Is making alterations to your brand logo acceptable?

Is making alterations to your brand logo acceptable?

There is major confusion regarding rebranding and logo redesigning. Some consider both to be the same, but both aspects are conceptually different and are used in different contexts.

The rebranding includes introducing a new brand name, and brand logo, simply giving the brand an entirely new identity. On the other hand, Logo Redesigning or alterations involve making changes in the existing brand logo, while keeping the brand identity intact. Hence, depending on the situational needs, an approach to rebranding or redesigning is adopted. However, it can be reflected that in both processes, you must partner with the best logo designer to get a better logo.

Rebranding is much of a complex process, whereas Logo Redesigning is a more straightforward approach to be considered. Logo Redesigning and alterations is an acceptable practice that is adopted by even prominent brands. Some of the common brand names include Apple, Burger King, Starbucks, Nissan, and Nokia. There are several key reasons why brands opt for logo alterations.

  • To be Relevant to the changing trends:

A prominent reason for logo alterations is to keep your brand relevant in the transforming age. As with the changing market scenario and transformations, customer tastes and preferences shift rapidly. Hence, to target such changing customer needs, the brands ensure changes to the brand logo.

Such helps in reflecting the brand’s attitude towards adopting emerging changes. As you can easily observe, with improving social focus towards climate change, the brands are adopting a green element to their logo. As you can see, brands are adopting green elements in their logos as social focus on climate change improves.

  • During business expansion:

If a brand is entering into a new product segment or expanding to a new market with an existing identity, then they prefer brand alterations. Such alterations are important to ensure that your newly designed logo can reflect the purpose of your expansion. For example; you can check out the recent redesigns adopted by automobile brands such as Nissan. It has been done to showcase their entry into the electric cars or EV segment.

  • To keep the audience engaged:

Introducing changes to such basic aspects can also help in keeping your audience engaged. As currently the customers are more preferring brands with minimalist designs. Hence, every prominent brand is eliminating the creative and 3D aspects from their logo to give it a minimalist look. Such practices can help your band to retain your audience’s interests and to keep them engaged. 

Steps to be considered in Logo Redesigning/alterations

  • Consider the impact of your brand’s logo: 

You must consider the impact of your existing logo on your audience base. Such impact can be measured by focusing on customer reviews, feedback, and industry image. Hence, such an evaluation can help you understand whether your logo can attract and retain audiences or not.

  • Evaluate your Competitor’s approaches:

Further, an analysis must be conducted to monitor and understand approaches/strategies being adopted by your competitors. Also, in the process, proper industry analysis must be conducted. Such can help to understand emerging industry trends and to plan on the need for logo alterations.

  • Identify the challenges associated with: 

Based on the conducted logo and industry analysis, you must consult with the best logo design company in India. They can help you identify any gaps or challenges associated with your brand logo. Also, can help you in making the required alterations/changes to your brand logo.

  • Introduce Required Changes: 

Accordingly, required changes can be introduced to your brand logo with the help of the best logo designer. Post changes, proper testing must be done, by asking feedback and reviews from the customers and potential audiences. It can also help to identify gaps or issues associated with your redesigned logo and further changes can be introduced.

  • Fulfill legal formalities required: 

Along with the alterations in your logo, you must also consider the legal formalities involved in the process. As with the logo redesigning, your brand would be required to re-register your brand and its associated identity. You can get your logo redesigned by the best logo design company in India, and they can assist you with such legalities.

  • Publish across the platforms:

Once you have finalized all the required redesigning needs for your logo, you must ensure publishing it across the platforms. Such can be your business’s digital platform, your letterhead, visiting cards, and other important documents. 

Final Words

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