Fashion Brand Logo: Creative Fashion Logo Design Tips for 2023

Fashion Brand Logo: Creative Fashion Logo Design Tips for 2023

Do you want to design a fashion logo? How much does it charge to design a fashion logo? What are some of the best fashion logo designs? Can I hire a logo design company for a creative fashion logo design? Is it expensive enough to design a fashion logo? These are some of the common questions companies like you ask every time. If you are also one of them to clear all these questions. We have given you the answers that will help you to have the best fashion logo for your company. Fashion logos need creativity and uniqueness- one that can tell a story to your business’s target audience.

So, know how you can tell a story through your company logo design. Examples of fashion logo design. Who can design a fashion logo for your company? This blog is going to help you a lot and clear all your doubts to design a creative fashion logo. Read the article to have the best instructions and ideas for your company logo design.

Today, more than 70% of people bother about the brand from where they purchase the clothes. Either they go for the brand they rely on or something they are tempted by (probably a strong brand identity). A classy logo design is one attribute of a strong brand identity.

A unique fashion logo attracts audiences and lets them stop by the store at least once in their lifetime. It is for you to understand that it is 2023 and if you don’t have an attractive fashion logo design, you are not part of a big race.

Logo Design is integral for every fashion brand. Can you think of any single brand without a logo design? In fact, for some fashion brands, their entire branding endeavors revolve around the logo design they create.

If you hang out a lot in the fashion industry, this article will intrigue and inform you about how a compact-sized logo impacts a full-fledged brand. Along with tips from experienced logo designers.

Stay motivated as here comes the gallery of fashion logo design ideas that Vervebranding designed for its valuable clients.

What is a fashion logo design?

The fashion logo design is for clothing logos, sunglasses, fragrances, footwear, cosmetics, handbags, women’s fashion accessories, and other wearable things for men and women. Gucci and Coco Chanel are the best examples of fashion logo design- these are the top companies in fashion logo design. There are a number of companies that can be the best inspiration for your company logo design fashion logo. In fashion logo design, one thing is common. People observe your company logo from close. The fashion logo is printed on clothes, sunglasses, and other accessories.

What is the best example of fashion logo design?

One of the most famous fashion logos is the Coco Chanel logo. The famous Coco Chanel logo has a unique story. When you get to know about the fashion logo of Coco Chanel. You will get to know that Chanel is one of the most famous and unique businesses that has added stars in women’s fashion in the USA.  Coco Chanel can be one of the best inspirations for fashion logo design.

Coco Chanel has two “Cs” integrated with each other. The two “Cs” in the Coco Chanel logo are from its business name Coco & Chanel. The uniqueness of the logo attracts the target audience of Coco Chanel. The best part of the brand Coco Chanel is that the products from Coco Chanel are bought by Celebrities. Which makes the brand more trusted and chosen by other targeted audiences of the company.

However, there are other fashion logos also that you will find the most creative fashion logo. 

  • Ray-Ban
  • Balenciaga
  • Balenciaga
  • Gucci
  • Nike
  • Moncler
  • Saint Laurent
  • Prada
  • Fendi
  • Valentino 

These are some of the top fashion brands. When you see their logo designs, you will find that they have the best logo designs that will be the best inspirations for your company’s fashion logo.

How Custom-Designed Logo Impacts Fashion Brand Sales?

The revenue from the Fashion segment alone is projected to outreach $2 Trillion billion by 2026. This means the demand for fashionable clothing in the sector is skyrocketing in the coming year. Moreover, fashion is the segment that doesn’t get halted no matter what time of the year it is.

It is a highly-dynamic segment with ever-trends and never-ending demand for styles. A logo design company vouches for custom-built logos if you want to stand out from the competition.

In this competitive market, the impact of a custom-designed logo can never be overlooked.

For a fashion brand, a custom-designed logo:

  • Builds a strong presence
  • Communicates with the audience
  • Conveys objectives and goals
  • Let people memorize your brand for future references
  • In the long run, the logo becomes the trademark of quality that your brand only generates.

Unique fashion logo design ideas often succeed in making a mark and influencing the onlookers in a single glimpse. If you are giving your days and nights to make your fashion brand a success, then underestimating the power of a custom logo could be a big risk.

How does a fashion logo tell a story?

It is not about fashion logo design only. Every business logo tells a story through its unique logo design. However, having a creative fashion logo can help you tell your business story. When you design a fashion logo for your company. You will find many things that are new for you. Fashion logo designs are one of the most observed logos as we have discussed the same thing above also. 

Hiring a logo design company to design a style fashion logo for your company will be the best idea. The logo design company helps you with the best ideas for fashion logos and delivers unique logo designs. You may not be knowing all the peculiar things to design a unique fashion logo for your company. 

But the logo designing company can help you with the best logo designs for your company you need. You have built a unique business and you need a unique visual identity for your company’s fashion logo. The visual identity of your business will attract the target customers of your company.

Your company’s creative fashion logo will tell a story about the design you give it, the colors you use, and the font you use for your company-style fashion logo. All the mentioned elements in your company fashion logo will tell something. Which will be the story for your company logo design.

So, to tell a story through a fashion logo design you will need to have consistent branding. We have taken the example of Coco Chanel. When you see the fashion logo of Coco Chanel, a logo on a t-shirt, a logo on hand, or any of its products. You will see two bolt “Cs” mirroring each other. The meaning of Coco derives from the owner’s nickname Coco. The meaning of Coco in French is Darling. The two-bolt “Cs” composed mirror each other. The simplicity of the logo and the two letters evoke the authoritative elegance of simplicity.

This is how a company’s creative logo must deliver meaning. If a logo from any of the companies does not deliver a meaning. The logo will be worthless and will not attract the targeted audience.

Standard Elements For Fashion Logo Design 

The most common elements in a fashion logo are feministic designs. Clothes, shopping bags, drapes, skirts, casuals, or ethnic wear. In the fashion business, it is a common practice to make illustrative logo designs that create an impact.

Logo designers say that illustrative art lets people be fascinated by your brand and relate to it instantly. To survive in the tough market of 2023, you don’t just need strategies but presentation as well; that starts with a logo.

Using signature elements like cursive fonts, minimalist but illustrative designs, and pastel, beige or warm color pallets, generate emotions and psychological signals that let the audience relate to the brand on a deeper level.

Tips For Designing Fashion Logos

A fashion logo design must reflect the message of the brand so that it can attract its target audience. People purchase from a brand to maintain a lifestyle. If it is not promising a lifestyle, you would never be able to establish yourself as a brand.

Also, make sure that you don’t need to make any changes to your fashion logo design in a very short time. To get the perfect fashion logo design, you must follow the tips discussed below:

Clever Use Of Colours 

Even minimalist designs can rock the show if colors are on their A-game. As a fashion designer, you can easily relate what magic colors does to a design. Think of the way how you want people to perceive your brand. Above all, hiring an expert will let you an edge in picking color pallets for your fashion logo.

Nike is one of the most fashionable brands in the industry and known for its logo design.

Conceptualize Your Entire Brand 

Think of the qualities that your brand guarantees. Logo designs often resonate with the benefits and qualities that your brand quotes. Combine the objectives and goals of your brand and see what shape comes to your mind.

Above all, you can take some inspiration from other industry logo designs.

Understand Your Audience 

If you want to relate with your audience, you need to understand your target market. What is the persona your brand has to create? Is your brand ethnic, regional, casual or premium? Or do you own a kid’s, women or men’s clothing brand designing ideas?

Fashion has a huge impact on people’s personalities and lifestyles, so they choose the brand wisely. Let your brand be on their wishlist and buying bucket with an intriguing catalog and relevant brand personification.

Make It Simple And Scalable 

A single logo goes on a lot of platforms. From websites to business cards, packaging, advertisements, etc. each platform is of a different style and structure. The best way to say your innovative logo design on every platform is to make it scalable.

Convey your thoughts to the best logo design agency and get bespoke solutions as you need.

Invite Suggestions

Be open to suggestions and assistance from the experts. Vervebranding lets you fill out a questionnaire requesting information related to your brand. We extend our brains to know your preference. What existing logos motivate you? What elements do you wish your logo design should have? etc.

Expert logo designers ensure that you both are on the same page. Be open to expert guidance, the concepts they convey, and the ideas they provide. It is with the proper R&D that a logo designer at Vervebranding designs an exclusive logo.

How can you tell a story through a fashion logo design?

You may be a fashion brand that needs a style fashion logo design- one that can tell a story. So, to have a meaningful logo for your company. You can instruct the fashion logo designer about all your business logo designs. If you want to use letters of your company name for your company’s fashion logo. You should know what you want to tell the world through your logo design.

Using elements designed in your company logo can also help you tell a story. It is not necessary to design a fashion logo with letters. Many businesses have used women’s or men’s vectors as their fashion logo designs.

You can think of other top ideas for fashion logo designs that differentiate you from your competitors. The uniqueness of your company’s fashion logo design will attract your business target audience. For your company’s creative fashion logo you can conduct research and check out your competitor’s logo for inspiration. Using such creative ideas will help you with the best logo designs for your company.

Art logo design for fashion logo

You can go for unique logo designs for your company. The art logo design for your company’s fashion logo design will be the best fit. Fashion logos need creativity which can be made through art logo design. Art logo design comes with the best designs. Art logo designs are creative, colorful, stylish, and attractive enough. The fashion logo design can make a fashion logo a unique logo design- one that stands out compared to your competitor’s fashion logo.

These are some of the peculiar things that you must focus on to have it for your company logo design. Implementing all these peculiar points will help you with the best design you need to have for your company.

Innovative Fashion Brand Logos Designed By Vervebranding

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Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

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Get A Striking Logo For Your Fashion Brand – Conclusion

The fashion segment homes a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Leverage the increasing demand in the segment by positioning your fashion brand as an authority in the market. Plus attract them to your catalogs. And it all starts with innovative logo designs.

Summing up

Fashion logo designs are the one that is observed most by fashion companies’ target audiences. When people see a creative fashion logo they can touch it, feel it, and see the quality. If you are a fashion brand and your company’s various fashion products are being delivered to customers. The first thing they observe is your company logo and the visual identity of your company. Therefore, you must design your company logo in such a way that delivers a clear and concise meaning to your business target audience.


If you are looking for a style fashion logo that delivers comprehensive meaning to your customers. The team of VerveBranding can help you with unique and creative fashion logo design. You need to have it for your company.


VerveBranding can be your one-stop solution for branding and designing because we have market experience and a team of experts who, over the years, have worked on many major and minor projects for all types of industries. So, we believe that we can deliver you the best logo design in India that your company needs to have as its identity. We provide designing and branding services at the most affordable price. For services related to mobile app development or web development and online marketing services, check out our subsidiaries, VerveLogic and VerveOnlineMarketing.

Frequently asked questions

How to design a fashion logo?

The best way to design a creative fashion logo is to have an experienced logo design company or freelance logo designer. Your business needs a creative fashion logo design. Which can be fulfilled by a logo design company. Moreover, to design a unique logo for your company. You can conduct research and check out all your competitors’ fashion logo designs. Implementing all the important points to have the best fashion logo design for your company.

How much does it charge to design a fashion logo?

Logo designing is not much hard for your company and you do not have to pay much for your company’s fashion logo design. There is a basic amount to pay for your company’s fashion logo design. The logo design cost will be affordable to you and this does not affect your pocket. There are so many fashion businesses like yours that have designed a logo for them. The logo design cost was not much for them to have the logo design they need to have for them. Fashion logo design by a company is the law and you can afford it.

What are some of the best fashion logo designs?

However, there are so many fashion businesses. We have added some of the best and most famous fashion logos from fashion companies. The idea to have the best logo design for your company will be the best inspiration you need to have. Gucci, Coco Channel, Nike, and Prada are the best inspirations that will help you design the best fashion logo for your company. The logo designs from all the above companies will help you with the ideas.  You must be checking all the above logo designs.

How to design an effective fashion logo design?

An effective fashion logo design has a unique story to tell to the world and directly puts a positive impact on your customers. You can design effective brand logo designs for your company by adding uniqueness and giving your fashion logo meaning. This all can be done by implementing good research related to your company’s fashion logo design and hiring the right and experienced logo designer for your company. When you have the right services for your company logo design. You can give a unique identity to your business. So, you must look for the best logo design for your fashion logo. A style fashion logo will make your business customers embark on your business services.

Can I hire a logo design company for a creative fashion logo design?

Yes, you can hire the best companies for your company logo design. The time you hire a logo design company for you. You will be able to have the best ideas and design unique logos for your company. The logo design company helps you design the best logo for your company. Because they have experience and delivered their services to a number of businesses already. This means you will get the best service and can design the logo that you need to have for your company.

Is it expensive enough to design a fashion logo?

No, it is not expensive to design a fashion logo. Even if you have a low budget and want to design a unique business logo. You can easily design creative fashion logos for your company. VerveBranding has delivered its services to a number of companies. VerveBranding has the best offers and affordable prices. Which allows you to have the best logo design for your company and deliver the best services. If you are looking for a creative and stylish fashion logo for your company. We will deliver you the best logo design services you need to have for your company.

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