E-Commerce Logo – Creative E-Commerce Logo Design Tips

E-Commerce Logo – Creative E-Commerce Logo Design Tips

E-Commerce is a revolution, not a trend.

E-commerce is the fastest-growing segment in 2023. But, with the equivalent competitive market. If you want to get recognized by your target audience, create an exclusive brand identity, the base of which is an impactful and striking e-commerce logo.

The E-commerce segment is getting fast and furious with an impressive 23.3% hike in sales every year. The ever-increasing e-commerce sales tracks prove that people are getting comfortable with the e-commerce culture (ordering anything they want from the comfort of their homes). E-commerce is here to remain. Whether you build an online apparel store, a grocery store, a cosmetic store or a handicraft store, a niche-oriented logo design will help you relate instantly with the audience. Thus makes a difference.

If you think, it is technically impossible to reach out to your potential audience personally, think again. Any affluent logo design company will agree that a well-designed logo communicates your brand’s purpose, niche, objectives and purpose to the onlooker. All in all, a well-curated logo is the best way you can communicate with your target audience without being there. Several successful businesses consider logos as their indirect marketing tool.

Can you name any e-commerce business without a logo?

How Custom-Designed Logo Impacts E-Commerce Sales?

The custom-designed logo is a unique blend of shapes and colours that involves out-of-the-box thinking and is nothing like standard logos. A custom-designed logo has a unique approach that none of your competitors carries in their branding. A custom-designed logo becomes a distinctive face of a brand and later the trademark of its quality.

A Custom Designed logo:

  1. Gives your brand an exclusive identity.  
  2. Sets your business as an authority in its segment.  
  3. For an e-commerce business, a unique logo design lets people memorize your brand for future references. 
  4. Let people identify you in the crowd. 
  5. Does storytelling on behalf of your brand. 
  6. Gives your company’s branding and marketing strategies a lead. 
  7. Fosters loyalty and credibility 
  8. Becomes a sure-fire mark of quality in the future.
  9. Can go anywhere (websites, brochures, business cards, app icons, packaging, etc.)
  10. Gets remembered by your audience even before your brand name.

Standard Elements For E-Commerce Logo Design

The most common shapes in the e-commerce logos are shopping bags, carts, and stores. But are these common elements enough to distinguish your brand? E-commerce logo design ideas can be as versatile as their applicability. For every niche, there is a dedicated logo design complementing the nature of the business. The entire purpose of logo designing is to establish your brand as an exclusive identity.

Although common elements let people recognize your brand even from the farthest glimpse, what is the use if it is unable to make a connection? With just the common elements, people might mistake your e-commerce brand with other familiar brands as the logo is too common. Then what is the solution?

Involvement of common elements in a creative way in a custom-designed logo is what an expert logo designer does. Hire an expert brain to come up with exclusive, distinctive and communicative logo design for your business. Consider this an investment for the success of your brand. A perfect logo design is your effort to get the maximum result out of this branding tool. Most businesses play safe by using the letter-type as their logo. Well, the road to success starts when you step out of the house.

Tips For Designing E-Commerce Logo

Designing an E-Commerce Logo that communicates the thoughts of an organization is not easy without the help of an expert logo designer. Taking care of a few important tips can help you pick a great logo for your organization in the tough market of 2023. Given below are some tips for designing an effective E-commerce logo.

Simple Yet Influential

Simplicity is the key. Complex designs often create confusion and commotion, failing to dictate the brand purpose to the audience. It is bizarre that most brands commit. The trick is to experiment with the ideas and the approach while designs remain simple.


A brand logo goes on several canvases like business cards to banners, ads, letterheads, brochures app icons (each of different sizes and textures). Ensure that the design is equally elegant and descriptive on all the platforms. Go for minimalist designs with not more than 2 colour hues. The speciality of the best e-commerce logo design is that it looks tailor-made for every platform it goes on.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Point 

A unique custom designed e-commerce logo is the best way to tell your audience the value your brand gives. Support your logo design with a tagline that effectively communicates your brand’s values.

Make It Horizontal 

E-commerce logo design is all about effectively using the spaces. A horizontal design is more prominent and it fits well on the left-hand side of your e-commerce website. Plus it does not consume much vertical space where a lot of content resides. All in all a horizontal logo goes like a headline on any platform.

Ever-Green Designs 

Going with the trend is good. But, it is imperative to find some inspirations that last for a lifetime. With consistent and insightful designs, you do not have to renovate your e-commerce logo design ever now and then with changing trends.


The logic is simple. When you tell a story you bind people’s interest and get their attention. To your surprise, a well-curated logo design hooks your potential customers through a unique hidden story. Infact, your entire branding can revolve around a single story. Use some creative heads to convey your story well.

Characteristics of an E-Commerce Logo Design

The E-commerce business is now in trend, and today there are many E-commerce websites on the web. But hardly 5 or 10 can be recognized by people because of their services and logo design. People don’t always visit an E-commerce website to purchase something but to get details of products as well. They usually visit the same website, and therefore, E-commerce logo design is very important. A well-made E-commerce logo design can increase the ratings of an E-commerce website. Given below are some of the characteristics of an E-commerce logo design. 

  • Simplicity: A well-designed E-commerce logo design should be simple and easy to recognize yet still convey the brand message. The logos of most E-commerce companies are simple, and yet they contain a message that defines the values of that organization. The best example would the logo of Amazon. 
  • Uniqueness: The logo should be unique and stand out from the competition. An E-commerce logo design is the identity of an organization. It ought to be unique. Think of the target audience of your brand and the values you work on to make a unique logo. 
  • Versatility: It’s 2023, and you wouldn’t be using your logo only on products but on many various platforms like websites, social media, print media, and on many other formats. Your E-commerce logo design should be good enough so that it can be used on various platforms without losing its impact.
  • Color: An effective logo should have a limited color palette, usually just one or two colors. A well-made E-commerce logo design does not contain many colors, and it shouldn’t. It is advised to not use more than 3 colors in a logo. 
  • Style: The logo should have a consistent style that reflects the brand’s values and target audience. The E-commerce logo design should be easy to understand. This helps the audience to understand the kind of products they can expect from your website. 
  • Relevant: An e-commerce logo design should be relevant to the industry and products that the business offers. In other words, if you are an E-commerce business, your logo should look like one. 

Innovative E-Commerce Logos Designed By Vervebranding

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Get A Striking E-Commerce Logo – Conclusion

Now that you have an idea of the essentials that go into making the best e-commerce logo design, it is time for some action now. Vervebranding contributes significantly to the recipe of string brand identity by creating explicit logos that go with the persona of your e-commerce business. Plus, get to make your best pick from multiple uniquely designed logo concepts.

Sell more and more…!!

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