How to Come Up With a Business Name Idea That is Catchy and Creative

How to Come Up With a Business Name Idea That is Catchy and Creative

Are you a startup? Looking for a unique name for your business? How should you look for a unique name? What are the best ideas to generate a name for your business? We have given you some tips that will help you with the best ideas for your business name. However, having a unique name for your business can make you stand out from the crowd. When you have a unique name for your business- and you ask a professional logo design company for your company branding. They can help you with the best things you deserve to have for your business.

The unique name for the businesses has a unique logo design for their company. So, let us see how you can look for a unique name for your business. When you look for some inspiration for your business. To find a unique name for your business. You will meet so many businesses like Tinder and businesses like finding the best marriage match. There are so many businesses that have unique names.

However, you will find many names for your business that are unique. But you also have to see the name you have finalized for your business. Is it familiar to the people? Can people remember your business name easily? Does it sound unique compared to your competitors? We have answered all your questions to have the best name for your business. Use all these tips to have the best name for your business.

What is a business name?

The name of your business will be your identity. Suppose, if a person does not have a name. Will it exist for the people? No! The same is with businesses. If a business does not have a name. It does not exist for anyone. Having a name for your business why not think of a unique name that does not exist anywhere? And one that makes you stand out in the crowd.

When you look for a unique name for your business. You look for a unique identity for your business. You must not worry about having a name that makes you different from others. There are so many businesses that become your inspiration to have a unique name for their business whatever you do.

Business name example

Below we have taken a successful news channel’s name. Which will help you with a catchy and creative business name. Know how a news channel comes up with a unique and catchy name in the news industry.

News channel name and its story

This does not matter what business you are in. Whether you are a jewelry business, an IT company, or a news channel. You need to have a unique name that your target audience can remember and feel connected to your business.

There is a popular news channel in India being run on all social media channels named the Lallantop. This name does not relate to any of the news categories. And the news channel did not name it intentionally; said the owner of the channel. He just hears the word sitting somewhere. The name suits him and he created a news channel with that name.

There is no such thing as differentiating your business. You need to have an idea and a unique name that will take you to millions of people. The quality, and uniqueness of your business and the values you deliver to your targeted people will always help you.

There are 10 million subscribers as per the 2019 report on The Lallantop YouTube channel. The channel has become the only digital-first news brand. Thus you can make your business huge and reach millions of people. Even if you see The Lallantop’s logo design. It has a unique logo, a unique name, and a different platform compared to other news channels.

You can make it easy for your business too. When you come up with something new and unique for the people. There are several other stories, where people have done wonders and have made people’s lives easy. So, become such an inspiring business with something new.

Things you need to focus on for a creative and catchy business name

We have added the best points that will help you with the best logo design for your company. Your company name can help you with the best logo designs that you are looking for. Explore all the points added below to have the best business name ideas. The points we have added below are from experts in branding and logo design. All the points will help you to have a professional logo design and have the name you need to have for your company.

How to create a business name that delivers you meaning

Here we have added all the main points that you need to focus on. These things will help you find a unique name for your business. Use these best tricks to have the best name that makes your business an inspiration for others.

1. Describe your journey

You need to tell your business starting journey. This does not have to be perfect. You do not have to think about what others will say about your business. When you drill down to find out more about you and your journey. You get more and more ideas from your end and get inspiration on how hard it was to start a business for you.

So, when you write down your own story and describe it to yourself. You will be able to create unique content for your website about us. You will get ideas on how you will be nurturing your business and doing amazing branding for your company. So start it with your side to tell your story.

2. What are your business core values?

The business core values help businesses make decisions and deliver the services or the products their customers are looking for. The big names in the business have their core values. If you also have the core values for your business. Your business core values will help you a lot. The customers of your business select you only because of your business’s core values.

The core values for your business will be how you deliver the services or products to your customers.

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork 
  • Commitment

You are nothing without your business’s core values. If you are clear with your business core values. You will be able to make a good decision and the core values will help you with a clever business name also.

Popular businesses like Wipro, Salesforce, Amazon, BBC, and others. All of them are there because they have delivered value to their target audience. You must be defining your business’s core values. So that you can connect with your business target audience and deliver value to your customers.

3. Is your business name user-friendly?

This is the third step where you think of your business. Whether you have selected the right name or not. You may select such a name that is not easy to say and spell. Suppose you have selected a name that spells so hard. The name will create so many problems for you. When a customer will find you searching for your business name that will make them lose by clicking on another link. The link they click may be your competitor’s or anyone else.

  • So, give a name to your business that fits everyone.
  • Which can be searched by anyone while searching for you.
  • People do not have to ask anyone what your business name is.
  • Your business name must be short and easy to spell.

So many people name their brand with the first letter of the alphabet “A”. Moreover, the people ask their clients to have their name which starts with the letter “A” because when clients find a contact in their phone. The first name will appear with the letter “A”. You have to think in such a way. It does not mean you have to change your name.

4. Look at your competitor’s creative business name

You need to research the name related to your business or your competitors as well. When you search for the name of your competitors and others related to your business. You will learn so many things and find some mistakes that you must not be making.

You will find what brand guide they have used, what are mistakes in their business name, what they have focused on most and so many other things. There should not be any questions asked to find the mistakes that others have made. You need to have comprehensive research so that you can find more and more.

5. Check your name’s thesaurus

The meaning of the thesaurus is to find some synonyms or antonyms for a particular word. So, when you look for the synonyms of a name that you have selected as your business name. There will be many names that you will find. You may find a name that is short and unique. Below is a sample to make you understand and find a name for your business.

The example below is just to make you understand and find a name for your business.


Your business name synonyms ideas.

You can select a name for your business that fits you. What is your business name? Just search for the synonyms for your business name to find the best fit for you.

6. Use a name generator for a cute business name

This is one of the options that you can use to find your business name. The business name generator can help you find a name related to your business. This option may help you understand and find the name that you are looking for. There is one thing that you will not be able to use your creativity. If you feel having a name with a generator will help you most for the option for you.

How your business name can affect the logo design for your company?

If you are with a unique name for your company and have done much research about the name. You would have seen so many mistakes that you may not be looking to repeat them all. The different logos from different companies you have seen. You have to think of a unique logo for your company.

Suppose you have just searched randomly and you finalized a name. One that is not user-friendly. That random search and the random name will produce a random logo for your company. A logo is an identity for your business and your logo will show how you care for your customers.

This is how your business’s random name will produce a random logo for you. You need to look for a unique and clever business name for your company. So that you can ask a logo design company to make a unique logo for the unique and clever business name.

However, a logo designer can help you to design a unique logo. Therefore, you need to have a unique business name. Avoid such happening research well and find the best things for your business name. One that makes your business stand out in the market.

Why is checking your business name important?

Checking your name for availability is so important. If your selected name is not available. Or someone has already owned it. What will I do at that time? This is clear that you can not use a name that already exists.

So, you must check whether the name is available or not. This way you can switch to plan “B” for your business name. Note that you need to look for the name domestically as well as internationally also. You may not be doing business in one place only, right? So, change the location and search on your favorite internet browser for the name you have selected. As you search for the best tips for your logo design for your company. Do your best to find a unique name for your company.

How to know whether your business name exists or not?

This is one of the foremost steps that you must complete. This step helps you move to plan “B” for your business name. Therefore, you can take help from the agency known as a state business failing agency. They include entity name check tools that help you find a similar business name for your company.

These are some of the things that will help you with the best name for your company. The time you start implementing all these things for your company name. You will be able to have a unique name for your company. With the unique name, you can do multiple things such as:

  • Tell what your business is about.
  • How you are unique from others.
  • What are your values?
  • You can design your company’s stationeries like brochures, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

You can take the example of Amazon. Amazon has a unique name, the first letter “A” and “Z” tells that every person can buy anything from Amazon. These are some of the things that you must keep in mind to have the name for your company. This way you will be able to have the best thing for your business.

Final thoughts

Selecting a unique business name is a hard task. That is time-consuming and demands creativity and lots of effort. Come what may, you have to complete all the formalities to name your business. So, that you stand out differently in the crowd and make your business unique from others.

When you have a different name you will be able to produce a unique logo for your company. So, you must focus on having a unique name for your business. This way you will complete other steps to create your business unique. If you are looking to have something unique for your business and want to have unique branding. We can help you with the best service for branding and designing logos for your unique business name. Contact Verve Branding right now to have a unique branding service for you.

VerveBranding can be your one-stop solution for branding and designing because we have decades of market experience and a team of experts who, over the years, have worked on many major and minor projects for all types of industries. We provide designing and branding services at the most affordable price. For services related to mobile app development or web development and online marketing services, check out our subsidiaries, VerveLogic and VerveOnlineMarketing.

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