7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Brand Logo Simple

7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Brand Logo Simple

Choosing a logo for your brand isn’t an easy exercise at all! It is time-consuming but renders an enormous value to the brand. If you have sufficient time and resources, make sure that you hire the top logo designing company to get the best possible results from your investment. So, what makes a successful and effective logo? Well, there are many aspects and factors that decide the success of a logo, but simplicity is one factor that is common to all the winning logo designs across the globe. A simple logo is indeed the best possible thing as it can effectively deliver a brand’s message and is easy to remember too!

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Before we read the list of reasons to keep the logo simple, it is important to know the KISS principle so that you don’t clutter the design with so many elements and customisation, thereby creating confusion. KISS or Keep it Simple. Stupid!The said principle stresses on the simplicity of the logo design. It also suggests avoiding complexity while designing the logo along with considering simplicity as the key feature while opting for a logo design. A logo is simple when users can connect with it in an instant and it is easily recognisable and memorable. So simplicity is indeed crucial!

Successful logos designs are always simple and adopt a minimalistic approach. Let’s read why you should keep your brand logo simple:

A basic logo is equivalent to good brand design! Simple logos leave an everlasting impression on the onlookers and users. They deliver the brand’s message in the most effective manner and indicate the brand’s qualities too! If you need inspiration, have a look at the logo of brands such as McDonald’s, MTV, IBM, Apple etc. These logos leave a lasting impression without any complex elements in the design or obscure wordings in the text.

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A simple design makes the logo instantly recognisable! A logo should be recognisable at a single glance and this is why simplicity is crucial! The simpler the logo is, the easier it becomes to get familiar to it. The crucial aspect to consider before you kickstart your brand’s logo designing process is to ensure that the logo should be such that it brings your brand name into the minds of the customers or users, with the blink of an eye. Research tells that consumers tend to gravitate more towards a design that is minimal, so keep your logo free of any complexities and clutter.

A simple logo triggers instant emotional reaction! Simplicity in design can easily trigger an immediate emotional reaction. When you will keep the design simple and clean, your user’s brain can process it at a very rapid pace and that is the time when their emotional side is able to effectively take over. Too much cognitive processing is required when the logo design is complex and this, in turn, reduces the emotional impact. Too much mixing of elements and details in the design can reduce the impact that you wish to achieve with the help of your brand’s logo.

Simplicity leads to versatility! You should adopt a simplistic approach while getting your logo designed from a logo design company. A logo is effective when it can effortlessly be integrated and can be made to work across several applications, materials and mediums. Ensure that you get your logo designed in the vector format so that it becomes easier to scale it to any size. One effective way to create more versatile logos is by beginning to create the logo in the black and white version before introducing colours into the equation so that the focus does not shift from concept and shape. Hence, simple logos are easier to manage as they can be modified according to the need pretty quickly and can be used across all the media like web, stamps, social media platforms, stationery, promotional gifts etc.

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A simple logo is difficult to counterfeit! It will be pretty much difficult to steal your brand if your logo is dead simple! If the logo has very less detailing and fewer colours, it will be almost impossible to copy or adopt it. If you go for a complex logo for your brand, chances are there that your true competitor will make few modifications in the design or details and adopt the rest of it. So, why let your competitor take advantage of the reputation that your brand has built?

A simple logo brings the clarity of a message! The main aim of a logo is to convey the brand’s message and a complex design somewhere defeats this purpose. The logo should clearly define or deliver the message regarding ‘who you are’ and ‘what you offer’. If the consumer remains clueless regarding your brand’s message or offer, then you are inviting a probable failure! The logo is the first thing that a consumer notices and instantly makes a decision, good or bad – that totally depends on how effective the logo is!

A simple logo makes it easier to recall!  Last but not least, a simple logo is easier to recall – so while getting your logo designed from any of the best logo design companies, remember the rule ‘less is more’. Less information and less detailing make it easier to register things for the brain and if the consumers are able to recall your brand’s logo, chances are there that they will come back to you!

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