Searching For Right Type of Logo Design: Which Type Of Logo Design Suits Your Business?

Searching For Right Type of Logo Design:  Which Type Of Logo Design Suits Your Business?

Logos are meant to be the representative of any business. This is the most celebrated form of graphic design that catches the first glimpse of the customers and create relationship instantly. From being a business symbol to becoming the brand identity, logo has many folds hidden inside it.

When a business is about to start, the first thing which is needed is a memorable logo for the business. Logo being the primary need in the starting of the business because it speaks on the behalf of the business,creating a brand identity. People recall business by looking at the logo in advertisements, products, market places etc.

Looking at the high usability of the logo, it is important to make it impressive and memorable that suits with the brand message and enhances the look of the products. Your business logo should fulfill the expectation of the customers and explain about your business usability to them.

There are many types of logo design that are available but which design to suit your business type is a point to discuss. The design type of the logo will have to be similar to the brand’s identity to create a good sync.

This post is dedicated to discuss about various type of logo design available for businesses.

Let us dig into the type of logo designs:

  1. Lettermarks


Lettermarks logos are also known as monogram logos. These logo are used with the initials of the company name such as IBM, CNN, BBC etc. The idea of using letterhead logo is to shorten up the name of the company and create a brand identity.

Professionals designing business logo design india, believe that landmark logo use clever usage of typography to shorten up a company name and create a simple yet effective logo. Experts suggest, if the name of the company is too long, they can be shortened to make lettermark logo which are highly useful.

  1. Wordmarks

Wordmarks are also known as logotypes. Wordmark logo are based on the name of the business. Some of the best examples of wordmarks are Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Frooti, Google etc. business with distinctive name should go ahead in using wordmark in the logo. These logo are helpful in speaking precisely about the business.

Experts designers involved in logo designing in india believe that the focus of the designers should be on selecting a typeface very carefully for creating a wordmark logo for the company.

Creating a unique font for wordmarks logo can be great way to create a distinctive position of the brand among competition.

  1. Logo symbols

These are graphic based pictorial logo design which are quite popular in market. The biggest example is twitter or apple which has logo symbol as their logo for the business. For startups using pictorial symbol can be difficult as their brand identity is not yet firmly established. While using logo symbol, it should be kept in mind that the symbols should be impressive and relatable with your business. The symbol designed for the logo would stay with the company for ages, hence, it should be selected very carefully.

  1. Abstract design

An abstract design is a specific pictorial design which is different from recognizable pictures. This type of logo design use abstract geometrical forms to create logo. Pepsi with divided circle is the biggest example of abstract logo. This kind of logo is beneficial when designer intend to condense a brand name into single image. These logo are highly creative in explaining the purpose of the business indirectly.

  1. Mascot

Do you want to create your own brand person? In this case, mascot logo are just the ideal for you. KFC is the most popular example of mascot logo. This kind of logo helps to create a character to represent the company or brand. These character then becomes brand ambassadors of your company. Professionals from invitation card designing services across various parts of the world echoes to the fact that, mascot logo has a great contribution in making the brand hot favourite among people. The marketing stuff with mascot logos are seen more engaging among people as compared to any other type. Not only engaging, mediums like banners, flex, invitation cards, business cards etc, used for business marketing gets a very unique look due to a distinctive logo.

  1. Combination logo

Combination logo uses the amalgamation of watermarks, abstract logo, watermarks etc . In these logos, designers use pictures and text simultaneously. A combination logo is versatile choice of logo design for building a strong brand image. Mascot, text, symbol etc, together create a great difference in the look of the logo. People gets connected with different elements of the logo making easy for brand to establish a relation.

Which logo type should suit your business has many factors of consideration. The brand message and brand personality has a major role in deciding the best logo design type.

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