Corporate Logo – Creative Corporate Logo Design Tips

Corporate Logo – Creative Corporate Logo Design Tips

Are you looking for a corporate logo design? What is the corporate logo design? Who can make the best corporate logo design? Here are some of the best corporate logo designs. You need to have it for your company.

These corporate logo designs will help you with the best ideas you need to have for your company logo. Corporate itself is a huge word. A business that will probably have a lot of Frenchies in the near future and be an indestructible brand. The brand will perhaps have a huge bandwidth and an even bigger reputation in the market. Don’t you think all this needs strong and unique branding? It is a reality that businesses impress, market, and connect through strong branding. And do you know the very first step? A corporate logo design.

A conceptual custom-designed logo is the first-hand communication of the brand. It is an indirect marketing tool that establishes your business as an expert in the segment. Hard to believe? Then maybe you are not aware of the miracles of logo design ideas. Prepare to be amazed as I have a lot to tell you.

How Custom-Designed Logo Impacts Corporate Sales?

Logos tell the work you do. Yes, it’s true, but is that it?

The custom-designed logo conveys a unique reputation of your brand in the market. It is a distinct identity that instantly connects with your target audience. The purpose of a corporate logo is to tell people what to expect or what you do, but this is not it.

The Best Logo Adds Value

A single corporate logo does a lot more than that. It conveys your brand’s objectives and values around which your entire branding revolves. Ronald Wayne designed the Apple logo in 1976, inspired by Issac Newton’s discovery “law of gravity”. The logo clicks with the idea of making this world a better place with innovation and technology.

Another insanely popular corporate logo design ‘Is Nike’. Nike’s swoosh was originally inspired by the wings of a Greek goddess. This is because her wings motivated the fighters to be daring and courageous. Later, the wing was tilted to be a ‘swoosh’ or a check sign which loosely indicates a surefire mark of quality.

Believe it or not but a well-designed custom logo becomes a status symbol or a trademark of quality. A logo that gives your brand an edge in your market.

It’s a theory amongst corporate logo designers, that when a brand goes from wordmark to emblem or letter type, its journey to success is complete. The stardom then cannot be replaced. See Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Netflix, Pepsi, and more. There is more. Know more about such successful corporate logos and their hidden meanings.

As per the facts, brands invest millions in changing their logos with a simple margin. But don’t worry. With the best corporate logo design company in your court, you are assured to have the best logo at an affordable rate.

In fact, VerveBranding gives you the privilege of making your best bet from a couple of innovatively designed concepts. With this, there is no way you are stuck with a mediocre corporate logo design.

Standard Elements For Corporate Logo design 

The most common trait in corporate logo design is that they hold a hidden value. Successful corporate brands know their target audience and thus use the knowledge to convey a message. For instance, the play store with its minimalist and lively logo targets every type of audience who wishes to surrender to fun and entertainment.

Another common element of corporate logos is that they are minimalist with a straightforward design, unique inspiration, and professionalism. See the Targets, Google, Unilever, Mercedes Benz, and the list goes on.

Tips For Designing Corporate Logos

Corporate is a broad term with no precise niche. You can be corporate in car manufacturing, a food chain, an ice-cream chain, an FMCG chain, a healthcare brand, and whatnot. There is a huge scope, but only if your first step (branding) is firm.

Let’s uncover some pro tips for corporate logo designing:

A Clean Logo 

Clean logos are the best. They are simple and let people read your brand with the farthest look. An affluent logo design company vouches for clean and meaningful designs over intricate and fancy designs. For clean yet good-looking logos, make the best use of the white space in the logo. For instance, FedEx has a hidden arrow in the “Ex” made with white space. Did you know that?

Out-of-the-box thinking 

The best corporate logo design is a game of shapes. Clever use of shapes will help your corporate brand stand out and get easily identified. Did you know even shapes convey values? You will be amazed to see how a single shape triangle is used to convey 10 types of emotions/values. Checkout.


There is a vast difference between a logo on paper and canvases of other textures. For instance, if you look to use them on the uniform or a mug, or your website design. A logo should be versatile enough to go on different platforms. Come up with design mockups for all the platforms where your logo will go.

Colour Is The Key 

Colors do the talking. Logo design is a game of clever color choice. Colors that are not harsh on the eyes and evoke several emotions. You can go with various shades of a single color to create excellent contrasts. A dedicated color that you choose for your logo design eventually goes as your brand’s signature color too. For example, PayPal, Oreo, Skype, etc.

A literal Logo Design 

Straightforward logo designs are ruling. Some brands connect logos with an object. If your brand name is an object, then you can use that object in your logo design. For instance, Apple has a simple eaten apple as a logo. The story further relates to Newton (discovery and innovation).

Innovative Corporate Logos Designed By Vervebranding

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Get A Striking Corporate Logo – Conclusion

Think like never before. A corporate logo is the face of your brand. It goes everywhere affixed to your brand name. So it has to be perfect. Vervebranding caters to you with incredible and thoughtful logo designs that communicate your brand’s purpose and values. The team of expert logo designers under VerveBranding brings versatility to how a brand’s story can be depicted through innovative logo concepts.

Avail of multiple concepts to get satisfied Get in touch with us for any assistance regarding logo designing. Comment on the blog, or Whatsapp, or Request A Quote for fast replies.

VerveBranding can be your one-stop solution for branding and designing because we have market experience and a team of experts who, over the years, have worked on many major and minor projects for all types of industries. So, we believe that we can deliver you the best logo design in India that your company needs to have as its identity.

We provide designing and branding services at the most affordable price. For services related to mobile app development or web development and online marketing services, check out our subsidiaries, VerveLogic and VerveOnlineMarketing.

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