How to Stay No to Generic Logos & Design Unique Logos

How to Stay No to Generic Logos & Design Unique Logos

Often it happens to us that when we see a brand’s logo we find it familiar. We start recalling where we have seen it, but can’t remind ourselves about it. Well, this mostly happens when we see a generic logo, a logo whose shape, colors, and style resemble that of some other brand. While some would say brand logos can easily resemble each other, a logo designing company like ours wouldn’t agree.

This is true that logos are nothing but combinations of shapes, colors, fonts, and styles. However, it is these elements that distinguish one brand from the other. It is these elements that prove them non-generic and exceptional, as said by a sensible and creative logo designer. After all, it is the ability to stand out from competitors that establishes a brand’s personality and creates interest among the customers. Hence, this comes as a clear caution that brands must strictly avoid generic logos and strive for unique and meaningful ones if they want to establish themselves in the market.

The following article is a wonderful guide to help your brand recognize what are generic logos and how to refrain from them when getting your professional logo design ready. So, let’s check this out quickly.

But, What is a Generic Logo??

Well, generic logos are those designed using repetitive or common elements, ones that have been used multiple times by brands. Usually, logos created using online logo-making apps turn out to be generic. One can easily spot how they are similar to others and what’s not original about them. While those made using the logo design software programs, turn out to be the desired unique.

Now, if you’re thinking about what is the way left to design a unique logo for your business. Then don’t worry, there are professional logo designers to do it. we are going to mention some logo design concepts that have been used over time again and again and should be avoided. So, hop down.

Some Generic Logo Design Concepts Brands Must Avoid 

Logos, created using V-Man element

The V-man, often called an abstract human has been used in numerous industries of anonymous nature. A logo design made using a V-man element usually depicts people or their stories revolving around them. However, since this element is so commonly used, it has lost its originality and uniqueness. 

Those with a globe

Companies serving globally or having branches across the world often believe in opting for a logo design that has a globe in it. The globe also represents things that are quite old in the industry. However, this overused element has become outdated at the current time and offers no newness to the customer. 

Ones that highlight Graphs

And then come logos with graphs. When people go to a professional logo designer for their custom logo design requirements, they often ask for this element. It is a theory that an upward-moving graph is a clear sign of success. Well, this concept has become so common that it has nothing unique to attract people. People won’t remember them and will often confuse them with other brands of the same nature.

Those with random letters

Letter mark logos are often chosen by brands. However, when they opt for such styles, they must remember that there are many businesses with the same initials. Hence, going with a random letter mark logo design won’t make it memorable. And being memorable is one of the important qualities of a successful logo design.  

Industry-wise repetitions

Some repetitions are due to the nature of the industry. For instance, companies in the accounting or finance sector often go with the company’s initials and geometric shapes. Those in the real estate sector choose skylines and silhouettes of buildings. While there are many creative ways to design a real estate logo. Rest, retail brands go with shopping baskets or carts, and medical companies like logos that revolve around health symbols, and like.

How to Create Unique Logos?

Well, we have a described list of things that make a unique logo design. However, is a quick glance for you to get a basic understanding of how a creative logo designing company works to create unique logos. Here are the vital things.

  1. A simple logo is liked by all
  2. A logo that narrates the brand story is a logo they remember
  3. The right type of logo and typography are crucial elements that make a logo attractive 
  4. Too many colors make the logo look inept. 
  5. A good logo that is also memorable cannot be created using an online logo maker tool. Ready why.

Conclusion – How to Stay Away from Generic Logos & Create Unique Logos

Designing a logo is not a thing of a single day. It is but a step-by-step process that requires the creativity of a professional and experienced logo designer. Hiring a professional logo designing company will make sure that your logo is not generic and has the ability to stand out among the competitors. Hence, always choose what can take your business to the next bigger level. Opt for an expert logo design and branding company like VerveBranding and take home a unique, competitive, and memorable logo. Discuss your idea today.

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