Why should your Brand have multiple logo variants?

Why should your Brand have multiple logo variants?

You all must be aware of the significance of a Logo for brands. Such a logo helps in representing a better brand image and delivers a competitive edge in the industry. However, to enjoy such benefits of a brand logo, you must consider key factors associated with logo designing and development.

You can learn in detail about the logo development process and associated facts by interacting with a professional logo designer. Among such elements, a key aspect to be focused on is having multiple logo variants for your brand. It does not mean that you have multiple/different logos for your brand but should have multiple variants of the existing logo.

Such variants for your logo retain the core value and elements of a brand but are designed in different forms to ensure better suitability of the logo across platforms. The biggest challenge in creating logo variations is deciding how many variations a brand should have. So in this blog, we will discuss the different types of logo variations that a brand can adopt. 

Significance of having Logo Variations

There are significant benefits associated with having logo variations. Such can be identified as:

  • To Reflect on Your Brand’s Versatility: Logo Variations help to reflect your brand’s versatility and reliability. Having multiple variations allows you to represent the brand’s diversity and its openness to adjust to situational needs. Hence, it ultimately leads to a better brand representation

  • To Position your logo effectively: You can design your website as per your need, but can’t control the interface of every platform, where you have to showcase your brand. For instance, a social media profile pic is circular and you can’t make it square. So it is better to have multiple variants of your logo so that it can fit in properly.

  • Improved trust and reliability: Such variations allow you to better showcase your brand and further improve the trust and reliability of the brand among the targeted audiences. 

Different Logo Variants a brand must have: 

Variant 1: Primary Logo

It can also be defined to be the main logo of the brand. It is the logotype that is mostly used across the platforms. The Best Logo Design Company conducts extensive research to design the most engaging and appropriate primary logo for your brand. It would incorporate your brand icon, name, and other essential elements. It is used across the areas where you need to showcase your brand’s presence and relevance. Such can be your business website, your letterheads, or used in promotional campaigns.

Variant 2: Secondary Logo

It can be defined to be a rearranged form of the Primary logo. Primary Logos are mostly designed in a horizontal format to give them better viewability and attract attention. It can be difficult to incorporate such a Primary format in every scenario. A brand needs a secondary logo to prevent such an issue. It ensures rearranging your brand elements to fit in a vertical form. You can interact with a leading logo designer, or the best logo design company in Los Angeles to learn more about secondary logos.

Variant 3: Submark Logo

A submark logo variant can be defined to be a compressed form of your main logo. It is mostly circular and is developed for platforms, where you have limited space. It is also a much-simplified form of your brand logo containing a few images and content from your primary logo. While developing a sub-brand logo, a professional logo designer always keeps the core essence and representation of the brand in mind. It is mostly used by brands on their social media handles, stationeries, and digital banners. 

Variant 4: Favicon Logo

It is a much tiny representation of your logo. When you open a website, you might have noticed a small company logo in the topmost part of the browser, just before the web page’s details. It is termed a favicon. Also, it is used as the app icon, if your brand owns an application. Having a favicon allows you to place your brand in locations with smaller spaces. It helps to give audiences a better indication of the brand. 

Variant 5: One Color Logo

It is a simple variation of your primary logo, and is in a single color, without any color transition or formatting. It is developed so that it can be placed on any platform with a distinguishing color. For instance; your primary logo is of green color, and the platform where you are placing it is also green. In such a situation, having a one-color logo or a reversed-out logo can be of significant use. One Color Logo can be transparent or can be black & white so that they can easily be placed as per the requirements. 

Final Words

Verve Branding has been reviewed as the Best Logo Design Company, delivering clients with custom-made logos. Our professional logo designer ensures evaluation of every important element and brand requirement, before moving on to logo designing. Such helps to ensure the creation of an attractive and engaging brand logo. To know more about the logo variations and their significance you can reach out to our experts. Our logo designs and client reviews have also helped us to be among the best logo design company Los Angeles. So hurry up and get your brand logo designed by our design experts.

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