How to Create an Effective Instagram Logo

How to Create an Effective Instagram Logo

Whether you are a big fan of social media platforms or not, you can’t deny their effectiveness when it comes to branding, promotions ,and business. One of the most famous social media platforms is Instagram, and if you are a business, your presence is a must there. To get noticed on Instagram, you don’t just need quality content but an attractive logo as well. That’s where the advice of a professional logo design company in India can help you. A logo is the first thing that your target audience will see even before they know about your services and products.

At Verve Brading, we have a team of expert logo designers who over the years, have made outstanding logos for many companies in every industry. In this blog, we will look at some tips to create attractive Instagram logos that can drive the attention of people.

How Instagram Logo is Different from Other Logos?

The size of the Instagram logo is 110×110 pixels, which means there is no point in putting too much information in the logo. If your Instagram logo has a complex structure, you are missing out a lot. Another important thing about the Instagram logo is that it is circular, so you have to make sure that everything fits in perfectly.

Importance of a Good Instagram Logo

Not just an Instagram profile logo, but any logo of any organization is very essential. A logo represents a whole brand and the efforts behind it. The importance of a logo for a brand and its Instagram page is the same as UI/UX Design for a website.

  • Increased Credibility

As said, a logo carries the image of a brand and also makes it clear what you are trying to sell. People can quickly understand the functional area of a brand just by looking at it. A poorly designed logo will make your brand appear unreliable.

  • Brand Recognition

People usually do not purchase from brands they never have heard about. As a business, your main goal should be to reach as many people as you can. Your logo needs to stand out so that it can easily recognize. In other words, a logo is the visual representation of a business ,and therefore, it should reflect the right message. Your logo should be attractive so that people can become familiar with your brand.

  • Tell People What to Expect

As the logo is the first representation of your business, you must use symbols in it so that people can understand what they should expect from your brand. A brand’s logo must be more than just an image. In other words, it should also represent the deep aspects of the business.

Best Practices for Instagram Logo

A professional logo designer can provide you with an excellent logo that will speak for the business and will also provide more engagement. There’s not any hard and fast rule for creating an Instagram logo design, but following some tips can help you make a better logo for your business’s Instagram profile. Some best practices to create an amazing Instagram logo are as follows:

  • Simplicity

An Instagram logo should be creative and very simple so that it can be understood by the target audience very easily. Instagram profile pics are 110×110 pixels, so there’s no point in making your Instagram Logo complex and difficult to understand. If just by using a symbol, you can explain the philosophy of your Instagram page, then there can’t be an any better choice than that. In short, always keep your logo simple to reach out to more people.

  • No Tag lines

Don’t use too much text if you are making a logo for Instagram. Also, never use your business tagline on the logo of the Instagram page. You can just you the Initials of your Business in just the first letter to get recognized by the target audience. You can add your business tagline in your bio or use it in your Instagram posts.

  • White Space

Filling all the space to get attention is an old idea. Today, people praise & follow minimalism, and in many cases, it has proved that less is more. White space can be your friend while creating a logo, as it provides a clean look and a luxury feel. Just the name of your brand written in black color on a white background is enough to make your brand name stand out.

  • Contrast

To make your logo stand out, use contrasting colors. For example, orange and blue look great together and also make your logo stand out. In other words, make sure there’s enough difference between the color of your logo and the background color.

  • Size

The size of your Instagram logo should match the dimensions of Instagram perfectly. It should look sharp otherwise, it will provide a very unprofessional appearance. Also, make sure to save your logo in either JPG or PNG format.


The presence of your business is a must on Instagram. You can take the help of a professional logo design company to get yourself a logo for social media platforms. At Verve Branding, we provide excellent branding services with the help of our team of expert graphic designers.

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