Things To Keep In Mind While Logo Designing

Things To Keep In Mind While Logo Designing

Logo designing in India is a ship that is yet to sail properly for now. This is mainly because the IT boom and the subsequent e-commerce boom in India came much later in India than in the west. What was happening at the turn of the millennium out there only happened towards the late 2000s in India? As a result, logo designing in India is still a bit of a novelty. This means that newcomers usually have lesser guidance than their peers abroad. As a result, they tend to make some of the most basic mistakes out there, leaving them in the dust of their competitors.

So if you someone who is into logo designing in India, then these are some things that you should always keep in mind while designing a logo.

  • Keep It Minimalistic

This is the starting and golden rule of logo designing. Your logo should be simple and minimalistic. No one likes or remembers a convoluted, clutter-filled logo. Take a minute and think about all the big companies you can possibly think of. Think and visualize their logos. You will struggle to find even a single, unnecessary, wound up logo. So, keep it simple and chic.

  • Form Over Function

Now that you know that the logo must be minimalistic, what next? Well, the next thing that you need to do is decide a shape for the logo. It can be anything. A simple oval like that of Opel or something formless like that of Zomato. But keep it in mind; the shape or form of the logo must accentuate the things that you want to showcase. It is hard to do so with a shape. But if you are going to be someone who will be logo designing in India, then it is something you will have to master.

  • Color Pallete

Once the design and the shape of the logo have been decided, the next thing that you will need to pick is the colour. This is the tricky thing. Apart from the obvious reasons, there is the entire psychology behind colours. For example, a combination of red and yellow is known to trick the brain into feeling hungry. The result of this? The logos of Burger King, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are essentially a combination of red and yellow. So the colour you end up deciding not only has to look appealing but also have the desired psychological effect.

  • Must Compliment The Business

Now that you have done everything, you also have to remember that whatever you come up with, must compliment the work being done by your client. Your logo must reflect and show what the business is all about. And since most of the modern businesses are involved on multiple fronts, the job just got a whole lot trickier. Balancing it all out is a tough task in of itself. But since you will be logo designing in India, it will be a whole lot more difficult. Reliance, for example, is involved in telecom, petroleum and defence contracts just to name a few. To represent such a diverse portfolio in a simple graphic is every designer’s worst nightmare.

  • Don’t Be A Cop Out

The easy thing to do in logo designing is to get “inspired”. This is essentially the polite way of saying plagiarizing someone else’s work. So, try and be unique. The logo you will commit will be as much for the company as it will be your signature. So, if you want future clients, make sure that it is your creation and that too with its own flair. Don’t be a cop out.

With this, we have come to an end on the pitfalls that you need to avoid if you are going to make it in the logo designing in India gig.

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