as many options for icons that you can scroll through r quite a bit. You can also adjust the iconcolorlour, stroke, and opacity. The drawing icon available in-app helps to draw the icon of your shapes whelps using the app to brainstorm possible logos and then design them professionally.

Many icons and great fonts are available. This app is a good place, to begin with, the brainstorming process of the logo.

6. DesignMantic-Logo Maker by Right Solution


This app’s functioning is quite similar to the desktop version of apps. In this app, you can enter your company name and slogan(optional). Then the app will work automatically to generate a variety of codesigning for you. You can find a lotcombinationstion tor to get more speciresultssult, you can select the industry from the drop-down .nu. Once you find a suitable template, you can adjust it by customizing fonts, colors, and other stuff. The app offers thousandsiconsicon to choose but the icon is on the cartoonish side and less modern, however, the design variety is huge. The app is free to download but you can pay $37 to download your logo.

7. Canva: Card/Poster/Logo Maker


Back in 2007, Melanie Perkins- one of the three founders of Canva- used to train students in high-end design software like InDesign and Photoshop. As many of you would agree, and the same was the conclusion of the students, these programs were “ […] hard to learn and even harder to use”. But as they say, great minds see an opportunity where others see a drawback or a challenge. Soon Melanie, along with Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams, started on a journey that would change how people think and design graphics on computers.

Canva is an amazing drag-and-drop online graphic designing tool that offers hundreds and millions of stock photo images, free icons, shapes, font styles, and photo filters. You could use all these amazing features to design business logos, posters, brochures, invitations, wallpapers, business cards, certificates, or anything that your creative mind could think of. All you need before starting with Canva is a Facebook or Google account and the know-how of handling the computer mouse, or a smartphone with smooth touch. Design templates are also offered on this platform that you may use if you are in a hurry. If not, you can build your designs from scratch too. The platform is available for free to use and could be upgraded the d to the “Pro”  version to aof vail other exciting and premium features.

Conclusion- Is the logo design app appropriate for you?

Logo design apps can prove to toe bliss for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their business or if you want a quick logo design for any urgent purpose like for an event, fair, dance competition, etc. These can save a lot of your time and money that might invest a lot while dealing with any design company. Here, we are not diminishing the efficiency of tbrick-andand mortar designing houses but yes, if you are budget atime-restrictedted then there can be nothing better than usithe ng mobile applications.

While apps are somewhere limited in style and differentiation but they are too convenient, fast, and cheap to produce logo dedesignsThese apps are saviors especially if you run a consumer business and the brand is young and modern, mobile app logos can be the solid thing for your business. Marketers should go ahead with this appeasing app and get a unique and enticing logo design.

Do not forget to mention the applications in the comment box that you are fully impressed with.

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