Tips for Creating a Company Logo Design

Tips for Creating a Company Logo Design

A logo is intended to be a component of the company’s identity, whether you choose an online or physical business. It is extremely important in raising brand awareness. Verve Branding provides logo design services all around the world and is here today to provide you with some life-saving advice to follow while developing a logo for your business.

All of the major brands’ logos are appropriately positioned in the website’s left-hand corner, including Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and others. We can tell the company’s name only by taking a peek at the logo.

Since the logo is such an important part of the business, it must be nice and presentable in order to attract the attention of the public. It is, after all, your brand recognition, and it cannot be taken lightly. It must leave a lasting impact on visitors in order to improve brand awareness. Such is the significance of a website logo.

The Logo’s Size

The size of the logo is the most important factor to consider while creating it. It should be neither too small nor too large. A tiny logo is difficult to see, and visitors may struggle to recognise your brand’s identity at first glance, resulting in a negative user experience. On the other hand, a large logo appears unusual since it occupies a large portion of the webpage, leaving the synchronisation puzzled. Moreover, in front of the logo, all other parts of the website appear to be gone.

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Word repetition

The terms in your company’s logo should not be repeated, as this concerns the size of the logo indirectly. Try to prevent redundancy and stick to a consistent logo size that matches your website slider perfectly.


Remember that the logo has to be one-of-a-kind. Attempting to duplicate another company’s logo might result in significant legal consequences. To minimise copying, another vital step is to register your company’s logo.

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When selecting a logo for your company, make sure you don’t overlook any aspects, particularly the picture file. The improper size may cause the logo to become blurry, which might result in a major blunder. You may prevent this situation by having your logo designed in PNG format rather than JPEG format. So when the size of the logo is reduced in JPEG format, it might become blurry.

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This is similar to the website’s response. Due to the wide range of screen sizes, you must ensure that your logo is consistent across all platforms, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. It should not extend or compress as screen sizes change. If this occurs, it will have a detrimental influence on your brand’s identity.


Your logo’s placement must be flawless. In no way should it break off or miss the point on your landing page. Ensure that your brand is prominently displayed so that no visitor misses it. Why is location so critical? Without a logo, your viewers will be unable to identify you or reach your landing page. Additionally, make certain that none of the characters falls out of the frame. The logo must be simple and straightforward to read.

Colour Contrast

The colour of the logo and its backdrop should be insufficient contrast to allow the logo to be seen clearly. Finally, our major goal is to draw attention to the logo and increase brand recognition. So, when developing a logo, make sure that the colour of the logo is distinct from the colour of the backdrop and does not blend in with it.

Colour Contrast


The logo should be appealing enough to draw the attention of visitors right away. If it fails to attract the attention of the audience, you must believe that you have already lost the war without having fought for it.

The logo should be eye-catching, with legible typefaces that visitors can readily read while imagining your company’s logo.

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To conclude

After reading the whole article, you’ll be able to create a logo for your company like an expert. You can now simply represent the do’s and don’ts in your company’s logo. Contact Verve branding a professional logo design company to get the greatest and most professional logo design services you’ve ever experienced. We have qualified and experienced logo designers on staff that will develop the logo like a pro. For further information, please contact us

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