Learn 03 Easy Steps To Give A Perfect Logo Design Brief In 2023

Learn 03 Easy Steps To Give A Perfect Logo Design Brief In 2023

Are you looking for logo design services? What are some of the best logo designs? Should I hire a logo design company for my company logo? Who can help me with the best logo designs? These are some of the common questions people like you ask every time. In order to design a logo that delivers meaning to the business audience. Reading the blog you will get to have the best info to design an effective logo for your company.

A well-organized logo design brief sets the stage for focused logo design development. It is the logo brief that helps the designers to create a more focused logo design that helps in creating the perfect logo for the marketer’s choice.

But before moving ahead with the design brief, it is very important to find the important component of a creative logo brief. It is also important to know some useful design language that can help you in describing what you want from your designer for your brand’s logo.

This post is dedicated to guiding people in writing capable logo briefs that help designers to create a remarkable logo design for your companies.

Let us just dive in:

What does a logo design brief stand about?


Professional logo designers India defines a logo design brief as a document that helps provide designers with every kind of information which is needed for designing a logo. It generally outlines fundamental information about the business, the design style, the project timing, and of course the budget.

Miscommunication among any of these points can lead to wastage of time and resources and also faulty design. So marketers need to provide an effective logo design brief to designers.

Follow these steps to create a perfect logo design brief for your business:

  • Give information about your business

For the best logo design, people prefer jumping on the visual aspect of a logo design brief, however, it is always better, to begin with, the thought of “why”. This means the backgrounder of your business and yours should be handy. After all, for a graphic designer, it is really important to understand people, products, and industries and choose an aesthetics that remains compatible with all of these aspects of the brand.

  • Consider describing your product, target audience, and industry

A competent designer is well aware of all the design techniques which go well with a different types of products, audiences, and industries, thus, this one is a good place to get down to details. Consider sharing your product material, manufacturing process, targeted customers’ lifestyle, and the industry competitors that you have.

  • Describe the brand value

Various kinds of brand value translate to various kinds of design styles. When you get down on explaining your brand value, it might give you a new perspective on different value spectrums such as modern vs vintage, fun or sophisticated, young or mature, etc. For a designer, it is really important to know all these aspects as they will be manifested in the visual design elements. For example, visual elements, style, font everything in a fun logo is different from the sophisticated logotype.

This is a fun logo

This one is a sophisticated logo

The difference between the two is crystal clear, thus, mentioning these points in the brief is important.

  • Provide your company name

You must be thinking, this is obvious! But most of the time obvious things are overlooked the most! Make sure to specify exactly what and how it should be presented. In what case do you want the letters? Is there any space that is needed? Will it matter if everything comes in single or multiple lines?

  • Give your company slogan(in case you need it)

Sometimes slogans are embedded into logo design and cannot be easily removed from the brand. Therefore, give careful thought before embedding a slogan in your logo design. Whatever decision you take, this will take design flies to keep a track of.

  1. Communicating the desired logo style

  • Express what kind of logo type you want to achieve

It is a wordmark, emblem or abstract design, or something else. It is important to convey what kind of design you want. Specifying the desired logo format helps to save a lot of time and resources for the designer as well as for brands. In case you are not very sure, you can suggest some of the formats that you think should work. The designer can also help you by showing some of the design options.

  • Design style

Apart from logo style, design style can also be mentioned. Some examples of design styles can be modern, vintage, minimal, etc.

  • colors

UI design services experts put a very strong emphasis on color selection be it for a logo or an overall website or app page. Colour has a huge effect on how users interact and get an idea about what your brand is all about. It can also be considered as an element that has the power to grab the attention of the users at first glance.

A good logo designer can always be really helpful for you in selecting the most appropriate color palette for your brand logo. Color suggestions can also be made in logo design briefs. The suggestion can be as general as blue and black or more specific suggestions can be given by including images that give a clear indication about the specific color that you want.

  • Inspiration( mood board)

A mood board is a place for a lot of things. In a mood board, you can add photos that feature certain color palettes or a picture of a logo application that you can use as a reference, photos that feature various elements of other logos which attract you, or even a pre-existing logo design that you want to use in your business can also be included in the mood board.

  1. Clarity of timing and budget

  • Timing

The design in itself is a process. Designing an amazing logo design may take hours or it may require experimentation and exploration on the part of the designer as well. This is the reason why giving an ample amount of time to design can brings some great logo design.

Designers are happy to work in a hush-hush affair, but it is up to the marketer to start with the design process well before the time of the business launch. Therefore, give your designers a time frame to create a logo design. It typically gets 1-2 weeks to get a logo but it can linger for some agencies. It is, therefore, better to take the budget of 2-4 weeks.

  • Budget

It may sound embarrassing but it is necessary to have a budget and abide by it. Make sure you clarify that the designer works on a pre-project on an hourly basis. If there are pre-projects, clarify how many versions and revisions you can get from them. If the designer works on an hourly basis, then it is better to ask how much time they need to complete the design process.

In many cases citing “you get what you pay for” is accurate for many logo designers. However, paying a certain amount to experienced designers at a good price for their time can bring reliable results.

These three steps when followed considerably can lead you to a better path in designing your logo. Make sure to follow them to provide a great brief that can reduce any waste of time and resource in the process of logo designing.

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Final thoughts

When you get to know all the important things about professional logo designing. You will be able to design an effective logo for your company. The logo design needs good research for the competitor’s logo and creativity. Thereby a logo design company can help you with this process to have the best logo design for a corporate like yours and branding services as well. Experience and professional services for logos will help you a lot and make you deliver value to your business customers as well.

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