6 Key Rules To Get an Impactful Logo Design

6 Key Rules To Get an Impactful Logo Design

A business organization always has to work in a competitive environment. It is really very important to differentiate yourself from your business competitors. One of the most important factors which help you in differentiating your company from others is the Logo Design. To create a unique logo, there are numerous logo designers from the best logo design companies in India which are very popular all across the globe for their commendable work. 

It’s a saying that “A logo doesn’t sell, it identifies”. The logo of your company or your product should convey a very message of your business. Also, it has to be distinctive, identifiable and understandable. 

For aspiring logo designers, it is very important to have the knowledge of some basic principals to design a kick-ass logo. The right kind of logo design can instantly shift the opinion of your audience in your favor. A logo is the core brand identity of your company and that is why it should stand out. But it does not mean that as a logo designer you have to show outrageous graphical creativity. Your designed logo can be very minimalist but still can be extremely impactful.

Here are the 6 key principals to get a kick-ass logo designed by the best logo designers.

1. Simplicity At It’s Best:

The best logos are those which convey the clear and uncluttered message to the viewer. For example, the logos of brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Suzuki are so basic yet so powerful that whenever you think of these brands, their logo should strike in your mind. Before designing a logo, always remember that it will be promoted on various platforms. So, it should be identified easily and convey the message you’re hoping to communicate to the viewers. 

2. Make it Recognizable:

Just one glance of a logo should be that memorable that the viewer never forgets it. In simple words, a logo can be recalled within a few seconds. A fussy and complicated logo with multiple parts can make it very tough for the viewer to get the message you as a company want to convey. The various logo design companies in India always try to create a memorable logo, for instance, ‘Bata’ is a footwear company whose logo is still very impactful with a few changes made in it. 

3. Don’t Settle For Stale One:

Don’t settle for something stale and old. Quickly look for the new patterns and styles going on in the world of logo design. Try to make a fresh logo so that it gets noticed by your target audience or the viewers. 

4. Modern Yet Timeless:

Several famous brands like Bata, Starbucks, Puma, etc. have logos that are not only modern but timeless. Since they are designed only a few changes have been made in them with time. Don’t make such a logo that starts looking silly after a few years. So, don’t rush and take your time before finalizing the design of your logo. It should have relevant characteristics of the times without losing itself in detail.

5. Well Balanced:

The good logo designers keep the proper proportion and symmetry while designing the logo to create a balanced and aesthetic design. Some of the best logos designed using principles of proportion and symmetry are the Apple logo, Twitter logo, etc. 

6. Focus On Versatility:

A good logo is that which goes well with everything and works in every situation. Before designing a logo, think of the places where it can be used such as clothes, stationery, and other products as well. A logo is all the versatility and it also has to maintain its integrity. Consider the patterns or textures and therefore create a logo that compliments them.  

Hire talented logo designers from any of the logo design companies in India and get the exceptionally unique logo of your brand or company designed.

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