Logo Design: 10 Tips On Colour Selection While Designing Your Logo

Logo Design: 10 Tips On Colour Selection While Designing Your Logo

A logo is the face of a company and for that reason, it should be exclusive and unique. Everybody wants that their logo should be unique and attractive to entice customers and make them loyal brand followers. While every element in the logo should be well-balanced and synchronized, the colour of the logo should stand out from the rest. Colour is of great importance in the life of a logo as it has an innate tendency to grab the attention of the targeted audience and influence them as well.

It is commonly observed that marketers from specific niche industries prefer to follow the pattern of designing from their competitors. Experts from companies involved in logo design in India suggest that the trend of the following can harm more than do good. There are many startups which are popping up in the industry on a daily basis. They bring freshness and unique perspectives that grab the attention of the customers. Therefore, the success mantra for logos can only be uniqueness. Make sure to choose colour palette that stands for your brand.

logo design

logo design

Tips On Colour Selection While Designing Your Logo

This blog is dedicated to giving ten tips on colour selection for various industries in the area of logo design. Let us begin!

  1. Herbs and Spices

If you own a restaurant business, nothing better than spices and herbs can give you inspiration. The colour palette from herbs and spices ranges from deep shades to bright colourful shades. Design a logo that fits the parameter of your business and then gives it a touch of a unique colour palette that can bring the essence of your offerings and influence the people all around.

For example, for Indian restaurants, colours from saffron, turmeric, and red chili can create visual delight for people. Similarly, for Italian restaurants, it can be the colour of herbs, hues from oregano, chili flakes etc.  You can also move ahead with experimenting and creating a fusion of colour for your restaurant depending on what you offer.

  1. The Colour of Natural Fabric

If you own a fashion brand or a fabric brand, then prefer sticking to roots. You can easily switch to the colour of natural fabrics like jute, cotton, wool, leather etc. These colours may seem limited but provide great potential for success. They are exclusive when used without dyed ones. Instead of black, these colours are a great way to protect your brand.

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  1. The World Inside the Water

In case you are designing for a company that has some connection with water or water creatures, then taking inspiration from them can be a good idea! The world beneath the water can give you immense opportunities to experiment. Product labelling designing services provider holds the view that while designing the overall look of a product, a logo plays a very significant role, especially the colour of the logo. Since it is the base colour of the product identity, therefore, it creates a great effect on the product and labelling design look as well. Choose from a bright blend of colour to pastel delight.

  1. Metamorphic Rocks

There is a various variety of rocks available on earth. Each with different style and texture which can be a great inspiration for interior design companies while designing logos. For the real estate and infrastructure industry, designers can pick amazing cool and warm pigments from marble, granite etc.

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  1.  The Inspiration from Human Skin

When it comes to the uniqueness of colour what can be different to be better than human skin? Experts believe a range of skin colour of people all around the world can be a great way to provide a touching humanity to the logo design of your brand. From human skin inspiration, you get a hint of colours in pink, brown, pale yellow, reddish etc. These skin tones are a great way to project the brand’s connection with its customers.

  1. Beauty of Gemstones

Colours of gemstones are unique. Gemstones like emeralds, ruby, sapphires, amber, jasper etc. are some of the few to name. There are many gemstones each with a quality and a distinctive colour to offer. If you are designing a jewellery brand logo take inspiration from gems and precious stones. There are many colours available apart from silver and gold that can be chosen to fix the need of your logo design.

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  1. Metals

The monotony of colour is clearly visible in computer hardware logos. However, there seems no need to stick to one or two colours only. Sometimes taking inspiration from the things which are created under your brand can be a great inspiration to take in terms of logo colour, for example, colours like copper, lead, metallic, gold etc. You can also opt for realistic shades of the metal as well.

  1. Seasonal Flora

If you own a landscaping company or dealing with beautification work, take inspiration from flowers and leaves around you. Using the colour of flowers and leaves from your region can easily give a hint to people about the origin of your company.

  1. Inspire from Woods

If your company deals with antiques, then take inspiration from woods. Experiment with the shades of brown that belong to a different combination of colours coming from various trees such as mahogany, teak, oak etc.

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  1. Birds

God’s creation has millions of colours in the bird species. From vibrant to muddy, every kind of combination can be obtained. Especially in terms of education or bookshop logos, taking inspiration from the birds can be a great way to connect with the audience.


The need of the market is to serve something unique and memorable in terms of logos. Logo colours play a very significant role in making the logo memorable. Take inspiration from the 10 ideas for various industries and create a lasting, memorable, unique logo for your brand.

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