Top 101+ Creative Logo Ideas That Every Designer Must See

Top 101+ Creative Logo Ideas That Every Designer Must See

“Every great design comes with an even better story,” says Lorinda Mamo, a Graphic Designer, Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger, and Interior Stylist.

Making a logo that suits the needs of a company and reflects its values is not easy. Every day the trends related to logo designing change. A compelling logo is one that reminds people of your organization and speaks out the objectives of your company. Some logos in the market are not only creative but also communicate the right message to the customers. It is one of the prime elements of business strategy that should never go to underestimated.

  • more visuals without text
  • minimalism and
  • combination of shades
  • neomorphism, etc

Off-the-track logo designs are a new trend for the brand to continue its mainstream brightness and demand in the marketplace. The joyful and masterful design gets the whole attention. The main intent is that one design can be used anywhere. 

2023, is the time to try to use and play with the colors, but don’t lose the originality of your brand. Let not stake your vision fade away by trying too many styles. The logo style must be state of the art, not some vague design without any sense.

Some of the logo design ideas outspeak the brand identity and reciprocate the main context of the brand, while some of the logo design ideas are not derived much hype and popularity in the market. in 2023, and the coming year we are going to discuss the best of 101+ design ideas that settled fashion amongst the businesses, and marketplace.

Here we are going to showcase each and every inspirational logo design idea for your reference and appreciation.

Some of the Best Logos for Creative Logo Ideas

Given below are some of the best creative logo ideas that can provide you with enough inspiration for the logo of your organization.

Fish food

Fish food

Giant Owl




All the above logo design ideas have displayed their creativity to the best. But how to create such compelling designs; what to do when you do not have much time? These are the real questions. Let’s solve this and find out how can we create the best logos in less time.

You can also read our blog, ‘How Much Should Your Logo Design Cost?’ to help you understand the dynamics of a logo design and the cost associated with it.

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How To Find Inspirational Logo Design Ideas?

Logo Design Ideas

There are many ways to find inspiration for your next logo. And some of the ways you can adopt include:

1. View The Collection of Your Old Logos

The best way to learn about your potential is to revisit all your old designs and reflect on your journey. This is the best way to find inspiration. Your work will motivate you, inspire you to become better every day and create something in no time.

If you still feel dissatisfied, you can also check the works of some other master designers. You can get some great logo design ideas from them. Look at the designs that inspire you, which you feel are the true reflection of the brand and its identity. While going through all this, you may reach a creative instinct that inspires you.

2. Go Through Some Online Design Sites

On the multiple logos designing sites available on the internet, you go through the ones you like. You can look at all the modern designs that you find or maybe some from the past. All these designs can be scanned by you for their beauty, if they are famous then why and everything else that your lenient requires? By doing this, you may step on some creative logo ideas that are in line with what you are searching for.

3. View How And What Your Competitor’s Logos Look Like

Evaluate the work of competitors of your clients. Try engaging with that logo and see what is great about it. Why do people like it, and what makes it unique? The logo you create must stand out. It must inspire people and must meet industry standards as well.

A great design has the ability to inject the right amount of emotions into the minds of people. And viewing the logos of your competitor will challenge the way you are thinking, and you can come up with a new and better idea.

4. Know More About the Brand of the Clientyour

This probably should have been our first advice. Learning more about the brand of your client, their works, and their potential customers, is a great way to find unique inspiration. It is one of the best ways to come up with a great plan.

Is your client working on a social project? Or maybe it is all about education. What is it about? And more importantly, do you know what your client wishes to tell people?

With all the details, you will be able to create a suitable design. The ultimate aim here is to get inspiration. Custom logo designing is an art and you may have to reach out to a professional Logo Designing Company to get it done, maybe a logo designing company in the USA.

We have got you covered with a list of other things you can do to make your logo creative. To read them out click, and read our blog, Tips to Plan Creative Logo Designing Ideas. Feel free to bookmark it and read it whenever you are free.

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How To Create a Memorable Logo?

Now that we know how to find inspiration, it is time to understand how to curate a custom logo design for your design. As we all know, logo designing is an art, and mastering that art takes effort, practice, and keen observation. Let’s learn about some tips that Graphic Designers can use to create a compelling logo:

  • The KISS Principle

U.S. Navy in 1960 noted the acronym KISS that expands to ‘keep it simple, stupid. This is one of the best logo designing principles that every Graphic Designer must note. After all, if you cannot explain your design, either it is too complex to understand or you do not understand it enough.

Look at some of the best logo graphics designs in the world, like Google, IBM, Walmart, Visa, eBay, FedEx, 3M, Coca-Cola, Nike, Olympics, and Apple. All these are simple and consistent logos. After all, the research says that on average a person is exposed to more than 5,000 brand messages per day. How do you want to be remembered?

There are many advantages to keeping your logo design idea simple. Do you want to know what they are, then do not miss out on our blog, 7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Brand Logo Simple.

  • Keep Colours And Font To One or a Combination of Two

Simple logos are rarely multicoloured. (Unless the companies are celebrating pride month). Use one or maybe two colors and typefaces with simple lines. This would help you to give a strong personality to your logo.

Let’s see what we did with our logo:

vervebranding logo

It is a simplistic design with just two colors and one typeface for the writing ‘VerveBranding’. You can also get a logo design simple and memorable like ours. Just reach out to us on our page, Logo Design Company.

The colors you choose for your logo graphics design matter a lot. Each color is associated with an emotion, how it works and how it makes people feel can all be deciphered with our blog, How Color Makes us Feel – A Report on Color and Emotions.

Here are some examples of companies that evolved their logos over time, maybe to fit into the latest trends and present scenarios.


Apple logo

Source: Logaster



Source: Quartz



Source: LogoMyWay

Just like these, the Logo of ‘Star Wars’ also evolved with time. From where it started and how it looks today, get to know all about it with our blog, The Evolution of Star Wars Logo.

  • Deliver a Message

Just like a website must have a ‘Call To Action’, a logo must also be compelling enough to call out people. The logo must be such that it displays the aim of the company and the service the customer will receive. Below are some logos with hidden messages.

=> FedEx


You probably must be knowing that there is a hidden arrow between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’ of FedEx which is a transportation business. Lindon Leader said, “The arrow could connote forward direction, speed, and precision, and if it remained hidden, there might be an element of surprise, that aha moment.”

=> Pinterest


The ‘P’ of the logo, when you carefully see it, also works as a pin denoting the company ‘Pinterest’. Co-designer of the Pinterest logo, Michael Deal said: “For most of the project, I had avoided making visual reference to the image of a pin because it seemed too literal. But the “P” started to lend itself too well to the shape of a map pin.”

  • Is It Versatile Enough?

A logo design must be versatile enough to look amazing when converted to black and white or coloured. It should be able to deliver the best when it is scaled up, and the message should not hide upon scaling down as well. A logo can be printed anywhere with a size as large as an airplane and as small as a postcard. It must be able to fit everywhere with just the right message.

And here we now know how to make our logo memorable. As graphic designers or company owners, we must keep all these in mind to make a logo design memorable and compelling that delivers the right message.

We also have a dedicated blog related to logo designing that you can read here: How to Design a Logo – The Ultimate Guide. Here we have created a comprehensive approach to designing a logo that people will love.

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Top 101+ Inspiring Logo Designs in 2023

Here are some of the best logo design ideas you can take inspiration from.

1. Shop Wise

Shop Wise

A shopping bag with a pair of glasses and a mustache. Such a simple and clear design to go for. People usually associate the mustache and pair of glasses with experience thereby, being coherent with the name ‘Shop Wise’. This logo delivers the message of the brand clearly to the audience. This is one of the best logos that you can look up to in times you are completely out of ideas.

2. Boundary


This is one of the best logo design ideas that make use of creative line art to deliver the name of their company. The background has grey lines that complete the letters formed by a colored wave-like line. This logo design idea is among the best designs you can take inspiration from.

3. Zip


The Zip logo is the perfect representation of creativity and aesthetics attached to delivering a message. This logo easily imbibes the zip-like structure in between the letters ‘Z’ and ‘P’. As a professional logo designer, you can always look at this design.

Are there any rules that you can follow to create your logo compelling too? Maybe you can use our guide, 6 Key Rules To Get an Impactful Logo Design, to know further.

4. The Lucky Ones- Tattoo Shop

The Lucky Ones- Tattoo Shop

This is a logo for a tattoo shop in Brooklyn, NY. This logo graphics design displays a skull with two lightning symbols; that can be a perfect tattoo too. This is attractive and gorgeous for a tattoo shop.

5. Motion Animation Studio

Motion Animation Studio

With just the two colors and simple curves, the logo designer has created an illusion of motion with the logo graphic design. Be you a best logo design company in the USA or around the world, this logo can prove to be the best one to serve as an inspiration.

6. Love Simplicity StudioJQ

Love Simplicity StudioJQ

This logo is a simple yet compelling design you cannot ignore love. The logo designer has used the name of the studio in a beautiful way by representing the word Love by heart (❤) symbol and ensuing by writing the next part of the name directly ‘Simplicity’. As a graphic designer, you can definitely rely on this logo graphic design.

7. Fish Food

Fish Food

This is one of the best logos that is simple yet has a lot of elements. This logo design idea conveys the name of the brand perfectly with the design of a fish and bones formed by spoons, forks, and knives. To graphics designers and logo design companies that are looking for logo inspiration with a strong message, a logo design idea like this can help you.

What are the types of logos that you can create? Here we have 7 Different Types of Logos That You Can Create. Do read it and leave us a comment to let us know how you liked it.

8. Loveclip


It is a beautiful logo with a heart and a clip at one end. This logo completes the name of the company with ease and aestheticism. This is one of the best logo design ideas that can serve you as inspiration in times of need.

9. Twins


This is an interesting logo, hiding the numeral ‘2’ as the letter ’n’. Creative logo design ideas like these make people remember the logo for a lifetime. Simple, attractive and that wow element can be seen in this logo graphic design.

10. Utopia


The Sans serif handwritten lettering style and simplicity of this logo graphics design makes it one of the best logo designs. This logo design is attractive and as simple as it can be.

11. Milky Mug

Milky Mug

For a company aiming to sell cow milk and other related products, this is one of the best logo designs. Here, we can see a custom mug filled with milk and shaped like cow udders or nipples. This logo design idea perfectly resembles the product company wishes to sell.

12. UP


This is yet another one of the best representations of the name of the company using this logo design. In this logo design, the arrow facing upwards also works as the letter ‘U’, the first letter of the name of the company, UP.

13. Brand


This is a simple multi-colored umbrella. This logo design looks beautiful and attractive. This is one of the best logo design ideas.

14. Kittypic


The Kittypic name is represented by this logo design. Here, we can see a kitty holding a camera defining the name of the brand at best. As a graphic designer or a logo design company, you can take inspiration from such logo designs.

15. Sayulita


Portraying what you will find when you visit Sayulita, trees, oceans, and sunset are some of the major things to look forward to. This logo design creates a picture in the minds of viewers of what to expect. It is one of the creatve best logo designs ever created by graphic designers.

16. Bird & Worm Creative Agency

Bird & Worm Creative Agency

This is one of the very interesting logo designs where we can see a bird and a worm just like the name of the company suggests. It is an animated logo where the bird and the worm can be seen in action. As a graphic designer if you are looking for an animated logo design this can be one of the best logo design ideas.

17. Addicted – Game Building

Addicted – Game Building

This is one of the best logo designs to take inspiration from. Here we can see a boy showing his skills.

18. Half Badger

Half Badger

This is a logo design that will always find a good spot in your mind. Here we can see a half-badger just like the name of the company.

19. Commuter Network

Commuter Network

This is yet another one of the best logos that represent the ideas of the company. Here, we can see three people standing hand-in-hand creating a network.

20. Fuel


Here we can see the word fuel written with a fuel pipe. This logo design is yet another among some of the best.

21. One


The logo design for One has the numeral ‘1’ portraying the letter ‘O’ in the company’s name. This is one of the unique logo design ideas you can take inspiration from.

22. Campland

This is yet another unique logo design that will surely inspire graphic designers to create their own. This logo represents a compass or some people see two tents in it. Both compass and tents in this logo design ideas represent a camping experience.

23. BarCode

This is yet another one of the most creative logo designs that represent a barcode as a beer mug. A perfect representation of the company.

24. Go-Tickets

In this logo design, we can see a figure, made of tickets, and the word ‘go’ is represented by the actions of this figure.

25. Antarctica

Whenever people think about Antarctica, cute little penguins come to mind. And this logo design creates a perfect synchronization between the two in the logo. Penguins form the letter ‘A’ as well making it a perfect logo design idea.

26. Union Of Moscow Architects

This logo design is yet another one of the best logo designs where we can see lines twisting and turning to form architect-related items. Here we can see a pencil/pen, a paper clip, and a star.

27. Cribys

In front of the donkey, there is a proverbial carrot hanging and this forms the main idea behind this logo design. This logo design idea has inspired many.

28. Data Arms

It is yet another one of the best logo designs that display two palms arranged as wings. Logo design companies in the USA and around the world can take inspiration from this logo design.

29. Cook Finder

Here we can see a chef’s hat and lens. This is yet another one of the best logo designs to take inspiration from. Still not found a logo design idea for you? Then keep scrolling. We have a lot more creative logos listed below.

30. iGadget

Here, we can see a mobile phone represented as a running human thereby effectively delivering the message of the company. This is an inspirational logo design for all logo designers.

31. My Indian Closet

This logo has intertwined hangers, forming a good logo design. This is also a logo design from which graphic and logo designers can take inspiration.

32. Killed Productions

This logo design has the letter ‘i’ representing a killed person. This is a unique logo design that inspires many logo designers.

33. AngryFile

The logo designers worked very creatively here by making the file look angry and justifying the name of the brand. This logo uses a bracket and single inverted commas to display the anger of the file.

34. Subtle Yoga

The subtlety is shown by the curves available in this logo design. This logo design inspires many logo designers.

35. EDN

EDN is an electronics industry website and therefore the plug design gets in sync with the name of the company. The plug design in this logo represents the name of the company with the letters ‘E’, ‘D’, and ‘N’.

36. Horror Films

This is an interesting logo design where we can see a reel in the shape of a ghost’s face/human skull.

37. Rocket Golf

This logo is an inspiration to many graphic designers. This logo shows two golf tees (pins) and an ignition displaying the effect of a rocket.

38. Galactic Records

The UFO disc in the logo also works as a record. This is a creative logo idea that serves as an inspiration to many.

39. Barknews Media

This is one of the most interesting logo design ideas where we can see a barking dog showcasing news with a TV as its face and a microphone as its tail.

40. LAB

The letter ‘a’ of this logo design also works like a flask. It is a very clever logo design that can work as a great inspiration for many logo designers and Logo design companies.

41. Fubiz

One of the most popular online magazines, Fubiz Media, is in France that delivers content on various topics including, Creativity, Inspiration, and Pop Culture. This is a text-based logo that uses sans serif fonts. If you are looking for a simplistic design, this logo serves you with the best inspiration.

42. Thread Me

In this logo, we can see the letter ’e’ working as a thread. This is a unique logo design that may help you find something for your logo design.

43. Give Give Records

We have two hands in this logo representing Give Give Records. This is yet another one of the creative logo ideas that every designer must see.

44. Sushi

The logo designers used chopsticks holding a piece of sushi to display it as ‘H’. This is one of the best logo designs that display a lot of creativity.


The unique design of the letters on this logo makes this logo design unique and creative.

46. On Wine

The On Wine logo design has ‘on’ imbibed on the bottle and the word ‘wine’ makes the rest of the bottle.

47. Cycling Association

This logo design looks like a cycle from all angles. It is an inspiring and creative logo design idea that you can find inspiration with.

48. Impala

This logo displays an image of the leaping African antelope. This logo is among the best logos to provide inspiration to logo designers and logo design companies.

49. Oficio By Estudio Cercle

Above is a creative logo design, where the name of the company is written in a classic handwritten style. It is an amazing logo design you can look forward to.

50. Geneius

Since the company GENEius has to do things with Genes, the filament of the bulb is curated as a DNA structure in this logo. Also, people see the bulb structure in this logo design as ideas and geniuses.

51. Freelancer

This logo design represents a man with a lance or spear in hand. Such unique and creative logo design ideas describe the companies at their best.

52. Artists United

In this logo design, we can see a pencil formed by the letters ‘A’ and ‘U’. This can be one of the best inspirations for a logo design for logo designers and graphic designers.

53. Girls Talkin Smack

Representing the girls’ emotions and aspirations, this logo is among the most creative logos. Here, we can see the logo clearly describing the name written thereby giving a visual appeal.

54. Run

The ‘R’ in this logo is denoted by a human who is running representing the name ‘Run’. This is one of the best logo designs to find inspiration from.

54. Cook Eat Love

The octopus-like logo design makes it good to view. This is a unique logo design to view and get inspired with.

55. Premium Design

This is an interesting logo design that displays hanging tags, representing the premium quality of the product delivered.

56. Choose

The button representing the two Os from the word ‘Choose’ makes it a clever logo design. For logo designers and logo design companies, this logo can serve as an ultimate inspiration.

57. Bison

Being in the shape of a bull, Bison’s logo design represents strength. Such logo designs are the best visual representation of what a company is about.

58. Sharky

As the name suggests, we can see a glimpse of a shark in the logo with the letter ‘A’. Also, the color of this logo design is representing an ocean.

59. Martini House

Did you notice that house in the middle of two martini glasses? This is the best logo design to look forward to for companies having names with multiple words.

60. 1Kids

Since it is about the kids, the teddy bear steals the show in this logo design.

61. Page Fold

This is one of the most innovative logo design ideas, that represents a folded page to form the initials of the name.

62. Elena Alexeeva

Letters ‘E’ and ‘A’ are clearly visible in this logo design. The letter ‘a’ can be seen hidden in the lower part of the letter ‘E’. This is one of the most creative logo ideas you can come across.

63. MORE

The elongated ‘O’ in this logo design clearly defines the overall name of the company and its aim as well. This is a unique logo design that inspires many logo designers.

63. Ed’s Electric

This innovative logo idea draws the attention of logo design companies in the USA and across the world. The electric plug, in this logo design idea clearly forms the letters ‘E’ and ‘D’ from the name of the company.

65. Wiesinger Music Piano Service

Delivering piano services, this logo design showcases the keys of a piano in its logo design. The keys also form the initials of the company names W and M.

66. Bread

This logo clearly conveys the message to the audience by showcasing the letter B as bread.

67. Snap

This is an attractive logo design that can help graphic designers to find creative logo ideas for their own logo design.

68. Green Labs

It is yet another one of the very interesting logo designs that make peace with both the words, green and labs. The logo designer created a tree to represent green and leaves in the shape of a brain to represent a lab.

69. Giant Owl

This is yet another best example of a logo design that illustrates the working of a company. The logo designer created two giant eyes for the logo that makes coherence with the name of the company, Giant Owl Productions. These eye-like structures also double as Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder structures.

70. Pencil

Were you able to notice the pencil visible in this logo? This logo design imbibes the shape of the pencil with a triangle between the letters ‘i’ and ‘l’. This is one of the most creative logo designs digital marketers can design.

71. Paper Clip

This is a simple logo design that shows a paper clip as the letter ‘i’ of the company name. This is one of the most creative logo ideas you can implement.

72. Spartan Golf Club

This is one of the most creative logo ideas that shows spartan headgear in form of the swing of a golf stick. To all the graphic designers who are looking for inspiration, this logo design can help you.

73. LOOK

We can see big eyes formed by the letter ‘O’ repeated twice, justifying the name of the company, Look. This is an inspirational logo design for many.

74. Music Dog

A dog made up of piano keys can be seen in this logo design, This Logo design inspires many of us to create custom logo designs for other clients.

75. Stink

Since the brand is about bath bombs, the logo designers created a bomb floating in the water. This is a perfect representation of the product the company is aiming to sell.

76. Mushroom

We can see a mushroom in this logo design. This is one of the creative logo designs that we can create.

77. GolfEye

In this logo design, we can see a golf ball and field making the eye justifying the name of the brand ‘Golf Eye’. This logo design is among the most creative logo ideas. Being a logo design company in the USA and abroad, you can use this logo design as an inspiration.

78. IDEA

Lightbulb is a popular symbolization of ideas and that is how this logo design becomes popular. It is an amazing logo design idea.

79. Human

In the space of the letter ‘ a, we can see a human sperm. It is an artist’s logo idea to take inspiration from.

80. Webankor

In this logo design of the company WebAnchor, we can see an anchor at the bottom of the letter ‘A’.

81. Seven Sparrows

This beautiful and unique logo design has sparrows in the logo. The count of sparrows is also seven.

Do you know you can use Pinterest to make your logo look interesting? Learn more about the techniques with the help of our blog, How To Use Pinterest To Make The Logo Design Perfect?

82. Flightning

We can see the letter ‘F’ in the shape of a flight representing what the company is all about. This logo design is an inspiration to many logo design companies.

83. Message

This is yet another creative logo design where we can see a person handing over a message to another and forming the letter ‘M’. This is an artist’s logo idea that can help you find inspiration for your own custom logo graphic design.

84. Water Drop

As the name of the company suggests, there can be seen a water drop in this logo design. What do you think about this logo design idea?

85. Six Base

This logo design re-assures the number six, by providing it in terms of words and numerals as well. This is a unique logo design that can inspire you to create your own custom logo design.

86. Splash Copywriters

This is a top logo design with a wow factor. Here, we can see an ink splash to provide justice to the name ‘Splash Copywriters’.

87. The Coffee Trike

This is a geometric logo design that has three wheels and a cup. As a logo designer, this logo graphics design can help you find inspiration for your next logo design. Did you get your logo design ideas?

88. Ovenly

This is one of the best logos that represents a rolling pin. This logo design is for a New York bakery that aims at shipping goodies to its customers. It is one of the logo design ideas that can help you find inspiration for your own logo design.

89. Beer Canada

The letter ‘E’ in this creative logo design is forming a beer mug. The color of this letter has also been changed to display the logo graphics design clearly.

Did you know where the logos originated? We have got you covered with the help of our comprehensive blog, Peeping Into the Past: A Brief History Of Logo.

90. Elephant

The letter ‘E’ and ‘L’ are clearly visible in this logo design. If you are a logo design company or a logo designer, you can definitely create something like this logo design idea.

91. The Thirsty Peacock

Definitely a beautiful logo design for a wine shop. Here, they have created a peacock-like design using wine glasses and bottles. This is a very creative and unique logo design idea.

92. Puzzle

One of the classic logo design ideas, Puzzle’s logo graphics design displays the letters of the brand name ‘PUZZLE’. This is a logo design that has the potential to inspire many logo designers, graphic designers, and logo design companies in the USA and around the world.

93. Amazeing

This is a unique logo design in the form of a maze, with the word ‘maze’ written inside a real maze-like structure.

Did you know you can create a logo design from the device you have in your hand, your smartphone? Yes, we have curated a comprehensive blog to help you learn about the apps that can help you make a logo design. Read it here, 6 Best Logo Design Apps To Make Your Brand Presence Right From Your Smartphone.

94. WildLife

The use of the large horns of a deer and a fish, a bird makes and a fishing rod makes this logo design unique. This is one of the most interesting logo designs you can look up to.

95. Peeled

This logo design idea delivers a peeling effect. It looks like the words are peeling off the wall. It is one of the best logo designs among all available here on this list.

96. Tomot

For an underwater diving company, this logo serves as the best inspiration. This logo design has a whalefish diving in the water and forming the letter ‘T’, the first letter of the word Tomot, the name of the company. This is a logo design idea that serves the aim of the company at best.

97. Greek Whole Food

The spoon, fork, and knife imbibed in this logo graphics design really provide the effect of food. These are the key elements of dining and hence, the logo represents the same. This is one of the best logo design ideas that can help you.

98. Turn

Yet another top logo design, the Turn logo graphics design represents its name with ease. With many turns available on the logo, it reflects the name at its best. This logo design looks similar upside down and downside up, adding an element of surprise to the logo design.

99. Yondr Studio

This logo design is made of conventional elements delivering a vintage look to the users. If you are looking for a logo design for a company that is looking for something like this, you can take inspiration from this logo graphic design.

Logo graphics design creates brand identities. But what are the other things that we must take care of? Read our blog What is brand identity? And how to design and develop a great one, and learn more about brand identities.

100. Louder

This is an interesting logo design idea that displays the emotions of the name. As the letters progress further they get wider, delivering a look that displays they are getting louder. This logo design can serve as a perfect inspiration for logo designers.

101. Mushroom Cult

2023 will be the year known to showcase prowess inside beauty. Mysticism and mythology is an area that is quite untouched and sound outrageous. But here lies the new invention. One of the great examples is Mushroom Cult. Between both of the terms, a perfect new generation spirituality undermines. It aligns the chakras in a mystical way. This is one of the best logo designs in its category. 

Other Examples: Meraki, and Seams. 

102. Shelter

A logo is defined with letters only, just like Google, or Mobil. The design inspiration works well with any size or shape. The letter is shifted from the upper side, feeling the remembrance of home or shelter.

103. Premier League

Criticism is a great affair! Sometimes social media improvise the meaning of the brand. Similar to the premier league. The logo depicts the loudness and anger of the lion similar to the criticism evolved from traditional football fans.

104. BBC: Minimalism with symbols 

Some of the best examples that idealize the minimum yet the strong identity of the brand are known as playful minimalism with symbols and logos. Some of the best examples are BBC, Apple, Zara, etc.

BBC is the best example of adopting the minimalism craft in its logos. Simplicity is something that never gets old. Logos with a minimum extra curve in the design are beautiful and recognizable. It is not to be forgotten that the design of the BBC is still one of the most expensive logo designs in the year 2023. 

105. Rebranding 

Rebranding is important for designing companies in 2023.

Yahoo, at one time, was among the most popular companies for searching on the internet. Just the little fresh use of pop-up color makes the whole brand a new one. The fresh elements help the brand to distinguish itself from others. Bright and saturated colors are something big brands practice for their unique identity. 

106. Huma: British design company 

Ultrathin lines are influenced by the pencil-drawn piece. The only trait used by HUMA is it has used different shades of gray confine as one of the best logo designs for designers and enthusiasts. It looks classy and rich. 

Sketches have been popular for the last decade and continue to mark their charm in 2023 as well. Inspiration is the only key a designer needs to back their ideas into reality. 

107. Indesit 

The design is simple and classy and reciprocates the history of the brand just with the simple use of blue color proportion with the emblem. The typeface with fine font letters represents the icon identity. Blue is the color of faith and royalty inspired the audience for its genuinity and longevity.

The company is based on the appliances that accompany you most of your time with the family and cut off your extra efforts with the daily chores.

108. Smart use of Negative Space 

WWF and NBC are great primary examples of brilliantly using the negative space with the append of imaginations, illusions, and symbols. One clever way the designers used in designing the art of logos is to unite and intersect the void spaces to show the hidden idea of the brand. In the NBC there is a hidden peacock, and in the WWF there is a hidden panda.

109. Midas: construction company

It is one of the best logo design ideas for construction. The three vertical golden lines are something that depicts the construction of the home and the ‘M’ letter stays for a long in mind. with the logo design, the customer and the other business get to understand the hinge behind the company.

110. Google with its multilayer color in proportion 

To set the perfect alignment of the geometrical shapes and transparency, multilayer colors and shapes are created. Google is the best example.

111. Sunny Beans with High logos 

The idea behind the Sunny Beans is pretty interesting. It represents the boho shapes, narrow and contrasted characters with the transparent background, and bold and modern touch.

 112. Neomorphism

Neomorphism is meant to use for logo designs that are soft on the eyes. It is something of the trade and overlaps with the flat designs. Specific objects with a one-color background.

It is used by several brands to understand the importance of the human eye to keep the image memory for a long. For example, Spotify, Apple, Intel, Samsung, etc used neomorphism in their logo design.

Creative Logo Ideas: Conclusion

logo design

Source: Giphy

In 2023, one thing that is not off the trade is how beautifully the design states the original influence and motive of the brand. the logos are bold, rich color contrast, minimalism, and objects with single pattern identity. The logo designs are eye-catching, refreshing, and to the mark. 

There are many ways of catching up to the deadline and creating an inspirational logo design that your client loves. All these logo designs are some of the best ones that are available in the market. Logo designing is an art and logo designers can ace the art with constant practice and being critical about the feedback of their designs. Which logo design idea did you like the most?

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