Why NOT USE Logo Maker Tools? A Complete Guide

Why NOT USE Logo Maker Tools? A Complete Guide

“The strongest logos tell simple stories”~ Sol Sender

In this competitive marketplace, recognition is the big key parameter that adds to the real identity of the brands. There comes the picture of an illustrative thing like a logo, that gives sense, emotion, spark, and attention inside us.

Logos are something that has a self-personality to represent the brand with its design.

Have you ever noticed the half-eaten Apple logo? Won’t you trust its brand personality and aesthetics?

Logos are eye candy for all of us. They are unique and remain in the mind for a long. That is the reason demand for logos is very overcrowded nowadays.

The business is hunting to align the origin of its brand with the logo. The logo design is the most valuable asset for their brands.

In this blog, we discuss the importance of logo designs and why to avoid using logo design tools. We will define some of the ways to curate the perfect logo design for your ideal company marketplace.

So let’s get started!

Statistics You Need to Know before!

As per the study of cognitive science the human brain can process images 60% faster compared to words. This is the reason why visuals like logos remain in the mind for a long.

Logo designing is part of graphic design. Talking about the market, it is projected that the current market of graphics is in huge demand.

With a 5.2% growth rate, and $50.4B revenue in 2022, the figure inspires positive hopes for designers to apprehend their designing skills in various forms. One of the highlighted streamlining industries is logo design. Recently the Apple logo got the most popular amongst the audience with a maximum vote rate of 2839.

Going back a bit in the history of logos. It came into the picture in the year 1876 for designing the identifying logo for Brass Brewery. In the year 2022-23, the logo traveled a huge journey in the century.

The top logo designs in the world are Symantic brand and acquisition, Accenture logo design, Bharat petroleum logo & marketing, and Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ).

Let us understand what is logo designing and how it impacts great significance to industries. 

What is Logo Designing and its Importance? 

Logo designing helps brand businesses elaborate their marketing significance in the world. It is simple, and unique, and contains the brand mark or symbol with the tagline that depicts the brand’s identity.

It grabs the user’s attention for a long time. The logo design defines the insight and the visualization of the services relatable to the business.

Today brands are recognizable, and trusted, only by logos. The price of the logo comes under the price of your meal. 

Different Types of Logos

When we talk about logos, in the market there are plenty of them already available. For remembrance, each logo is distinct from the other logo.

Different types of logos not only represent the artistic features of the companies but also decode the designers’ internet and mind to another world.

Let’s here discuss some of the important types of logos

S.no.Type of Logo
1.Lettermark or Monogram: These logos represent the presence of the logos that is a word and aesthetic.
2.Wordmark or Logotype: These logos have a complete brand name in the design. The main hype is in the name, color, and font style. 
3.Letterforms: The letter logo consists only of the single letter of the brand name.
4.Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols: The main idea behind these logos is that they convert the name into an object that is catchy and resonates with the customer’s mind.
5.Abstract: These logos are unique and used for the complex name to make them unique, geometric forms, and hard to forget. 
6.Combination Mark: The combination logos are created with the append of one word with another. 
7.Mascot: The mascot logos are fun and cartoonish designs that thrilled the audiences to remember the brand name. 
8.Emblem: These logos focus on the detailed idea of the brand name. They convey the instinct, inspiration, and idea behind the business. 
9.Slime: There is a contemporary touch with the splash of slime, the whole theme matched the brand’s persona. This is the specialty of slime logos.
10.Fonts inside a shape: As the name says, the text inside the shape is what these logos are made of.
11.Dynamic Mark: The logos are interesting to catch, and not biased with specific boundaries, making the whole idea of dynamic logos. 

How do Logos impact a powerful presence for the Brand’s impression? 

Logos are a powerful, luxury, and strong form of any business identity. They are derived for the basic yet crucial purpose to speak about the brand.

In the leap and bound time, the companies always want to elevate their market value amongst the other competition.

The main role of the designers comes in the part is to creating something that blends and resonates with the business purpose and services.

There is a crucial part of the color, symbol, typefaces, and fonts, especially in most businesses. 

  • Illustrative Type Cases:

These types of cases are used to specify the loud and bold image of the brand. The designer has the freedom to utilize his creativity using illustrations to create a design that is hard to forget the audience.

Some of the popular types of cases are LinkedIn, Gillette, gothic, etc.

  • Using Popular Colors:

Colors are something that evokes and trigger the emotions of a human. It is easily perceptible for a long time. Most businesses want to merge their identity with color.

With the color identity, the brand and the businesses combat their identity. The strong emotions with every color say, red, green, blue, yellow, etc convey the charm of the logos.

Red is the color of passion, perseverance, and aggression; it evokes the originality of something or the brand.

Yellow color is associated with happiness and friendliness, it admires and uplifts the brand to its real essence. It is the color of harmony, blending emotions and the consolidation of the brand in the market.

Blue is the royal color that embellishes the charismatic identity of the business. This color is mostly used by brands that have a vibrant persona.

Some of the brands like to try and mix with the local environment and surroundings.

Every color speaks a lot about its origin. That helps the audience to quickly connect with it.

  • Remarkable Symbols:

The idea of the symbol is to show the mood and perspective of the brand. For any of the symbols, there is something meaningful and content.

There is much to play with and space for the designers in this type of logo designing feature.

There is much to play with and space for the designers in this type of logo designing feature.

For example, the Apple logo represents the law of gravity. The bite inside Apple’s logo is covey’s the space in the business for the people.

Another example is Starbucks, which idealizes women, that retrospects the peace and the speedy service of the company.

Nike with the right mark excels that the company’s main motto is to serve with excellence for the customers.

  • Use Stock Images:

The important feature is the stock or exclusive images that are paired with the brand just to identify the unique and uncommon perspective of the brand.

These are the logos designed in such a way that easily matches the brand’s vision. They are free to access, which is the reason most small or medium-sized businesses preferred these logos.

The main theme of the logos is specialized with the business.

Logo designing is the art and exclusive idealization with the idea to carry the business vision to the next level in the market.

The way it turns and twitches the audience is something that causes significant attire to businesses.

Till the time there is no limit to art and procrastination, there is no limit to the creativity and identity of the logo. They are timeless. 

What are Logo Maker Tools and its benefit?

A logo maker tool is a software that is easily accessible by the business and the organization. It impacts their strong identity in the marketplace and amongst the audiences.

The logo maker tools are easy to access. They are available in both free and premium versions.

Talking about few of the areas where the logo maker tool can leap are that they are easy to handle and use, and budget-friendly.

Although with the vast usage and the hype amongst the companies to use logo maker tools. In many cases, it is predicted that the software causes the growth of professional designers to diversify their skills.

It voids their freedom of the personal touch. Least able to invoke human emotions and decaying the creativity and versatile nature of the brand.

You should understand why the complete dependency on the tools is not perfect for the companies. There are lots of drawbacks to designing logos with these tools.

Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Drawbacks of Using the Logo Maker Tools 

Let’s come to the fact that even if the software makes a little fast of the overall designing process but it eliminates the complete soul of logo designing.

We can’t entirely depend on the software. Some of the common reasons here we are going to discuss are;

  • Lack of human touch:

Using the designer-making tool, the designing capacity is harnessed. The tool somehow gives you the ease to create a lookalike logo design but that feels makes it completely odd and obstructive.

To raise the emotions of the audience the brand needs to use a logo that is filled with some feel. The logo speaks about your brand and crafts the elements that are essential for it.

  • Unprofessional design:

Although there are several designs and elements available in the designing software for usage, after multiple uses of the logo designs it is not unusual to find a unique design. 

Under the shelf, it would be disheartening for the brands to find the logo that matches their purpose. So they detain from the software platforms as soon as they find it insignificant.

  • Limited design options:

In the beginning, the novice, solopreneurs, and businesses found it attractive to try. But after a few uses, it would become vague for the brands and the businesses. Due to the shortage of design options, it is less fond of the companies.

There are limited options for professionals to experiment with. This is one of the vain situations for the company and the professionals. One of the major causes is that the brands are looking for custom logo design options for them.

  • Discourage the designer’s ideas:

We know that with the entrance of AI the role of designers is sake and omitted partially or even completely. But this is not the end of the story.

Designers have several options to multiply their ideas into a suitable canvas. That is where the role of the custom logo design comes into the picture.

In the designing of logos, we can’t limit ourselves to a single idea or the pinpoint, otherwise, it would harness the designer’s expertise. Especially the big companies understand the reason and won’t depend on the layman and the common design options.

Else reach and connect with advanced service options like professional and custom logo design companies.

Logo design is an art and craft with a different level of aesthetic which motivates the designers and the companies to carry their ideas to potential audiences for a long time.

  • Copyright issues:

The brand is always demanding the perfect design that matches its ethics and vibe. With using logo designer tools, there is always an issue with the copyright and the copied designs.

The software allows its user to use it for a limited day for free and after the premium purchase, you find the options that are available inside it are not profound.

With copyright design issues it is always a miserable situation for the designers to work with these designs. Here comes the pace where the designer artist is urged for the handful and custom logo design platform to polish his skills.

The brands like Apple, Google, Sony, HP, Zomato, Tinder, Twitter, etc are great examples that deny any usage of the software. Their names and designs are in our hearts right from the beginning.

From the rush of many logos and designs, we can find and distinguish any unique design from the others.

  • Restricted features:

The software is limited and it is less updated with the newer versions. This is the reason why brands prefer to consult with a custom logo design company. The user can’t pick and practice with the custom third-party integrations.

There are always less productive designs you will get in the end. The features revolve around the fonts, styles, colors, and texts, and that’s it. Nothing much more.

But this is the right practice for companies to propagate their brand name.

  • Lack of originality:

With the predominant use of the logo maker tool, it is a brutal hit to lose the originality at the time. The meaning is clear; the more you are fond of using the software the less you will get the essence of designs.

It makes you more redundant and harms your creative persona of you. This is the main reason why professional designers and companies are always cusps for the original and fresh.

We cannot say that one should avoid the total use of the software, no it’s not like that. The beginner company and the newbie professionals could try and get some of the ideas from these sources.

The platform is easy to understand and implement. But what is important is that the main essence can’t be missed from the design.

  • Easily copied:

The main drawback of the logo maker tool is that it is easily traceable by the hacker. There are a lot of chances for the designs to be copied. The designs are ambiguous, void, empty, less professional, and not inspirational.

Logo designs from tools and software are not generic and unmatched in professionalism. The non-specific logos lose the interest of the audience.

That’s the possible reason businesses start switching from automatic logo maker tools and searching for some professional hands to uncover unforeseen fresh logos for them.  

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How is a Custom Logo Designing Company a good choice compared to a Logo Maker Tool?

From the beginning to the end only a custom logo design company with well-versed expertise can understand your brand motive. The company has a high-end expertise team for making customized logos.

There are many perks of working with a professional logo design company rather than using the less productive and efficient logo maker tool.

S.no. Custom Logo Designing CompanyLogo Maker Tools
1.Upscale your brand message: The Logo designing company is important foreplay to revamp your business and turn it into the next ideal destination for the audiences and potential customers. Using the tools or software for logo designing you are in no way reaching your brand identity. And lose your audiences. 
2.Enhance your brand personality: The customized company for logo design overcast branding and vision of businesses using minimalistic designs to the next level. A lack of a human brain means there is no expert team to vision the brand identity. That makes you unreach anywhere. 
3.More design options: The skilled logo design company has the craft with plenty of options to empower the effect of logos. 

Through their visuality, the company understands how to use color and elements that suit perfectly for your business. 

This is a strong reason to ignore using the logo-making tool for your branding. The usage is limited and only for some time. 

The small-sized company, with no budget, and identity can use the tools for practice. 

4.Originality: The design should remain longevity in the hearts of the people, and this will only be possible if the designing company has its originality. No promise for the originality for the niche companies to place their value in the competitive marketplace using any tools for logo designing.
5.Logo copyright ownership: Only the custom logo received by the company has undergone full legal copyright procedure, and provides you the original copy of logo designs. There is always a risk of copy infringement, hacking, and duplicacy of your logos with your competitors. 
6.Multi-device support: With the customized logo designs you can access it on multiple devices. The logos designed by using some tools do not work on every device. 
7.High-resolution logo design files: The original files given by the company are of high-pixel quality standard with the resolution to fit under any canvas. The logo has pixel fading and breaking. For the web page, the perfect resolution for the logo is 250*150 px size.
8.Evaluate your website’s visual elements: The custom logo design is a mixture of graphics with interesting properties that can enhance the visual elements of the logo. No implementation of design elements. Missing customizations like layout, shape, color, typeface, etc.
9.Choose the right type of logo: The logo designer company helps you curate the right sketch for the logo that represents your brand identity. Choices are ambiguous, unclear, and limited.

Table: Comparison between a logo designing company and a logo maker tool

The custom logo designs are a footprint that is easy to remember for a long time. The logo design should be simple, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile.

Hence, it is always a great choice for you to articulate your logo designs with the custom preference of a solid background company. 

How to Choose the Right Logo Designing Company for Your Brand?

If you have come this far, we hope that you get an understanding of it. You are the real arsenal and want an illustrative design of the logo for your brand.

But the problem is overcrowding and the hype of many design companies. To distinguish one for your ideal business, you need to sort from the list of companies.

A professional logo design company can portray your brand in the real vision. The logo designer can identify the unique qualities of the brand.

Here we have listed the best tips that can help you to find the perfect logo designer company.

  • Previous Work

First, you should cross-check if the corresponding company has the substance behind its claims or not. Does that mean they have any past work experience? Or do they have some great client’s in the past for which they had worked?

The more you do the research and the homework before choosing the logo designing company, the more suitable and genuine you will get to know about the company. 

  • Any branding team or professional team 

Branding is equally essential for the branding of your business. If the company does not understand the meaning and the value of true marketing after the design then maybe the results that you will get in a short time, will collide.

  • Testimonials and Portfolios

The logo-designing company should be highly credible and have qualifying experts. It highlights real portfolios that showcase the significance of the work that has been done in the past. The company must be recommended by others. 

  • Reviews 

Reviews are an important part to consider before choosing a company for logo design. At the very first glance, users prefer to pick the company that has the best reviews from Google about their website.

It shows trust among the users and the niche companies who are searching to design custom logos. For more ways to find logo designing company tips, you can check out here.

How much does it Cost to design a Customized Logo for Business?

How much does a logo design cost you? This must be the final question in your mind that pops up in your mind right now. A good custom logo design costs you around $300-$1500. The price, however, varies, depending on the quality and the purpose.

As per the survey, more than 60% of brands are comfortable paying $600-$700 for the logo while 40% are willing to pay more than the mentioned price for the perfect logo.

This is not the end, there are more words to the logos world. The future of logos is so inspirational and enthralling that is less too outspoken and more to feel and sense. 

How VerveLogic design customized logos for businesses?  

The idea that VerveLogic used for many years is the reason it creates a separate and unique space amongst the clients and its competitors.

Here at Vervelogic, we believe in the manner that before planning and sketching any logo design from scratch it is crucial to understand the requirement of the business owner.

There is well effective approach has been taken where the business owner interacts with us and briefs his ideas and ideology to our logo design experts. It is a sequence of brainstorming processes that takes time.

We have followed a procedure to design customized logos: 

  • Proper research and analysis
  • Scrutiny of the requirements of the logo
  • Pick the appropriate design style that sense and match the company’s vibe 
  • Estimate the cost and time needed for the development of the logo design
  • Understand the market competition
  • Prepare the demo structure of the logo 
  • Start developing the logo design 
  • Suggestions and feedback from the company owner
  • The final touch to the design 
  • Handover to the business owner

Some of our best portfolios are customized logo designs:

S.noName of the Company’s LogoCategory of LogoTime estimate
1.AttireWillFashion2-3 weeks
2.9DivasFashion2-3 weeks
3.AmarantCorporate1-2 weeks
4.BinduCorporate1-2 weeks
5. Advit investment solutionsReal-estate & interior2 weeks
6. Afri LogisticsAutomobile2 weeks
7. Cleanz 24E-Commerce3 weeks
8. Aarkistic Infraprojects LLPMascot2 weeks
9.E-VolvEducation2-3 weeks
10.CareWheelsHealth & Science 1-2 weeks

Table: Cost & Time estimation for customized logo designs

Check Out These Custom Logo Designs by Verve Branding

VB Restaurant CzarKitchen 2

VB Restaurant ABC

VB corporate KGM

View All Portfolio

Customized logo designing company makes it easier for businesses to magnify their opportunities. As a designer, you can play, have fun, thrill, excite, and much more with the easy-to-go steps. More space to add colors, stylish fonts, abstract patterns, etc.

Due to its versatile usage, a logo designing company is the best to define and elevate business ideas and identity. We believe in this fact and always create something special for our clients that should be loved by all.

In the very final context, let’s discuss some of the vital points about the future of logos. Might be inspirational to the customized logo designing company. 

Future of Logos

In recent years logos speaks a lot about the culture, brands, social topics, etc that act as an instrumental part in the world of recognition.

Continuing the following traits logos adds a classical touch to the emotions and the way the human mind triggers to follow something. Hence the form of the logos is shifting in a great way. 

  • World of the sensory logos: 

Impacts the sensory mind of the human. The sense of touch is an important part of the company’s establishing a strong connection with the audience. 

  • Visual logos: 

The visuality has been planted with logos to give the emotional trigger to the brain. The elements evoke the subconscious mind. For example, recently the Coca-Cola company partnered with the Avatar company Tafi, to develop a visual wearable plastered logo on the bottle. The 3D look of the logo is nearly close to reality.

  • Artificial designs: 

The logos are quick to use and blend with the brands’ needs. It articulates similarly to human design. For the designers, it must be the ideal source to look after for their design practices. 

Final Conclusion

Ultimately the final step is to decide the factors that fit with the cost, timeline, and personality of your company.

The logo design must match the vibe of your business. It is the crucial step to predict the essence of what truly you are and how impeccable your services are. Only then you will get the perfect custom logo from the designing company.

With design-rich skills, there is unrestricted space for the brands to pick the right combination of features in their logo. It helps companies to create their choice of logos with more customizations.

For more, you can visit our portfolio or, you can connect with us for any of your consultations regarding logo designs from scratch. We have rich experience as logo design experts that can understand your brand vision and inherit meaningful designs for you.

We provide designing and branding services at the most affordable price. For services related to mobile app development or web development and online marketing services, check out our subsidiaries, VerveLogic and VerveOnlineMarketing.

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