Top 15 World’s Most Famous Logos And Brands With Hidden Meanings in 2023

Top 15 World’s Most Famous Logos And Brands With Hidden Meanings in 2023

Know about the hidden meanings of the most popular logos in the world.

We come across a number of famous logos every day. Be it the outfit we wear, the pen we use, our favorite coffee cup, or the car we drive, the famous logos are all around us. Every brand, small or big, has a logo. Some of them are easy to understand while others have got hidden meanings. In fact, many popular logos have got hidden meanings, that we often fail to understand. This may be because they are so obvious in appearance that we ignore the profound connotation behind them.

And while you’re reading this, we’re sure some of your favorite logos have definitely knocked on the door of your imagination. Curious to know what they mean? Then check out our list of the world’s 15 famous logos and the hidden meanings behind them. See if you could find your favorite one there.

15 World’s Most Famous Logos And Brands With Hidden Meanings

The below list describes the most famous logos with names of brands and the hidden meanings behind them. Read on to know all about them.

1. FedEx

The topmost logo in the list is of FedEx, a highly popular American multinational delivery service company.

What makes it one of the popular logos is the usage of the negative space between the letters ‘e’ and ‘x’. Can you see the FedEx logo arrow hidden between these letters? The hidden arrow represents the speed at which the packages are delivered with the FedEx delivery service.


2. Cisco

Cisco is a global technology company with headquarters in San Franciso, USA.

It has one of the most impressive and famous brand logos. The word ‘cisco’ in the logo came from San Francisco, which is quite not hidden. However, the blue wave-like strips above cisco silently represent two things: First, the electromagnet, and second, the Golden Gate Bridge of America.


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3. Amazon

Just like Amazon is among the world’s most popular e-commerce companies, its logo counts in the world’s most famous logos.

The curvy arrow starting from ‘a’ and ending at ‘z’ conveys that Amazon has everything from a to z to offer to you, i.e. it sells everything. Plus the arrow also forms a smile with a dimple. This smile effortlessly represents the joy people experience while shopping with Amazon.


4. Beats by Dre

Beats is an American audio products manufacturing company, headquartered in California.

Its logo consists of a symbol, followed by the brand name, and comes under the world’s most popular logos. At a glance, it shows the letter ‘b’ enclosed in a circle. Actually the letter ‘b’ is the brand’s headphones, while the circle is the person’s head, wearing it. The logo aims to create a personal touch so that viewers can easily relate to it.

Beats by Dre

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5. Domino’s Pizza

Among the most famous food logos is one of Domino’s Pizza, an American international pizza restaurant chain.

The logo presents an apparent piece of domino, plus three dots with hidden meanings. These dots actually depict the number of Domino’s first three outlets. Surprisingly, the founder intended to add a new dot each time a new chain was inaugurated. However, this couldn’t be made possible, since the business hiked and grew numerous outlets across the globe pretty quickly.

Domino’s Pizza

6. BMW

BMW (Bavarian Motor Company), a German automobile company, used to create aircraft engines, before stepping into the motorcar market. Its logo is undoubtedly among the globally popular brand logos.

The old interpretation of the logo connects white with the white propeller of the airplane, and blue with the sky, due to BMW’s aircraft history. In reality, the logo does not relate to the above version. It in fact connects with Bavaria, the place where the products of BMW are manufactured. It shows the colors of the Bavarian flag, i.e. white and sky blue.


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7. Vaio

Vaio or Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer is a Japanese manufacturer of computer hardware and electronics, working globally.

The Vaio logo is among the most famous logos with abstract types. At a glance, one won’t find what the logo intends. So let us tell you. The letter ‘v’ and ‘a in the logo portrays an analog wave. While the ‘i’ and ‘o’ remind us of the binary digits 1 and 0, i.e. a digital signal. Simply put, the logo speaks of analog and digital technologies.


8. London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra is the oldest British symphony orchestra from London. Its logo symbol is counted amongst the most incredibly famous company logos.

While it looks more like an abstract logo, it actually depicts the initials of the company name. However, it is so artistically created that it also portrays the contour of an orchestra conductor. Can you see it?

London Symphony Orchestra

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9. LG

LG is a globally recognized electronic brand, headquartered in South Korea. Its simple yet creative logo is among the top brand logos in the world.

The logo has been humanized. Elaborately, it represents a human face, with ‘L’ being the nose and ‘G’ being the face’s outline and right eye. This human touch makes the logo more inviting and easy to connect with.


10. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is the world’s largest ice cream chain, with its headquarters in the US.

What makes its logo one of the best brand logos is the hidden number it contains. Till now you might have only concentrated on the BR initials in blue and pink. However, if you look carefully you’ll see that the pink forms of BR create the number 31. This is actually the number of ice cream flavors the brand offers to its ice cream lovers. Hence, putting the flavor number in the logo was a very creative idea, which made it among the most popular logos in the world.

Baskin Robbins

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11. Unilever

Unilever is a British consumer goods company, headquartered in London and serving globally. The company is producing a huge number of products and this is what they have tried to portray in the logo.

The ‘U’ here is the brand name initial, with 25 different icons making a collage inside the alphabet. Each icon relates to a product category that Unilever offers. Such a creative collaboration of product range makes it a famous logo design.


12. Audi

Audi is a German auto engineering company, and it’s a true fact that no one actually forgets its ring-shaped logo. And this is why Audi is counted among the most memorable logos of all time.

There were four companies that together formed the original brand Auto Union, now called Audi. These companies are Audiare Horch, Audiwerke, DKW, and Wanderer, and are depicted in the logos through four rings.


13. Pinterest

Pinterest is a global image-sharing and social media platform, with its headquarters in the USA. Its logo marks among the most famous logos on social media platforms.

Pinterest means pinning things of interest. And since it encourages members to pin images, gifs, videos, etc., its logo is ideated around the same concept. Hence the letter P in the logo depicts an abstract image of the pin.


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14. Toblerone

Toblerone is Swiss chocolate, popular for its series of triangular-shaped prisms. Its logo is named amongst the best company logos on the globe.

What it features is Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountian, painted in yellow-gold and with a bear inside. The painted mountain depicts the honey flavor inside the chocolate, while the bear symbolizes Bern (or the City Of Bears), where the chocolate is produced.


15. Adidas

Adidas is a famous multinational sportswear company, headquartered in Germany. Its logo has undergone numerous changes over the years but still is counted among the top and most famous logos in the world.

Unlike other brands, Adidas uses more than one logo. However, the three parallel stripes, have always been a part of it. The first logo, an emblem, features three trefoil leaves depicting the brand’s focus on variety. They also stand for three parts of the world- North America, Europe, and Asia.

The second one shows a circle, crossed by three curvy lines, describing the globe and the quick adaption of changes.


The third and the recent one features three stripes forming a mountain and symbolizes the overcoming of challenges by being focused.

FAQ- Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings

When it comes to learning about famous logos with hidden meanings, people come across the following questions:

Q1. Why logos with hidden meanings are so attractive?

Logos with hidden meanings are designed to convey the brand message cleverly. They aim to create meaning and feelings out of the design and deliver them to build a connection with the audience. The hidden meanings are not easily noticed. However, when people actually recognize them, they feel amazed and connected with the logo, as if it is designed exclusively for them.

Q2. How to create logos with a hidden meaning?

As we saw above, the most popular logos in the world have hidden meanings. While designing them, the following aspects are typically considered.

  • Negative Space

Negative space is the empty space in and around objects/images/texts. Using these spaces cleverly adds meaning to the design and creates an optical illusion that actively engages the audience. Check out the famous logos of FedEx, Amazon, etc.

  • Font or Typography

By experimenting with the arrangement of the letters, you can add depth to the logo. For example, Pinterest, London Symphony Orchestra, etc.

  • Symbols

Symbols can represent much about the business and its functions in a minimum manner. Choosing the symbol cleverly can do wonders in attracting the audience’s attention and helping them associate with the brand. Check out the logo of Beats by Dre, Unilever, Evernote, etc.

  • Colors

Logo colors tell a lot about the brand. Hence, keep your target audience in mind before you choose colors for your logo. Take the example of Toblerone or Baskin Robbins, you’ll see that the brands have played strategically with the colors to connect with the audience.

Q3. How to create a logo for a business?

Visit this link to read the step-by-step guide to creating a logo for your business.

Conclusion- Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings

Above we learned about some of the most popular logos and brands and how they worked on the hidden meanings. Engaging the audience with just a logo is indeed a challenging task. However, if you have strategically and effectively used hidden meaning in your logo, it may do wonders. So, try to take inspiration from the above brands to determine how you can incorporate hidden meanings into your logo. Also, don’t forget to share which of the famous logos with hidden meanings worked the best for you.

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