What is a slogan- its types, slogan examples & how to create one for you?

What is a slogan- its types, slogan examples & how to create one for you?

Do you want to create a creative slogan for your company? What is a slogan for your company? How can you create a slogan for your company? Here we have explained everything about creating a slogan for your company.

A slogan can help you add value to your business and describe your business in brief. So, the time you design a logo for your company by adding a slogan- that can help your customers understand more about your business.

Creating a slogan for your company depends upon- what services or products you are delivering. The time you understand or have a clear idea of what your business customers expect from you. It will be easier for you to create an eye-catching slogan for your company.

One thing you should bear in mind is that a catchy slogan must be remembered at the first glance by the people that see your logo. It means your company slogan has to be engaging enough. We have explained more clearly about having a slogan for your company.

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What is a Slogan?

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a short line containing some words. The short line of your company’s slogan describes your company, its services, and its products. However, having an eye-catching slogan for your company becomes your company’s identity.

There are several inspirational slogans from different companies in the world. It includes your company’s competitors also. Here you need to understand that you do your company branding to differentiate your company from others and your competitors. So, each thing that belongs to your company must be a unique one that makes you stand out of the box every time.

Having your company slogan will add value to your business and create an identity.

Top 10 Tips to Create a Slogan for your Company

Here are the top 10 tips that you should be using to create an engaging slogan for your company. All the tips mentioned here are from experts from a logo design company, which will help you a lot to have an effective slogan for you. So, use all the tips for your company slogan creation.

Note: We have discussed above also that knowing your business values and a clear idea of your company will help you a lot. This becomes easier for you to have effective work done. If you are not clear even though you are a small business, then it will become hard for you to have effective work done for your company branding.

So, you must be clear about what you want for your business. That makes you stand out from others not just in your home country but in other parts of the world. Because you will be doing business to other countries as well. This becomes foremost to have a unique logo for your company.

1. You are special

Are you special and have something different from others? When you know the uniqueness of your business, you will be able to create an effective slogan for the company. You should find that every business comes with something new and unique. 

Find what are the things that make you unique from others. There are all the things that you should look for to make you unique.

2. Understand your brand

When you create a slogan for your company. You must give attention to the line you are looking to create. The lines you have written must be short, simple, and easy to understand.

If you make a slogan that is hard to read and does not engage your customers. The slogan will not deliver meaning to your customers. You must give attention to creating an effective slogan for your company.

3. Who are you targeting?

As we have discussed, being clear from your side will always help you. So, you must know whom you want to show. Will they be engaged? Your goal must be to engage your targeted audience. This will help you create a slogan more effectively and efficiently.

4. Tell your brand story

This is one of the challenging tasks. You have to tell your brand story within a few words. If you succeed, tell everything about your company and the audience you want to include. This will be one of the best things for you. These great ideas make you stand out and think out of the box every time.

So, generating ideas for your company brand you can read some guides to logo creation. The content available in the different forms for your company’s branding will help you a lot. You get to know more about other companies and the new content for your company.

5. Your slogan has to be simple

You do not have to include everything, especially hard words. Understand that your audience is not there to remember everything. When people see something, they forget after seeing any of things. You have to create your company logo in such a way that makes it remain your target audience and remember it forever. For that, you have to have a slogan for your company; simple and crispy.

6. Make your slogan catchy enough

When you have a quality- you attract everyone to have you there. So, slogans are the ones that help you add some difference to your branding. However, most people think that slogans are just simple lines. This is a wrong thing if you also think the same way. It affects your business branding and reduces the quality you want to add to your business services.

So let’s catch the fact of how to make a catchy logo design with a slogan or tagline?

7. Connected experience

When everything is connected it will deliver meaning to your target audience. If it is not connected to the logo you have created. It will make it hard for people to understand you. You must avoid such things while communicating with your customers.

Whether you create a logo for your company or prepare a slogan. It means you are communicating with your customers. Thus, you must try communicating clearly and concisely.

8. Think for the future

The line you have decided to have for your slogan. Is it clearly understood by the people you want? If not, you must change it. You may be using some phrases or a line that is hard to read and can not be understood by a normal person.

Your written words must be understood by every person. That thing will make you stand out and make a difference between you and your competitors.

9. Make it speaks about you

When you create your company slogan. You need to see whether the slogan speaks your language. Does the slogan mean what you want to say to your customers? If it does not match you. It will create a difference between your company.

This will be hard for you to deliver a message about your business. So, make a match that creates meaning for you and delivers a connected experience.

10. Make it stand alone

You may have prepared a good line for your company slogan. Does it stand alone? If you use your slogan without your company logo. The slogan that you have created must stand alone. Most of the time you have to use your slogan alone.

Therefore, you must create your company logo in such a way that makes it your identity. We have mentioned some examples of slogans from top companies in the world. You can get an idea from that to create a slogan for your company.

5 Most powerful and Famous Slogans Example

These slogans will help you understand slogans for your company. This is clear when you look at some other companies’ examples. Whether that is a company slogan, logo designing, or other things of a company. You will better understand and get ideas to create a slogan for your company also.

Use some of the examples mentioned here. All these top 10 examples will help you explore slogans for your company.

1. MasterCard


The slogan on the master card is one of the best examples of a slogan that stands alone. You must be looking for some of the best inspirations for slogans. The slogan of MasterCard is mentioned below to help you out. Have a look at the slogan of MasterCard.

“There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”

The above-mentioned is the slogan of MasterCard. You may create such a slogan for your company. The best thing about this slogan is that it can be used without a logo placed with the slogan.

When a person reads the same line of a slogan. They can easily recognize whom they are talking about. Because they have created connectivity with money and mentioned the company name also.

2. Nike


The sports brand Nike is the most famous. You may have seen its slogan also which is famous mostly for its t-shirt designs services and sports other things. The slogan of Nike is mentioned here and this will be a great example of your company slogan.


This is one of the most famous and unique slogans ever. You will find several beauties of the slogan. Which will be one of the best inspirations for your slogan also. I believe that there is no such thing that you can not find in Nike’s slogan.

Nike’s slogan is simple and short compared to other companies’ slogans. There are only three words. When a customer sees Nike’s slogan they will be able to recognize it easily and remember the slogan. You take your example. When you saw Nike’s slogan a second time. Did you try to remember which company’s slogan is this? You may not have made an effort to find out which company’s slogan is this. These are the things that make you unique and different from others.

3. Samsung


Here is another example of a slogan from a famous company. You can find a plethora of slogans that will inspire you. Samsung is another example to inspire you to have a slogan for your company.

“Do what you can’t.”

See only four words they have used for their company slogan. Creating a slogan simple and short is one of the foremost things. That you must be known to create a logo so that you can make people remember your slogan.

4. BMW


What a line they have created for their company slogan. When you have such connectivity with your company slogan, logo, and services to the customers. This is a unique line that makes you inspire and create one for you. The slogan of BMW is as mentioned below.

“The ultimate driving machine.”

Even though a person does not know BMW much about such a brand. They will be excited to know what the driving machine is or what that line is about. This becomes one of the best things that will make you explore more about the brand. The line they have used for their company slogan is so attractive.

The best thing you will like about such companies and their creative branding is that. They create things that deliver meaning, connectivity, and values to their customers.

5. Allstate


Allstate is an insurance company situated in Northfield Township, Illinois. That has a catch, is crispy, and has a short slogan. Which is delivering customers with a connected experience. Let us see what its slogan is.

“You’re in good hands.”

The slogan mentioned above is one of the best examples that can help you understand creating a slogan for you also.

These are some of the examples that you can use to get an idea. All the slogans mentioned here will help you a lot and make things work for your brand too. You must be looking for all slogans for your company.

So that you can also come up with something different that delivers meaning to you. In all these things, when you hire a logo designing company for your branding. You can ask them for help and find some important guidelines to have all such things for your company also. This help will be one of the best things for you to have something unique for your company.

Are the Slogan and Tagline the same?

If you are also in doubt that a slogan and a tagline are some. This is wrong. Both things are different from each other. But you as a business will need both things: a tagline and a slogan. When you market and add a line with your company logo. So, read here to know what is the difference between a slogan and a tagline.

Read More about: Tips for Creating a Company Logo Design

A tagline for your company

The tagline design for a company is used briefly about the company. The taglines also help in defining a company’s values to represent the company. There are so many examples that you can get taglines for.

Examples of taglines

  1. Airbnb: “Belong Anywhere.”
  2. Apple: “Think Different.”
  3. Ronseal: “It Does Exactly What It Says on The Tin.”

And the slogans are all those that we have discussed above also. Here are some examples that you can have for you to understand. We have discussed the five examples of slogans above and the same is here. So that you do not get confused with different things.

Slogan examples

  1. Nike: “JUST DO IT.”
  2. MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
  3. Samsung: “Do what you can’t.”

So, these are some of the examples that you can know. All these things can help you a lot to have a unique thing for your business.

What is a good slogan?

A company’s slogan has to be crispy, eye-catching, and easy to remember. If there is no such feeling in your company slogan. It means the people you want to engage are ignoring you. When you listen to a song you like most. The same song you repeat again and again, right? The melody of the song continues in your mind. Such a thing must keep ringing into your company’s customer mind. This will create uniqueness and have the thing that your customers want to have.

These are some of the main points that you must bear when you create a slogan for your company. You may be branding your company as a startup and looking for different things to create for your company also.

The experts in budding your brand will help you a lot to have the service for you. You can also look for professionals to have the service for your company.


Things like slogans and your company branding are one of the most important things. A slogan and a company logo are the identities of a company. If you do not give attention to all these things. You would not be able to communicate with your business customers. Which is most important for all types of business. All such mistakes can be easily avoided. If you hire a professional logo designing company, look for some guides to create slogans for your company and other important things.

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