20 Best Luxury Brand Logos And Their Unique Histories

20 Best Luxury Brand Logos And Their Unique Histories

If we hear about luxury brands then the first thing that comes to our mind is comfort, royalty, and establishment. But this is also a fact that each of them has completed glorified journeys. All luxury logo designs reflect aspirations for consumers and non-consumers as well. Their hard work, dedication, and excellent marketing made them the center of attraction. These well-thought-out logos are always the topic of people talking.

Here we have a list of different luxury logos from different industries. All these brands have their unique stories either personal or practical but all are pretty interesting and successful. In this blog, we will discuss some amazing stories that survived tests of time and still showed the best, amidst firm business growth. So let us find out more about them. The stories behind these 20 luxury brand logos.

Before starting let’s find out the reason to make a luxury logo for a brand.

it is the quality that creates the whole difference between the small company logo and the premium luxury logo.

but you need to define a few of the things in mind.

Simple design: The design must be simple yet definitive. it should be simple, not bulky. just like the simple monogram or wordmark. it should be like that which enhances brand awareness among the audiences.

Negative space: A quality of a good designer is that he brings the right image of a brand. this could be achieved by wisely using the negative elements space.

Font choices:  A good selection of font choices enhance the typography and the intention behind it. the right selection of font represents the classy look of logos.

Great color choices: A wise selection of color choices is effective to deliver the right message to the audience. Being a professional logo designer, you must identify what you want to reciprocate through your branding. after every brainstorming, only the important message must go with the logo.

Now let’s discuss the top 20 luxury brands below, you can pick any one for your inspiration.

The Stories behind these 20 luxury brand Logos

1. Automobili Lamborghini- Best logo design

Lamborghini logo

It is the most luxurious brand of all and is known to almost everyone. The logo design of Lamborghini represents speed, power, and elegance which are the most desired attributes by any automobile company.

The brand logo takes inspiration based on 2 factors by the founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.  The first thing was his zodiac sign, Taurus as his birthday was on April 28, 1916. The second fact was his interest in bullfighting which inspired him to include a bull in the logo.

This golden bull is so perceptible that every time anyone sees it they directly recognize it as the logo of Lamborghini, which is the mark of brand reputation and establishment.    

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2. Hermès- One of the best logo designs 

Hermès logo

This luxury brand is one of the leading brands in the world. The specialty of this luxury brand is, it includes pop culture and significantly represents youth. This is why Drake has mentioned the brand, one of his songs, named Gyalchester.

The founder of Hermès, Thierry Hermès started it, in 1978. He used to sell harnesses to noble families. In 1880 Thierry’s son also join in the business and he added saddlery to the picture. Also, the rand has made the first bad in his leadership. 

Finally, in the 1950’s taking inspiration from Hermès horseriding and the painting of Alfred de Dreux, Le Duc attelé final logo design was introduced. In that portrait, Duke is standing by the carriage in his Hermès, which represents the unique history of the brand.

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3. Longines- A cool logo


If we talk about luxury watches then you cannot miss Longines. In terms of branding and logos designs the company has done many iterations over the years.

The brand has never ditched the original idea of the logo which is the winged hourglass. This is the perfect depiction for any watch luxury brand. This logo was registered in 1889. This is because according to the World International Trademark Organization, it has the title of the oldest trademark.

The history of the Longines makes it one of the most influential luxury watch brands in the world and an important figure of trademark law.  

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4. Tata Harper- An authentic logo

Tata Harper logo

If you think that all luxury brands follow authentic and traditional approaches to brand ideas then you are not completely right because Tata Harper is a brand that can be considered a future skin-care industry. This is because the products are 100% non-toxic and all-natural skiing care products. Also, the logo design of this brand is one of the most exotic logos in the market.

The logo depicts the approach of Tata Harper’s toward natural skin care. It has flowers, leaves, and other flora. The primary color of the logo is green which is justified by the no use of toxicants and artificial chemicals in the products.     

5. Porsche- Best logo design

Porsche logo

Porsche is not only one of the oldest automobile luxury brands but also one of the world leaders in the industry. It is also one of the beautiful logos on the crest.

The logo is the shape of a shield and a stallion which is adapted to represent royalty to the place where the brand was launched. Porsche was launched in Stuttgart, which is the capital of Württemberg.

Contrary to the fact of Germany’s dissolution and unification, Porsche’s logo design represents the brand’s history and the powerful message and idea of its origin.

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6. Comme des Garçons- Best creative logo

Comme des Garçons Logo

It is a Japanese-origin luxury fashion brand. The headquarters of this brand are in Tokyo and Paris. The brand has come with the fashion waves in the industry of luxury clothing and also streetwear.

The name originally comes from the French language that was translated into English which means ‘Like Some Boys.’ The mission of the name is to convey the message of gender equality and androgynous fashion. This fashion brand believes in neutralizing gender norms, minimalistic designs, and extravagant garments. This young company was introduced in 1969.

One of the most famous designs of Comme des Garçons is the one with a red heart that has eyes in it. This design came out of a wave of inspiration- a eureka moment. 

Filip Pagowsi (designer) was brainstorming with Rei Kawakubo (founder) for an idea for great design. Out of nowhere, Pagoswki got the idea and he drew the design on the paper. Can you imagine how spontaneous was that? Next time if you are thinking of a logo design then trust your creativity and instincts you never know what might be the next international wave.  

7. Godiva Chocolatier- One of the best logo design

Godiva Chocolatier logo

Who does not like chocolates?

Whether luxury or inexpensive, chocolates are the way to joy and happiness. Godiva Chocolatier falls into both categories.

Apart from the tasty chocolates, the brand has one of the most beautiful and exotic logo designs. The logo represents the tale of Lady Godiva who protested against her husband’s oppressive taxes in the 13th century. She rode naked across Coventry, England. This courage of Lady Godiva inspired the founder of Chocolatier Drapes, Drapes to change the name of the brand to Godiva Chocolatier. This was a tribute to a courageous woman and the rest is history.

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8. Gucci- Top logo design

Gucci logo

The brand is in the market since 1921 and it needs no introduction. Gucci is a leading fashion brand with the idea of a small, simple, and powerful name. This name embodies all aspects of the brand this is why it has a huge impact on our culture which is for good.

If you pay attention to the fashion logo design of the brand then it has two Gs. The reason behind these two Gs is the initials of the founder’s name which is Guccio Gucci.

As mentioned before it is a well-known luxury brand and you can see it almost everywhere in movies and even in the real life of celebrities. In short, the brand has an unforgettable identity. 

9. Parker Pen Company- Best creative logo

Parker Pen Company logo

Parker Pen is the signification of remarkable writing and luxury of course. This brand has its identity for premium pens that are loved and selected by many people including President Kennedy.

Kenneth who was the son of the founder George Parker created the logo of the company by getting inspired by marvels of aviation and flights. In 1957, the pen was introduced as a pen clip Joseph Platt designed the logo of the brand to tell its unique nature.  

10. Louis Vuitton- One of the best creative logo

Louis Vuitton logo

It is impossible that anyone has not heard of Louis Vuitton because it is one of the famous luxury fashion brands. This brand has been initiated and pioneered in the high fashion industry. This company holds pride, history, and heritage. 

This is the only reason the iconic “LV” has never changed from the logo design. The only change in the logo happened in the year of 1997. This year the designer Marc Jacobs removed the brand name from the logo.

The brand’s logo design has become the symbol of the high fashion and luxury industry over the years.  

11. Fendi- Best logo design 

Fendi logo

This brand was established in the year of 1925 and it is been almost a century since it has been the bastion of the fashion luxury brands. The logo design has two F’s that are inversely joined representing the initials of both the founders, Edoardo and Adele Fendi. The design has left a massive impact on the industry.

The logo design has a perfect example of a monogram of famous logo references. Initially, the logo has a squirrel because Edoardo Fendi always refers to his wife as a busy squirrel.

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12. Coach- Creative logo design

Coach logo

This brand is a true American brand at heart but never forgets to support its initial counterparts from Europe. The brand is a proud American-origin brand that comes from New York. The logo design of the Coach depicts the wordmark of it as can be seen in the design. It has two horses that are pulling a carriage or coach. The symmetry of the legs of horses is a visual treat. The brand has been in the market since 1941 making luxury clothing and other accessories.      

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13. Rolex- One of the best logo design

Rolex logo

The brand was initially called Wilsdorf and Davis after the names of its founders in 1905. Then later in 1908, the name Rolex came into the picture only when it got famed after associating with a jewelry brand. The slogan of the brand also represents the celebration of excellence and great achievements. 

This is what the logo design depicts. It is a golden crown and whatever it touches turns into gold and royalty. This luxury brand of watches was also associated with many automobile ventures which appreciated the excellence and glory of achievements.

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14. Versace- Best creative logo

Versace logo

If anyone can think of this smartly including a person’s head in a logo design that was only Gianni Versace. The Medusa’s head represented the symbol of attraction and an alluring image that no one gets rid of and has no way back. This is exactly what he hoped for his brand image to turn out to be.

The main concept of Medusa’s head came from the founder of the brand. He had excellent thoughts behind it this is why Versace is one of the biggest brands of luxury fashion in the world.

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15. Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstacy- Best logo design

Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstacy logo

There are two different famous theories about this logo.

One goes that it is not the logo of the brand this is only a silver accessory on the top of every model of the company. But this silver accessory also known as “Silver Lady” or “Emily” is the trademark of Spirit of Ecstacy. This sculpture was sculpted by Charles Robinson Sykes, that was a British sculptor.

The artist wanted to provide a hint of a relationship between John Walter Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu (custodian of the Rolls-Royce brand), and Eleanor Velasco Thornton (his muse).  

16. Paul Smith- Best authentic logo design

Paul Smith logo

There is a myth among the people that the logo design of the brand is the original signature of founder Paul Smith. In actuality, this signature was drawn by one of Smith’s friends, Zena Marsh in the ’70s, and this gone so popular in its pure form. Even after it got an uplift it seemed had-drawn and people got the hang of it.

It is the most exotic luxury logo in the world because of its raw and crafted design. Now you know why this myth has gone so viral but the fact is the logo design is not the real signature of Paul Smith. 

17. Bugatti- One of the best logo designs

Bugatti logo

The story of this brand is as authentic as a brand story could be. The main concept of the logo design comes from the founder of the company. Ettore Bugatti was an automobile enthusiast but his father was a professional jewelry designer. He used to see automobiles as just like jewelry precious and exquisite. 

Initially, Bugatti was manufactured as an invaluable automobile but with time value of his car models and logo has become remarkable.

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18. Maison Margiela- A good logo design

Maison Margiela logo

The logo design of this brand is very mysterious because the white stitches behind the court represent the authenticity of the logo. But without them, it is a straightforward logo.

The founder believes that they should focus on the quality of the products more than the logo design. But the irony is that they sell this luxury brand logo more than any of their products.

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19. Prada- Best logo design

Prada logo

This brand is a sheer symbol of elegance and style. It is the most stylish and luxurious brand in Milan, Italy, and also all over the world. The start happened by supplying luxurious items to the royal households in 1919. The rope around the logo is the symbol of the court of arms.

The logo has been transported from several eras and now the most recent form of this logic is triangular. The wordmark has focused on the letter ‘R’ to show the origin of the logo which is Milan.

20. Dolce & Gabbana- One of the great logo designs

Dolce & Gabbana logo

The logo design is simply based on the founders’ names which are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They founded this brand in the year 1985. The media version of this brand is D&G which are short initials of the founders and the full name is for products and branding. The font modern Sans Serif typeface is very easy to catch and visually appealing.


At last, from this blog, we can say that All these luxury brands have fantastic histories and remarkable logo designs. A logo is the most important factor of branding so you should make sure your logo is in the best form. Want to know how to improve logo design then you should read, How can you improve your logo? Get Answer. And if you want to get a logo designed or redesigned by an expert logo design company then you should visit VerveBranding.

VerveLogic can be your one-stop solution for mobile app development and web development because we have a team of experts and market experience. You can get your app or website developed at the best price possible. Also, if you are looking for branding solutions or online marketing for your brand then you should check out VerveBranding and Verve Online Marketing today and make your brand stand out. We hope we have solved your every query regarding the app icon and how to create an amazing app icon. Let us know in the comments and questions.

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