Top 15 T-Shirt Design Ideas; Brands Need To Know

Top 15 T-Shirt Design Ideas; Brands Need To Know

Do you want to deliver a message through your brand t-shirts? What are the best ideas to design a corporate t-shirt? How can you spread a message through a t-shirt design service? You may be looking to design a t-shirt for your brand. But here are some of the things that you must focus on before designing t-shirts for your brand.

We have discussed everything about the design of a t-shirt and the best t-shirt design ideas for a brand. All the mistakes that companies or individuals make while asking a company to design t-shirts for them. These are not researching well, copying others, and not thinking of unique t-shirt design ideas.

These t-shirt design ideas that we have added here are going to help you a lot. You must use all the t-shirt design ideas for your brand.

Let us see what mistakes people are making when designing a t-shirt for them. The best thing that you will learn here is that you will identify what mistakes other businesses are making.

When you design a t-shirt for your brand. First thing first, you will need to have the branding of your company ready. In this, a logo designing company will help you out. And the logo design company can help you with other things also; to design the best t-shirts for your brand look for some best t-shirt design ideas. Most of the time companies want t-shirts for their brand. They do not give attention to t-shirt design and other elements of their company on their t-shirts. Take a deep dive to explore more about designing a t-shirt for your brand.

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Use 15 comprehensive t-shirt design ideas for your brand

1. Keep your t-shirt design simple and attractive

You have to keep in mind the design you are using to design a t-shirt. It should be simple and attractive. When you use multiple designs. It makes the size of the designs cover the entire space. That will make your t-shirt look so bad.

There should be free space that shows your brand design and makes your business customers focus. You may have seen several brands’ t-shirt designs. They keep their t-shirt design simple and small. Which shows that you are not attempting to advertise all about your brand.  Thus, you must be thinking from the perspective of well-known brands in the world. The logo design company can also help you with consultation and custom t-shirt design services. Which is worth your time and design t-shirts that you love.

2. Do not jump on the bandwagon

If you are trying to do the same things that others have done. This will make your team lose in the crowd. Suppose you are a business restaurant. You have asked a logo design maker to design a t-shirt for your company. Ordering the same thing that you saw people wearing. That will make your team mixed up with the crowd even at your place, not outside. So, avoid such things and try creating something unique from others. And one that is being used by someone else- this includes your business competitors as well.

3. Do not make your staff a billboard

Your staff is not a billboard to advertise your business remember this thing. When you design t-shirts for your brand. If you do such a thing and overload the t-shirt with names and designs. This will affect your business values and people start ignoring you.

4. What to do? If there is text on the t-shirt.

Put your foot in the viewer’s shoes. If you are adding text to your company’s t-shirt. You need to see the length of your text. If the text length is long and it covers the free space. There will be two things: one, your lengthy written text on the t-shirt will be ignored, and another. If a person wants to know what is written on the t-shirt. That will make the viewer too confused and they can not read. So,  why make such mistakes?

Every single thing that belongs to you will speak about your business. A t-shirt design for your business does not mean that it is a simple thing. Thus, make all the things that belong to you speak about your customers and show your business values.

5. Think before you write anything on your t-shirt

We all have noticed that people catch negativity first. Mentioning anything on your t-shirt can make or break your business image. We are living in a digital or digital marketing era. You may have written something to disseminate a message. If your writing or design has anything negative. That will be made viral by people. Negative or positive does not matter for the people.

6. Design it creatively

You can think of a unique design and make people think of it. The unique designs make your t-shirt noticeable and look creative. In this, a t-shirt designer can help you make a design or explore some ideas for that.

Also read: Why logo trademark registration is foremost for your company before designing t-shirts for or generating t-shirt design ideas for your staff.

7. Add something that your customers want to see

You are designing a t-shirt for your company staff, right? Your company’s every member across many people and meet while coming to the workplace. This means every person who saw your company employee wearing the t-shirt. Your business customers may notice everything that you have mentioned on the t-shirt. But they want to see what they are interested in.

You can add an interesting question that your business customers ask frequently. You may answer the same question by wearing your t-shirt.

8. Highlight the thing you want to show to your audience

NGOs’ designed t-shirts, designed t-shirts for corporations and particular groups. Wearing t-shirts on an occasion or to spread a message while running a campaign. This can be one of the best ideas. However, designing a logo on t-shirts or messages is a common thing. Do you think that the thing you want to highlight in your campaign exists? No!  You may not have even thought about it.

So, try to add the particular thing that you want to highlight and want people to notice it. You may have a hashtag for your campaign that you want people to use. In case you use your campaign’s hashtag. This will result in you reaching more and more people sitting in different places in the world.

9. Do something memorable

It is common to design something to create a logo on the center of the chest side. You can add something engaging on the sleeves or left side of the chest. That will be something different for you among others. You can use other creative ideas to place them on the other side of the t-shirt.

There are so many ideas that you can use and even you can ask your creative team to think of them. The suggestions from different people within your team can help you a lot to create something unique for your business.

You should think a little hard about designing your company t-shirt by a logo designing company or a printing company. Because your t-shirt will be worn by your employees. So many people will be seeing your worn t-shirt. Design your t-shirt with creativity and hire a logo-designing company that delivers you meaningful work.

10. Make your staff feel connected

When your company staff wears the t-shirt they should feel a connected experience. You can mention a quotation on the t-shirt. Which motivates the staff and fills their spirit with good thoughts. However, this will be the thing that will make your staff connect and motivate them to wear the t-shirt.

You will find so many people that say; I do not want to advertise wearing the company t-shirt. Or you have experienced such a thing with yourself or your friend. That will be a huge thing for you to make people wear your t-shirt.

11. Research well

You have to research and see what your competitors are doing. Suppose your business competitors have designed a t-shirt with half sleeves. Therefore, you must look for an alternative and think the opposite of them. You can go for options like full sleeves for your company t-shirt design ideas. That will be something different for you and make you look different from your competitors.

Tip: The t-shirt astute your brand identity and builds trust among your customers. Wear the t-shirt that speaks for you. That shows pride. 

12. Different neck styles

Seeing your company environment or group’s choice. There are different neck types that you can choose for your t-shirt. If you are a corporate and design shirts for your company members. Thus you will need to have a t-shirt with a collar. Which comes in a professional style for the officers. As per your requirements, you can select other types of neck to design your company t-shirt.

13. Is your t-shirt comfortable to wear?

There is a different atmosphere everywhere. Suppose you are in India and ordered t-shirts for your company from a logo maker or a printing person near you.  You have to consult or think before choosing a fabric for your t-shirts.

In India, if you are in the south in a city like Coimbatore or Chennai in the winter season. There you will find no winter and people there do not wear winter clothes. Thus you have to see what are the things that you need to know before designing t-shirts for your staff. You need to know about all these things to have t-shirt design ideas for your staff.

Or there may be other such more reasons you should consider all of them. You may be spending a lot of money on your staff’s t-shirt design and finding t-shirt design ideas. If that does not meet the requirements you want. That will be so difficult for you to come out of. Consult with a company like a logo designing company or the person you have hired to design your t-shirts.

14. Hiring a designer

You must know everything about your requirements to have t-shirts and t-shirt design ideas for your company. Does the designer have all the things that you will need to have? Suppose you want a 3D design of your company logo on the t-shirt design. If the designer does not have the equipment. You will put your valuable time in the wrong place. To hire a designer to design a t-shirt for you. You must verify everything about the company of the person. So that you do not have such a mistake that makes you regret it in the end.

15. What are your printing options?

What type of printing option are you looking for? There are different types of printing that you can opt for for your t-shirt printing. So, you must finalize a printing option for yourself so that you do not have to think of the printing options in the end. Here are some of the printing options that you should choose before printing.

Printing options

  • Screen printing
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Direct to garment

These are the printing options that you should know before designing a t-shirt for your brand.

16. Social designing is an influential medium

Social media is the common ground for every influencer nowadays. Either the big or small brands want to say something to people around the corner. Pick the t-shirt ideas of some of the bold fonts like sans-serif or comic sans that are ideal for custom logo design. Here are the Top 30 Best FREE Sans Serif Fonts of 2023.

You can take out inspiration from some of the best brands like Greenpeace, or Black Lives Matter.

Social media platforms have the capacity to reach millions of lives instantly.

Why do you need a creative logo designer?

To have t-shirt design ideas you would need a creative logo design company. The design will help you in multiple places. You can consult all the things that you will need to have on your t-shirt designed for your staff. Moreover, the designer will help you with the design and printing options that you are looking for.

There are so many things that you may not be knowing, but a logo designer or a logo design company can help you with that. Thus having the best consultation will help you a lot and make you save your time.


T-shirt design ideas for your company can be a tricky task for you. There are so many things that you have to look for before designing t-shirts or looking for t-shirt design ideas for your company. But you can make such tasks as easy as you want. And you can have the best t-shirt for your company staff by hiring a logo designing company or a company that looks for all the formalities to be done for you. When you hire a company to design t-shirts for your company. You become free to have the best product for you. Therefore, you can connect with our team to have the best quality service for you.

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