Find The Hidden Meaning Behind The Logos Of 10 Leading Brands Worldwide

Find The Hidden Meaning Behind The Logos Of 10 Leading Brands Worldwide

The leading brands operating across the globe have various types of logos. There is not a single formula to evaluate what kind of logo can suit your brand- A simple or a sleek one? It is really tough to decide. Let’s have a closer glance at things. On one hand, we have the logo of Nike which is undoubtedly a leading brand whereas, on the other hand, we have the one symbolizing FedEx (Federal Express). The icon or logo that represents Nike is a simple wing. However, the logo of FedEx has a hidden arrow pointing forward. Both the brands are renowned but do they have the same concept? An obvious no!

Logo designers often ponder over innovative and fresh ideas to bring unique designs in the market. We have curated a list containing some of the best logos of leading brands, for logo designers.

Nestle- The logo of the Swiss company has been changed 4 times since 1868. It started its product line with very delicious and palatable Milk chocolate. Five logos have been created for the company so far. The logo of Nestle is one of the most recognized logos of all time. The meaning of the brand name ‘Nestle’ in German is a nest. The first logo was created for this reason only. In the year 1988, the last chance for the logo was made showing the worm in the beak was taken out of the mother. The blue color of the logo represents purity.

Mcdonald’s- The logo of the burger-selling giant is one of the most recognized and simple logos of all time. The logo of McDonald’s which is simple “M” has no meaning at all. The logo was made on the name of the brand itself. The company wanted to change the design in the 1960s but the psychologists and consultants refused. According to BBC, the customers of Mcdonald’s may also consider this logo as “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.”
Toyota- The car-selling company has three ellipses. Out of the three ellipses, two are overlapping whereas one ellipse covers both of them. These ellipses are not actually ellipses but hearts representing the hearts of customers, products, and progress in the field of technology.

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Pepsi- The soft drink giant has the logo that was once entitled “Breath-taking strategy”. The firm has changed its logo once. It spends millions on rebranding. The Arnell Associates were hired to come up with the present logo. We did not have any idea of what the logo actually signifies. You will be amazed to know that the simple logo signifies a lot of things. The new logo is a kind of Da Vinci Code. The Pepsi logo draws more than one thing including the Earth’s Geo dynamo, Feng Shui, The Renaissance, and many more things. We do not forget to count bottles down but never thought of this logo with such great significance.

Apple- We wonder how couldn’t we take notice if the logo of Apple signifies something.  Rob Jan, the designer of the Apple logo said that he did not have any intention to give it meaning. He had to include the bite as for scale, so people get that it was an apple, not a cherry. Also, it was kind of iconic about taking a bite out of an apple. The former Apple executive Jean Louis Gassée explained that it is  “the symbol of lust and knowledge.”

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BMW- The vehicle-selling company has a logo that signifies its roots i.e. Aviation. Many of you must be aware that the car-selling giant has an Aviation history. The logo stays true to its history and roots. The logo shows a propeller in the middle cutting the air into a blue sky. The giant BMW also played a great role in World War II to create aircraft engines for the German military.

FedEx- FedEx corporation takes its name from Federal Express. It provides US multinational courier delivery services. The company is known for its overnight shipping services. Many of you must have heard that the company has a unique logo design with hidden meaning. The logo is very creative representing the company’s forward-thinking in the form of an arrow between ‘E’ and ‘X’ pointing forward.  Many designers have taken inspiration from this award-winning logo design. The logo is very simple yet has a very deep and good meaning.

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Google- Google has a very simple logo with four primary colors in series. It is then broken by a secondary color. Google did not want to make the logo very bulky but wanted to mirror the simplicity. By the logo, it means that the company does not play by the rules. Since there was no intent to make it bulky, it preferred to make it with different colors.

NBC- The logo of NBC has a peacock with five different colors. Why this peacock has so many colors? It is because the owner of NBC was RCA. RCA began to manufacture colored TVs at that time. RCA wanted people to know how they are missing out on color and this is why the logo creators came up with different colors. The peacock defines nothing but the colors were filled due to the introduction of colored TVs in the market at that time. This is how the logo came out.

Adidas- Any guess? You must be thinking that it’s a mountain. The logo does not basically represent anything. The makers just wanted to show three stripes in the logo. Then they tilted the stripes and gave them the shape of the mountain.

Some brands have a hidden meaning behind the logos whereas others do not have any.  Logo creation never used to be a simple task. Companies spend millions of dollars in coming up with a compelling and easy-to-remember logo design as it represents the concept and values of a company. The above-mentioned logo designs really inspired all of us. In simpler terms, make the emblem representing your brand catchy and meaningful.

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