Logos: Creating Distinctive Brand Identities in India

Logos: Creating Distinctive Brand Identities in India

Logos are an essential part of a Company. The reputation of a Company depends on its brand value and logo. No company can survive without a logo because it is mandatory to brand its product in the media. Logos have a major role in creating positive results for businesses. So do you want to find out How To Create A Successful Logo For An Online Business?

In India, many logos have played a vital role in popularizing a particular brand or initiative. Let’s understand more about the best logo design ideas for designers. Here are some top logo designs in India

Top 15 Logo Design Brand in India

  • Larsen & Turbo –

The L&T logo has remained unchanged from its early beginnings. The first two letters of the Company’s logo convey its top-class quality and sustained leadership. This is a very big Company who are involved in engineering, construction, IT, financial services, etc.

  • The State Bank Of India-

The SBI logo represents a keyhole which means the common man can unlock all his banking needs. This logo has become the main part of SBI’s identity.

  • Make in India-

It was an initiative by the Indian government to promote manufacturing in India. The logo has a silhouette of a lion on the prowl, made entirely of cogs, symbolizing manufacturing, strength, and national pride.

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  • Tata Group-

It is one of the oldest Companies in India and its founder J.R.D Tata played a crucial role in India’s nationalist struggle. Its logo is simple. The ‘’T’’ letter in the logo symbolizes the group’s prosperity, strength, and reliability. It signifies a fountain of knowledge. The logo of that signifies trust and reliability. But some mistakes in logo designs should be avoided.

The present logo is a modified version of the previous one with a new slogan ‘improving the quality of life.

  • Airport Authority of India-

The AAI logo uses a triangular form and wings of an airplane kindling vision of the airport. The symbol denotes AAI’s expertise, legacy, and responsibility in creating, upgrading, maintaining, and managing civil aviation infrastructure in India.

  • Trade Fair Authority of India-

It is designed for the Trade Fair Authority of India. The logo contains two letters, T and F signifying the preservation of traditions of trade and investments along with the modern identity of the India Trade promotion organization [ITPO]. It signifies India’s control and authority in trade through fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad.

  • Hindustan Petroleum-

The logo signifies that the future is full of energy. The shape and design of the logo signify energy fuel being poured into a vehicle. Symbolically, it also denotes the goal to take economic and infrastructural development forward at a quick pace. The logo design in India has indicated the product’s goal.

  • Titan-

Titan industry is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu industrial development Corporation [TIDCO]. Its logo dates back to 1987. Titan manufactures and exports watches, jewelry, and accessories in different styles and patterns. The logo contains a ‘T’ which is making a hollow circular circle around it resembling the shape of a watch dial and the internal parts of machinery. It is very elegant; it combines past traditions with the modernity of Titan products.

  • Unilever-

Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Is a multinational consumer goods company which is based in Mumbai. It offers a variety of products such as foods, beverages, cleaning agents, water purifiers, and cosmetics. The U in the Unilever logo contains different types of images. But each image is depicting the range of products it offers.

  • Doordarshan-

If you are living in India you can’t forget the iconic logo of the government-run channel Doordarshan. This channel has entertained millions of Indians from time to time and although its popularity and TRPs have fallen due to the coming up of private channels, there is still a certain amount of nostalgia attached to it. It was considered one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of transmission development. The classic form signifies the test of time.

  • Allen Solly

It is a Fashion and Lifestyle brand associated with the Aditya Birla group. Allen Solly is the commencing brand known for its latest fashion retail chain exclusive to Indian customers. It was launched in India in 1993, today claimed as an authentic resource for women’s apparel. The brand brings a new class of fashion with more than 3k outlets across India.

  • Mamaearth

This Indian is known to give essentials for everyday routines. The main purpose behind the brand is to promote organic health benefits to Indian customers. every skin has different demands than others, and mama earth knows it very well. the brand comes in 2016, to provide organic and toxic-free skincare to Indian customers.

  • Godrej

The root of Godrej comes in into existence in 1897, with the intent to promote the swadeshi movement in India. Godrej Interio is a furniture brand exquisite with flourished home essentials. The brand transforms Indian homes with class and rich interior furniture at homes.

  • CEAT

The Indian brand is known for the manufacturing of tyres. The brand value beholds the quality and price in a similar ratio that craves trust amongst the users. The company now has been furnished as a top Multinational company in India.

  • Shoppers Stop

The brand named ‘Shoppers Stop’ is a serial chain of multiple products including clothes, accessories, cosmetics, health and beauty products, etc. The company is an aspiring platform for customers to bring an international shopping experience.


So that is how various logo designs in India have given identity and popularity to various brands. The symbols attached to these logos. While some logos have signified development, forwardness, and trust, some have reminded us of our history and traditions.

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