All About Clothing Logo Design: Characteristics, Practices, and Tips

All About Clothing Logo Design: Characteristics, Practices, and Tips

If your brand belongs to the Apparel Industry, it is for you to understand that the logo of your brand should be as good as the clothing material you are using in your brand. Whether you are selling your clothing online or in stores, or both, you need to make sure that the logo of your brand conveys a strong message effortlessly. Clothing logo design is a part of fashion logo design and therefore needs to be very specific in terms of style and taste.

If you are looking for some insights to make an excellent clothing logo for your brand, you have come to the right place. Looking at logos of different fashion and garment brands can also provide you with some tips, but this blog will make sure to provide you with everything at once.

In this blog, we have gathered different aspects of clothing logo designing that will help you make a great logo food your brand but will also help you understand various aspects of logo designing in detail.

Characteristics of Clothing Logo Design

Any sketch or design is not fit to be called a logo. It is hard to explain but simple to understand why a logo is irreplaceable. Once a logo is picked and used by an organization, it becomes an identity for the coming years. Make sure to consult a company that provides quality custom logo designs. There are brands that are 100 years, and people still recognize them because of their powerful brand identity, and logo. Doesn’t matter what your industry is, the importance of a logo can’t be neglected. Consulting a logo design company is thus very necessary and helpful. After all, it is a logo. To be called a logo of an organization, a graphical image must have the following characteristics:

  • Readable

Usually, logos are a combination of graphics and fonts and if that is going to be your style of logo for your organization, make sure it is readable. There was a time when weird fonts were in trend, but that time is long gone. It is for you to understand that it is not the 1980s, and there’s no way you are not going to be as lucky as the Stussy. In short, the name of your brand should be readable.

  • Adaptable

Once a logo is made, it will be used on multiple platforms for multiple purposes. Keeping that in mind, a logo must be good enough so that it could be used on different platforms. For that, a logo must be made in different sizes and formats.

  • Reproducible

A good logo looks great everywhere. However, a logo must be designed in such a way that it can be used over all types of material. In other words, it must look good on decal paper, kraft paper, labeling, fabric, and other things. It also must not lose its impact in terms of size, proportion, color, and shape.

  • Attractive

No doubt a logo should be attractive and visually appealing. Attractive things are easy to remember, and that’s what your goal should be while designing the logo of a clothing brand.

  • Timeless

Brands do not change their logo, and neither they should. A brand logo is the identity of a brand, and it should be kept. Therefore, it is important to be conscious while designing a logo. Designing a perfect logo at once is not possible, but it must be perfect enough to work with small changes. An expert logo maker knows how to get things done and create something that can make a difference.

  • Simplicity

Simple logos are easy to remember, and the message behind them is easy to understand. Garment brand logos are usually very stylish, but it also depends on the gender and category you are targeting. The golden rule here is: Keep it simple to become a popular Winkel. Check the custom fashion logos of Verve Branding for more ideas.

  • Original

There’s nothing wrong in taking inspiration but make sure your brand logo is not a copy of another brand which is already very popular. Copying is a sure-shot way to fall and never achieve milestones.

  • Relevance

If your’s is a logo of a clothing brand, it should look like one. Conduct market research, look at logos of your competitors, and come up with something more practical and relevant.

Fashion Brand Logo Tips can help you get a perfect logo for your clothing brand.

Best Practices for Clothing Logo Design

The first and probably the best word you can associate with clothing is comfort. But that’s not all because clothing lines today understand very well that people don’t just want comfort but style and personal styling as well. These values or considerations must be represented in your logo as well. Before you make sure your clothing logo is different from your competitors, it must follow certain criteria. The best practices you can follow for your clothing logo design are as follows:

  • Color

Clothing brands are all about colors. The colors of your brand must represent your target market. For example, if you are making clothes for professional use, the color of your should be a combination of black, white, blue, and grey. Colors assure that clothing with complement the accessories. In fact, black, and white are the colors that can be used with all types of clothing brands using the right creativity. Sense of style is the key when picking a color for your clothing brand.

  • Layout

Look at the logos of top clothing brands, and you will find one thing in common, they are versatile. The logos of the top brands look great on clothes as well as on their website and other platforms. They keep their logos simple so that they look good on physical and digital entities. You can opt for variations to provide a different touch to your brand logo.

  • Typography

Fonts of clothing brand logos come in all sizes and shapes. As per the type of clothing you deal with, you can experiment with fonts but make sure they are visible and noticeable. In short, a buyer must know what brand he is buying.

  • Symbol

Believe it or not, all logos are designed by taking a single icon or symbol into consideration. As a clothing brand, what defines your clothing line perfectly? Comfort, style, fashion, accessibility, quality, toughness, texture, and softness are some ideas you can consider to choose a symbol for your logo of clothing brands. Keep in mind, symbols for clothing brands of men, women, and children, and different must be used wisely.

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Essential Tips for Clothing Logo Design

The logos of some clothing brands are so iconic that everyone around the world knows about them, and many fail to make a mark. This is because they underestimate the importance of their logo as a brand identity. Clothing logo design can be more artistic than most types of logo because that’s the nature of fashion logo design and the whole industry.

Given below are 5 effective tips that can help you create a logo for your clothing brand.

  • Make Use of Color

Clothing is a creative field, and colors go hand in hand with creativity. Creative freedom is what enables a designer to come up with original and innovative ideas. What do you want your customers to feel when they look at your logo? Think of the color that can describe that feeling the best, and you will be able to experiment with your logo design.

  • Get to Know the Brand

Do you really understand what your brand is about and what people will be expecting from it? Clothing logo design is not something that works for any brand that provides clothing services. The industry is broad, and so are the expectations of people. Keep your logo design simple and use different effects to make an impact.

  • Understand the Target Customer

The journey of a brand begins when it realizes who its customers are. Logo designing is just a small part that assures the right delivery. For example, if you are selling clothes for babies, your logo should be colorful and cute. The logo of your brand should be so obvious that anyone who sees it for the first time could get a good idea about your brand.

  • Make it Simple and Shareable

A logo should be simple and must be easy to understand. Simple logos and easy to remember. Also, make sure that the logo of your clothing brand is shareable on social media platforms. In other words, they must look good as the profile picture of a brand.

  • Be Open to Inspiration

As said earlier, there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from logo designs of other brands until they are not very obvious. Consider customers and competitors to get a good idea about your clothing brand logo.

Clothing Brand Logos and Style

It seems the world is a brand and everyone is crazy about it. Every top brand understands the importance of the target audience, and its logo speaks for its mentality and understanding. Some clothing brands target men, and some target women and children. The logos of these brands also express who their target audience is. Logo design services from a top logo design company can really help you in targeting your potential customer base. Given below are some tips that will help you understand various aspects of clothing logo designing for each category.

Feminine Clothing Logos:

You would often find the use of lots of pastel colors in feminine logo brands. With those colors, they use decorative elements and floral graphics. Usually, the fonts of these logos are hand drawn. You can choose different styles to create a logo for your clothing brand. For example, you can use pink color and floral patterns to display your brand as a comfort seller. On the hand, you can use dark colors in your logo to target strong feminine behavior. The use of classic colors is better for brands that sell traditional clothing. 

Aspects of Feminine Clothing Logo Design: Dreamy, Delicate, Stylish, Elegant, Classic

Masculine Clothing Logos:

Logos of clothing brands that target men are dark, bold, written in capital letters, and revolve around the idea of being an Alpha male. In other words, they are the exact opposite of feminine logos. It is hard to sell clothes to men, and therefore, brands act as if they are selling a lifestyle. Most men-centric brands are either athletic or relaxed. Strong, Relaxed, and Cool are popular masculine impressions. 

Aspects of Feminine Clothing Logo Design: Strong, Dynamic, Elegant, Classic, Relaxed, Cool

Kid’s Clothing Logos:

Kid clothing brand logos have cute aspects like animals, rainbows, big eyes, smileys, and other jolly elements. The logos of kid’s brands are also bright and stand out among others. The amazing part is that logos of kid’s clothing brands are designed as per the considerations of parents. 

Aspects of Kids Clothing Logo Design: Cute and Colorful

Some Popular Clothing Brand Logo

For your clothing brand logo, you can take inspiration from brands that are well-known around the world. Their logos will provide you with some ideas and an understanding of what is that people want and like. Some of the most famous clothing brand logos are as follows:

  • Levi’s


The American clothing brand is popular for its jeans around the world. The bright red hue gathers attention at a glance and also represents excitement.

  • ZARA


The Spanish brand is known for its clothing store. The logo of ZARA is minimal with just black text and white background. The capital letters of the logo represent the Authority.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

The American company manufactures clothes for rich and successful people that are young. Their logo contains an animal, Moose, which represents pride, strength, confidence, and grace. Such symbols make a long-lasting impact on their audience.

  • Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein logo is known for its minimalistic design and hasn’t adopted any major change since the 1970s. The company has used the acronym of its name as the logo of the organization. The color of the organization expresses quality, simplicity, and purity.

  • H&M


H&M is an affordable clothing brand, and its full name is Hennes & Mauritz. The bright red color of the logo makes it stand out.

Check Out These Custom Clothing Logo Designs by Verve Branding

All the custom clothing shop logo designs are by Verve Branding logo designs. Which will help you with logo inspiration for your clothes shop logo.

VB Restaurant CzarKitchen 2

VB Restaurant Dream Bites

VB Restaurant ABC

VB Restaurant WhiteMountain 3

VB Restaurant Bholenath Icecream Kulfi 2

View All Portfolio


Ideas are no one’s monopoly, but you need to think fast to act fast. Logo designing is creative, and just because you think you can think of a good design, you can’t achieve great results. In other words, you need to learn, observe, apply, and make changes to make your clothing brand logo stand out among the others.

At Verve Branding, we have expert logo designers who over the years, have provided quality services to all types of industries. Get quality logo design services from us and make your brand logo stand out among others.

VerveBranding can be your one-stop solution for branding and designing because we have decades of market experience and a team of experts who, over the years, have worked on many major and minor projects for all types of industries. We provide designing and branding services at the most affordable price. For services related to mobile app development or web development and online marketing services, check out our subsidiaries, VerveLogic and VerveOnlineMarketing.

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