Benefits of having a custom-made logo over a template-based logo

Benefits of having a custom-made logo over a template-based logo

The logo for a brand is the key representation of the brand’s vision, thoughts, and values. Also, it is a key factor that helps in attracting your customers. A visually appealing logo is significant for your brand development and retention. Such a logotype helps to add a distinctive feature to your brand and helps in positioning it uniquely from the competitors. Hence, as the concept suggests, it is significant for you to have a uniquely designed logo from a professional logo designer.

However, in an industry scenario, certain platforms provide you with specific templates that can help you get readymade logos. But are they significant in the modern age? In this blog, we will focus on both custom-made and template-based logos. Also will focus on defining which logotype must be preferred. 

However, to define the need and effectiveness of a custom-made logo, it is important to consider the benefits and challenges associated with both logo forms. 

What is a template-based logo? 

A template-based logo is a much simpler logo, which even you can execute yourself. You simply need to be aware of the technological aspects. With such awareness, you can easily create a logo from the available list of templates. However, such may not allow you to focus on your brand values but would influence you to select an appropriate one from the available list. 

Benefits of a Template-Based Logo

  • Highly affordable or even free: 

You can get logo templates at affordable rates. Also, certain websites even offer logo templates for free. Such platforms whether chargeable or free allow you limited customizations. Such can be inserting your brand name or making color changes. Hence, these are affordable and do not require a professional logo designer.

  • Time-Saving & Easy: 

Getting your brand logo through templates is time-saving and easy. As you can simply select a template from the available list, make the required changes, and your logo is ready. You may be required to connect with a Logo Design Company to make the required customization. But it can be done in a limited time.

Challenges of a Template-Based Logo

However, despite the benefits associated, there are also key challenges associated. Such can be identified as:

  • Doesn’t align with your  goals: 

If you opt for a template-based logo, your designs will only be limited to the list available on the platform. Also, it will only allow restricted customizations. Hence, reflecting on your brand’s vision, or values is not possible with such logo forms. 

  • Risk of Intellectual Property: 

Also, template-based logos possess a risk of intellectual property. As these templates are also copied from somewhere else, or multiple entrepreneurs may have used the template. Hence, it lacks originality and you can’t even protect it from being used by other brands. 

What is a custom-made logo?

You can get a custom-made logo for your brand by partnering with an experienced Logo Design Company. A custom-made logo is developed from scratch considering your business-specific needs and reflects your brand’s ideology and values. Hence, such acts as a key factor supporting business growth and expansion in the marketplace. 

Benefits of a Custom-Based Logo

  • Unique: 

A custom logo is designed by a professional logo designer, after extensive research. Hence, they ensure including all the essential logo elements and your brand requirements. Such contributes to the uniqueness of the logo, which can also be legally protected.

  • Represents your brand:

A custom logo is designed as per your brand’s specific needs and requirements. Hence, such a logo attracts customers’ attention and also aligns with the customer’s values and needs. Such aspects in the long term help in creating a distinctive image, which retains the customers.

  • Distinctive and Protected:

Such logos developed by a leading logo design company can be protected through their registration. Also, it can be used to establish a competitive edge in the marketplace. If developed after proper research and efforts, custom logos are eye-catching and memorable. 

Challenges of a Custom-Based Logo

Custom-based logos have significantly more benefits than challenges. The only issue with such a logotype is that it takes much time to design and execute. Also, you need to connect with an experienced and professional logo designer for your brand.

You can ensure retaining your custom-made logo as per the changing market trends and customer attitudes. In the long run, these logo becomes a major representative of your brand and customer remembers more about your logo than your brand. Hence, based on such a comparison it can be reflected that having a custom-made logo is an effective option that you must consider for your brand. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a brand logo for your business, you can connect with the professional logo designer at Verve Branding. We are a leading logo design company with a team of branding experts, who have worked with brands and companies across sectors and sizes. Also, Verve Branding has been reviewed as the creator of the best custom logo design Canada. So what are waiting for, get in touch with our designers today!

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