The 8 Different Types of Websites and How to Design

The 8 Different Types of Websites and How to Design

The year 2022 brought so many tiresome experiences to everyone to all, but one thing that helped learners get on their own time to learn and implement mainly these developers and so many technologies came out. So this made people come up with their own businesses and to market them they started their own websites. The market for the year 2023 will be more challenging and full of opportunities.

Nowadays about six websites are being created per second and that’s about lakhs of websites being built by day. See technology has grown too fast and there are a wide variety of websites worldwide running parallel everywhere. So websites are a million, but the base for This is only a few with some priority and standards. What are those website types, what do they contain, and how are they developed without code and designed in a simple way? What tools are used to build them with such perfection?  This also helps in finding a similar domain website that makes easy comparisons for the inspiration and example of the model features.

Basically when it comes to analyzing part each and every website has its own uniqueness with certain goals and best practices. So let’s dig into some features of websites.

1. E-commerce Websites

The pandemic put forth the open opportunity for many to start their own business

and with that influence, most people started businesses online with many products like clothes, digital accessories and crafts to others. And now those businesses have grown so large maintaining them through social media and phone calls would be tiresome and this time a flash comes about a website where it is easy to handle stuff in an ordered way.

When deciding to put up a website, think of features or categories to include, easy navigation, personalization, simple buy features with various payment sections, and design of the website from the homepage to sub-pages. It is very important to maintain the look and feel of interaction with the customer. And mainly the fonts and colour pallets must be contrasting ways to match each other in one way to attract the customer.

Have a deep glance over similar websites that set trends with the best services and have inspiration. Go through the features and category-wise division and tax setup with the security-based services. In the end, make sure of the web design and well-crafted categories that enhance the site’s goals in making sales.

2. Business Websites

Nowadays, consumers turn to the internet for everything and if you are running a business without a website would cost you more to expand it. A business website doesn’t sell or buy anything, but they provide the information that consumers are looking for regarding the specific business. This help in providing the value and propositions to drive the traffic towards your business services. And these provide efficient services based on your needs and their business mainly websites are designed to encourage the customer by providing the information and contact details to approach them if the customer is needed.

For example, the wedding planner website provides complete information regarding their event organization and services they provide with the cost and other extra features and contact details. This gives some ideas now if you’re running such a business go through and find out some information and inspiration.

3. Entertainment/ Social media website

These are websites which keep you busy and addicted over their fun and intact way of entertainment and act as stress busters with a variety of options. Also, these websites create a web of old friends and feel so cool being connected. Entertainment is not only about one thing it concludes with many factors like music, videos, blogs, funny sketches, and fun quizzes that enhance the entertainment as well as creativity of one own depending on the mindset.

Based on your target audience build your own entertaining site with user personalization and be informative with content that helps people to find entertainment.

And we all have experienced scrolling for hours on the phone which has made us busy with these entertaining apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and blog pages. Go through these pages and have a specific voice of personality to shine the world with the best entertaining content.

4. Portfolio Website

A place of creativity and uniqueness that works for each category of services. These are like entertainment sections where it stores the person’s records and services information. This type of website is simpler to build than a business website and more focused on a particular task of collecting work samples.

This type of website is most common for creative professionals and freelancers that demonstrate skill and can be a more efficient alternative to a business website that serves a similar focus.

5. Brochure Websites

The homepage content is similar to the website which helps in looking over the business and gives the information over the navigation details. It layouts the objectives and services and the contact details of the business this is a small piece of information that seems a dumb idea, but small things make a big difference. This helps in small pop-ups also that make the user research through and find out about every product and service they need, most businesses recognize that they need something more competitive.

Just like business cards or visiting profiles these websites work as business marketing tools to trick the customer with intelligence and bring up the new business to market.

6. Infopreneur Websites

Quite a few different kinds of business websites create information about products in form of tutorials, videos, and e-books to intimate the users about the program. It takes lots of effort to convince the customer and build up knowledge regarding the product and to sell that product requires an SSL certificate and merchant account.

These websites build two kinds of accounts free content which serves as a marketing tool to get people onto the site and paid products that account for their profits.

7. Personal Website

Not all websites are made for public use and there are advantages. There are some websites which help in making self-value enhancement without being judged by anyone.

These kinds of websites enhance one’s own thoughts and thinking to put on a platform just like a blog, or photo diaries shared with the world.

Sometimes these websites can evolve into something that makes money. For that thing to happen, if they become popular enough and the person who started them wants to make that shift. They primarily exist as a way to share your feelings, insights, and art with any friends and strangers that might be interested. These are easy to use and create a secret platform for your feelings.

8. Community Websites

Finding similar mindset people is sometimes so tiresome, and these websites help in finding a group of people who have common interests via mail, chat messages or chat rooms, these communities can work together and pursue interests over time.


When you open a website it looks just like a few pages and some contents and random images look so simple and attractive to target the audience. And there are so many open-source web development applications, but programming knowledge is required to design such impactful websites. And Google has developed applications for bloggers, shopping, classrooms and some personal website development apps which help in creating a website for bloggers so web development has grown so vast.  Know the little details before you’re stepping into the development of a website and keep in mind the design of look and feel.

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